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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Xylonite, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Xylonite Journeyman

    Personally I would like to see something along the lines of

    51/50 like it was on Combine

    Start at GoD so all classes and races are unlocked

    Live Exp rate

    Half timer on lockouts so everything unlocks faster

    AOC like on current TLP except Miragul as it doesn't have it

    All Epic mobs available in instances not just OW (Wizards BG etc)

    My thinking here is starting 51/50 means people get into the end game faster, as that is arguably where 90% of people playing EQ spend their time.

    Allow people to box 3 toons per PC

    Allow FV style loot on each previous expansion, so current stuff is no trade, even when the next expansion unlocks it remains no trade on the character you got it on but all new drops of that item become tradeable

    Live Exp rate, no one likes slow XP

    Faster raid unlocks means more people getting loot which is why alot of people play the game, also it makes sure the economy doesn't become over priced once FV items kick in

    AOC as quite frankly the game is better with it than without

    Finally fix it so all 1.0 mobs etc are available in AOC instances... There is zero reason not to do this

    Just my thoughts
  2. jeskola Augur

    51/50 was not on Combine - 51/50 was Mayong server, and it was a Live server, not TLP. Combine/Sleeper were the first progression servers, locked behind progression instead of votes or time. It was a great ruleset for a hardcore server.
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  3. Dreaddnight New Member

    My guess is this would be extremely difficult to implement given the current capabilities. In a database it is likely that the item is marked as nodrop and there is no concept of time or state (equipped) associated with it. It's likely more reasonable to simply mark all items (including currently equipped) as droppable but that would just require every item to be associated to an expansion (not sure if that relationship is defined at a db level).
  4. MarttinPH Augur

    An interesting idea. Just a FYI, not all race/class combinations are not available in GoD.
    It would be really hard to regulate 3 active characters per pc.
    From what you have written, you might want to suggest that a change to AOC's to be lockouts per character and not account. I believe the current system lockouts the entire account to an instance if AOC is used. I could be wrong.
    I like the idea of starting at 50/51. I know the quarm server started at 50/51 with full defiant armor.

    I think you are correct. However, a change to this type of itemization would be far too computer intensive for the server to handle. I believe FV runs a simple program which removes No Drop tags from non-epic and non-quest related drops. Having the user to constantly query the server for the hundreds of items in their inventory to check it is currently no drop or not would be an insane task for the server. Although the sentiment that old content armor/weapons becomes drop-able is unique, it would be far too costly to implement in any meaningful way.
    Another argument against this type of itemization would be how far back should it go? Maybe we expansion back is too recent. Not every expansion offers upgrades substantially better than the previous expansion. Maybe it should be set where raid armor/weapons are equivalent to group obtained armor weapons.
  5. TLP Addict Augur

    Would like to see no more new servers for a while, population is spread thin enough as it is.
  6. Scruff Elder

    non-truebox FV loot rules pvp server with GM-enforced roleplaying policy and no AOC or pickzones
  7. TLP Addict Augur

    How about a wild west, GM's don't enforce anything, do whatever you want server?

    Oh wait we've had a bunch of those already.
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