A quest to "restore" --blue headband?

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  1. snailish Augur

    Monk GM in Qeynos talks about achieving all the colour of headbands. Looks like the quest for blue was never finished, and then purple became tied to Robe of Lost Circle quest which is tied to the epic.

    Blue headband item exists (alright for classic era, nothing gamebreaking) because you used to be able to kill monk GMs in Qeynos for it. These gm's were all changed to unattackable at some point it seems.

    The "restored" Kunark quests were a great success imo. How about finishing a quest for the blue headband that doesn't require the previous one(s) but does require faction and some logical targets. Keep the blue headband monk only, but restore a 2nd step in which you give the blue headband to a monk NPC somewhere in the classic world for something useful to at least all DPS melee.
  2. Astley Augur

    The Blue Headband is a symbol for the actual Guildmasters. As they aren't appointing any new Monk Guild Masters, they don't have headbands to give out to you.
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  3. snailish Augur

    Pretty sure the flavour text from the NPC implies you can earn it.

    Not like EQ holds super-strong on "This was a god's item", "gnoll only item", etc. We wear (as gnomes) gear that giants had on...

    You can kill other class GM's (and quest NPC) in the game for items you otherwise have to earn via quest, including the monk GMs in Freeport.
  4. Prathun Developer

    Togahn Sorast has a quest attached to him that results in the Blue Headband, but it has no hand-in items specified.
    His dialogue response regarding blue headbands is: "Sorry, we are all out of blue headbands. Please check back later."
    The quest and dialogue data is identical on the Mac server data.

    So... it looks like a quest for the blue headband was in the process of being implemented at some point, but it's nowhere near completion. If we were to create this quest, we'd have to generate it from scratch, essentially.

    What I've said so far is meant to be informative, and not an assertion that we can or can't do this or when we'd do it if we did do it. :)
  5. snailish Augur

    Understood and much appreciated, thanks.
  6. Risiko Augur

    This would have been nice to have had for Phinigel and Agnarr, but sadly it wont be put in (if it is put in) in time to be of any relevance sadly. At this point, it would make more sense to put it in as part of an expansion at Live server level. Maybe go in and create a class specific helm quest for all of the other classes to go along with it, and put it in to the expansion after the one coming out this year.
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  7. -wycca Augur

    So what I got from this was Prathun's finishing and putting in all the headband & sash quests next patch /nod.
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  8. Machentoo Augur

    That was what I understood him to say also.
  9. Zinth Augur

    thanks for the info Prathun, would love for this to be made into a "restore" quest, plus actually a lot of the old quests give "rewarding" items instead of what more or less look like placeholder stuff, some of the old quests take a long time but give like a rusty dagger (not exact but ya get the idea) many of those quests work, but the reward is "huh?" like so noone bothers, maybe if they got "revamped" a bit, it should be fairly easy, it would take a "new item creation" and swap the item ID on the quest result to the new item. so "fairly simple" upgrades to a lovely game that need a little love. Doing 10-20 of those every quarter should not take much time and I am sure the community would love to help coming up with which quests need a little love
  10. Barudin_Phinigel Augur

    Confirmed. Entire expansion based on blue headband.
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  11. Zinth Augur

    EverQuest: The Blue Headband

    15 new zones
    30 new raids
    3.0 Epics for all classes
    20 new levels
    500.000 new AA points for each class
    5000 new spells
    1000 new quests
    10.000 new tradeskill recipes
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  12. taliefer Augur

    1 new helm graphic: an actual blue headband, available with preorders of super deluxe collectors edition only
  13. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    You forgot Visible Capes in The Blue Headband expansion.
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  14. Risiko Augur

    Oh and let's not forget the nerf ... I mean correction to the game 1 month prior to the release of The Blue Headband expansion that will correct an issue where players were able to block and or mitigate damage in any form. That was an oversight in the system over the past 18 years, and has been corrected by removing all forms of damage mitigation and/or out right damage avoidance.

    In The Blue Headband expansion, there will be a new line of AAs that open up when you obtain your class-specific helm. The new line of AAs will give your character the opportunity to mitigate damage with the higher levels of the AA line allowing you avoid damage out right.

    These AAs will require your character to obtain amiable faction with the indigenous people of this new region of Norrath before you can purchase a tome that will open the line of AAs. You will be able to gain faction by running the daily mission, and it will only take about 250 runs through to get to amiable. Enjoy!

    If you pre-order the super awesome cool people edition of the expansion in the next ten days, you will get a charm that you can claim on 1 character that will increase your faction gain with the Blue Headband tribe tenfold. This edition of the game is ONLY $150. Hurry and pre-order today!