AA line that would be helpful for Beastlords.

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Razorwulf, Apr 6, 2024.

  1. Razorwulf Journeyman

    Ok so most classes have a XXXXXX unity line of AA's what cast a few buffs on them without having to memorize them.
    As Beastlords we get one, feralist's unity, to cast a single spell without memorising it.

    Now I know rangers get two, which cast 4 buffs each (they alternate I think some of the buffs), paladins get one that casts four, Druids get one that casts two or three...
    Now I wish Beastlords got two specific unity spell AAs.

    Feralists unity which in addition to what it does casts the highest ranks of our group buffs (both focus, Tala'tak and the SV/SE lines).

    But more importantly I would love to see a line (or even two) of Unity for our pets. One that casts haste, per offence, a proc, and vitalizing warder.
    The second one would be the same but pop a pet defence buff and the proc be like Dire Bite line. I wouldnt care if they had a 15 second cast time, as getting a pet up in raid is painful to fully buff it.
  2. Brickhaus Augur

    The Unity buff lines are a mess for a number of classes. Whoever designed them clearly played a subset of the classes and those are the "good" ones. And then realized that every class should have one and quickly threw together the rest. The beastlord and shaman ones are perhaps the most egregious.

    But all the Unity buffs are self-only buffs so your group/focus requests are probably a non-starter.

    Pet-only unity buffs have been asked before, but I'm not sure the developers want an easy button to what already is an unbalanced part of the game (at least from all their latest work on pets).
  3. Szilent Augur

    no class' Unity AA does this.

    Each of those are classes that have that many self-only long duration buffs.

    Ranger Unity AA casts self-buff proc, self-buff killshot proc, self-buff attack buff, self-buff mana buff, self-buff DS buff.

    Paladin Unity casts self-buff proc, self-buff AC, self-buff killshot, self-buff deprecated spell resist thing that they probably click off almost always.

    Druid Unity casts two things, self-buff DS & self-buff mana.

    None of those are that class' group buffs; they have zero utility from them for buffing anyone else, and don't even get full buffs for themselves from them. If they want to benefit from their own classes' group buffs, those still have to be cast. Rangers still have to cast Enrichment, Paladins still have to cast Brells and aegolism and their Aura, Druids still have to cast Skin and their Aura.

    If you want something new for all 16 classes that casts their long duration group buffs, I'm probably on board. I'd be more on board with deprecating all those buffs entirely, that's a separate discussion. Regardless, it'd be something wholly new for all classes.
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  4. Roxas MM Augur

    we dont have that many self only buffs to put in the unity aa. A unity line or two for pet buffs would be ok though, but /shrug. usually when i have to buff my pet it is because all the group buffs we have run their timers. So we have to cast those anyways.