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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tutankamen, May 20, 2018.

  1. Tutankamen Elder

    Honestly anyone who has doubts about these illusions going to waste by not being attainable in some fashion- go do the mission. Make sure you choose Mithanial Marr... that model is just astounding... the details... it's incredible. The illusion is already in game, the work is done, just make it usable!

    I'm actually curious- is he in game anywhere else or is that the only time you see him? The rest of the gods I've seen in game- including Soulsek Ro who is in (I think valley?). The other gods you can see in the plane of Time.
  2. Critts Augur

    There are a ton of really nice models that have not been made into illusions. All kinds of Raid boss mobs and of course the “gods”. I think there is a reason the Devs have not used them tho I can’t really say. Maybe it’s for dramatic effect so when you finally do get to see the raids or mission you say I have never seen that before.
  3. Kolani Augur

    I'll settle for more sources than Devastation and surrounding areas for Barbarian Meat to make Essence of Barbarian.
  4. Sokki Augur

    The heritage Crates are still a Pay to Win Model.. Same with the “Flash Sale” idea.
    There is already an item like this for people who bought one of the fan-fair packages.

    I still stand by my original comment, I want to see a new illusion quest. We've had a surge of TS quests for the TS die hards, it's about time for an illusion quest arc for the illusion die hards!!
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  5. Benito Augur

    "Pay to Win" usually refers to selling in-game power (e.g. stat buffs - especially only available from that source) in exchange for real-life currency. Purely cosmetic items (illusions or mounts with no buffs) are typically not referred to as "Pay to Win" but benign additions. Some of the older Marketplace Polymorphs and mounts came with a minor buff. (Admittedly, some of the new Heritage Crate house items such as the Old Sebilis teleport may feel/be "Pay to Win").

    As for any future illusions (to be included as RNG or flash sale), I don't advocate any involvement of "power" but would be purely cosmetic.
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  6. Aurastrider Augur

    I am interested to hear what in the crates falls into the p2w category? Even if you suggest the teleport items the reality is anyone can make a ftp wiz or druid and they would have significantly more porting options for free than what these crates porting options provide. There is no chase loot to speak of and the best mount buff in game is provided via questing and not from the store (although the second best in game is from the most expensive expansion edition). Even with the mount and illusion buffs that come from some of the store items they wont exactly turn you into god mode. Heroic characters and experience pots are probably the closes thing to p2w we have in this game. Random decorative items and an occasional teleport item is a far reach from winning at EQ if there is even such a thing.
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    What about a TS-Illusion quest!

    (I don't have a comment on other illusions at this time)
  8. Lianeb Augur

    I tend to enjoy TS quests
  9. Tiggold Augur

    I currently have 62 illusions, not counting my burning robes that you guys stole, and all I ever wanted was a ALL/ALL Halfling clicky :) Give it to me now or I will throw out loosely worded hollow threats.

    If you tie it tradeskills, I swear to Rallos....
  10. Sheex Augur

    Better yet, remove Illusion: Barbarian from the game entirely in all its forms. The chance for the rarer and totally acceptable female is absolutely not worth the male abominations walking around enraging the senses and making norrath sad.
  11. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Alot who use the "pay to win" phrase use it in some form of a whine post about mage armies or other imagined ills of Norrath. They feel like if they can command a true box code antidote to cure EQ of the mage army infestation everything will be green and new again. There was a EQ streamer on Twitch from the phinny server who just used to spastically break down in rants against something he called "pay to win" but was never ever anything more of a conferred advantage to the pots he would readily consume like M&Ms in his streamed EQ ventures. Eventually that clown stopped streaming EQ. I guess it was just too much for his sensibilities. :D
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  12. Sokki Augur

    Hmm, I would be ok with that. It wouldn't be my first choice for an illusion quest, but I'll take what I can get!!
  13. Zaph Augur

    Murder your own deity, and carve out the skull to wear as a mask !, while my fletching skills are great, Ild love to see a new tradeskill of Taxidermy introduced/
  14. Sokki Augur

    There was a few Taxidermy recipes in VoA. They were made with Tailoring, I wouldn't mind seeing more of those added again.
  15. menown Augur

    Could you make it so each class get's their own unique reward?
  16. Zaph Augur

    As a ranger of Tunare, ild like the option of looking like Rallos Zek :)
  17. Benito Augur

    Could you make a TS-Illusion based on starting city guard models? Players must infuse a specially crafted Steel Breastplate (Blacksmithing) over Woven Tunic (Tailoring) with a special Heraldic Crest (Pottery, Jewelry Making, Brewing, Baking, Fletching, Alchemy and Tinkering based on race patterns). :)
  18. Moege Augur

    I have a some nasty words for you. I know where this is going...
    more gnome jokes...

    Heard the latest ? gnomes are not meant only for eating, keep the skin an mount it..

    /bit of steam escaping my ears
  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    #1 Time on making 16 unique and uniquely desired items. It's more possible to do an archetype... But then people have been telling me that all that important at all on an item is the AC and Heroic agility. So... no need to make more than one!
    #2 Illusions are a precious commodity (as this thread shows) and I'm not going to use 16 illusions on one quest(line).
    Not sure of the global availability of the guard models. (Would suck if the illusions only worked in those zones)
  20. Jumbur Augur

    Illusions I hope will never be attainable by players:
    • Shadowed men/shiny bob
    • Doppelganger
    • Dragons and other over-sized models
    • Willowisps and other particle-based models
    • Anything resembling relevant raid-targets
    They would just be too annoying on raids...:p

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