AA: Malo Nerf

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Izzemelon, Aug 19, 2018.

  1. Izzemelon New Member

    Can we get a refund on this AA line since there's only about a 40% chance of landing this now? Sometimes it lands the first time, sometimes it fails 4, 5, 6 times in a row, and God help you if you have to land it on a named, even tashed.
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  2. IblisTheMage Augur

    It would be nice to get an unresistable Mal back... I don’t care about the AA. The problem is, as it was written in the caster forum, is that the new AA is very nice, but the loss of the old AA is a bigger disbenefit, so ideally we could have both... or have Mal-spells have a greater chance of landing...
  3. Ginormus Journeyman

    From patch notes:

    - Shaman - Malosinete and Wind of Malosinete have been renamed Malaise / Wind of Malaise and will now trigger the highest known spell in the Malaise spell line that you have scribed depending on rank. The Pathosis component has been changed to trigger the highest known spell in the Putrid Decay spell line that you have scribed depending on rank. Additional ranks have been added for levels 106 and 107.

    I agree that this is indeed a big nerf. We had a small debuff with extremely low resists, and now we have a bigger debuff that basically does not land. The refresh time is quite long, so no chance to chain cast it until it lands. Please, can we have the previous AA back ? Shamans are supposed to have an unrestible debuff since Velious times. Please.

    - Shaman - Group Pact of the Wolf has been replaced with a new ability line, Soothsayer's Intervention, which will trigger the highest rank spell you have scribed from the Ancestral Intervention line.

    The AA has a recast time of 3 minutes.
    The equivalent spell has a recast time of 90 seconds.

    If we are supposed to use both, then there is a bug because using the AA makes the spell not available.
    If we are NOT supposed to use both, then can we have a shorter recast time on the AA ?

  4. Moege Augur

    Reminds me of RoS trash mob dots not being able to be cured.

    Looks like the direction of the game is to give players abilities then make the mobs immune to those abilities.
  5. Tiggold Augur

    Yeah I have to agree and jump in on the complain-a-train! This is horrible! I'm risking things now because Wind seems to have a better chance to land but is so dangerous to use in the places I've found to enjoy hunting these days. Also, Lisbon is not so much a liar.
  6. Liin Edud (Tunare) Augur

    We were talking through this in the shaman channel on Tunare right after it happened and we were confused as well for a while.

    Solution: If you cast them in the other order it works perfectly (i.e. casted 1st doesn't make the AA unavailable)

    I haven't figured out how I want to work it into my Hotkeys efficiently yet but I have used it once or twice since the patch when my casted version is down.

    As for AA Malo I'd like to see it go back to the way it was previously. Even maxxed out its still a serious delay that didn't used to exist. I'd settle for a much less debuff that was unresistable (or close to it).
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  7. Grig-zek New Member

    On my mage I used to have to cast the AA first to even get the spell to land. Now we don't have that ability.

    Wind of Malaise is absolutely worthless; it doesn't hit a single mob.

    And let's not forget the hidden nerf in this either: now the AA has a spell cost to cast. Previously if I got a gift of magic proc when I finish up a mob I could pull the next mob with malo then use the proc on a swarm pet or nuke. Now the AA malaise eats that proc.

    I echo the sentiments of others who say revert it back.
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  8. xcitng Augur

    I agree, please revert it back.
  9. Millianna Augur

    The new current AA for malo is WORTHLESS in the group game. The resist on the AA is so high that most mobs are DEAD before it lands.

    They need to revert this AA back to the old version, or update the spell to have less resist and lower cast time.
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  10. Jondalar Augur

    Yes you can cast the AA after casting the spell. That does, however, reset the recast timer on the spell.
    So you can cast the spell. Then you can cast the AA. After that you can cast the spell 1.5 min later, 1.5 min after that you can cast either the spell or the aa. So its kind of like every few casts you can sneak in an extra.
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  11. Jondalar Augur

    Also the malo and slow changes are terrible.
    Resist component of the slow aa was removed as well.
    I do like the changes to the AA AE slow.
    Removing pathosis was a nerf. These things used to stack.
  12. Liin Edud (Tunare) Augur

    I have to believe that's what they intended. Its really just another "uh-oh" button.

    I can't speak to raiding but in the group game if you need more than 2 interventions in a 3 minute span you're probably not gonna make it.
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  13. Cleaver Augur

    That's exactly what they have been doing for awhile. They inflated the cures so much that they're way too powerful.

    There are plenty of ways for them to go about this instead of just giving unrestistable uncureable annoying dots/debuffs that NPCs constantly cast they need to go play in OT no one goes there because its not fun dealing with these OP abilities.

    How about giving the spell a cast time for the NPC and make it interrupt able so a stun etc would stop the cast ? It would make several classes more useful in these situations and you would have to pay attention to when its casting the spell if you miss it the penalty is harsh.

    People hate EOTD 1 but why not a quest line making you more likely to resist these abilities ? Give players a way to lessen the overall annoyance of these stupid snares/dots that you cant cure or resist.

    I'm not going to even get started on the Skyfire drake nukes from above :) Another bad "Design" decision.
  14. Gnomeland Augur

    This 100% needs to change.
  15. Millianna Augur

    I have been playing my shaman on raids recently... There is no need for oh Sh*t AoE heal that resets the timer for spell I have memorized. We already have force - if we need another AoE heal the raid is already dead. Useless AA.
  16. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    With all of the nice quality of life items added by recent patches this change works against the goodwill these changes should be spreading. This is a step backward, QoL changes should be moving forward. I like heals, I don't want my shaman to have to try and Malo more than once. The stakes are too high in EQ for how hard mobs hit for physically and with spell effects. Moreover, if playing a Magician on a raid understand they are being held to certain standards of consistency doing their damage. While we as players try to be empathetic with each other on our performance we all know at times we are - how do I say this? We can be too "WoW raid leader" THAT IS A 50 DKP MINUS (as I think linking the actual video might be a forum violation with all the swearing lol). Help us to not rage on our poor defenseless Shaman and Magicians that just want to do their jobs. Thank you! :)

    PS <3 u for lyfe @Jazrakhan
  17. kizant Augur

    Hopefully they just fix the resist check because spell malo is infinitely better than that old AA. Someone needs to think of the DPS.
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  18. Jetslam Augur

    Complaints about malo/slow in the group game? Wasn't there just a whole thread about how debuffs were useless in the group game anyway? Make up your mind people. ;)
  19. IblisTheMage Augur

    Not taking sides in that discussion, but giving a mal that can be cast in GCD is an enabler for mal in group game, possibly leading to it being used. It has a dps-increasing component (fewer resist, and a damage bonus).

    If it is not usable then the good effort put into this change is wasted. The old unresistable Malo had a use, typically on nameds etc.
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  20. Sancus Augur

    This particular debuff isn't useless when every nuke you have has no resist adjust :(
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