A Note to the EQ Community from Jenn Chan

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by JChan, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. nick121 New Member

    it still does not let me in cant take advantage of bonus xp
  2. rancus New Member

    I agree, no hate here but have not been able to enter world for 2 days on aradune no point in worrying about fun stuff when you can not even enter the game.
  3. Claan Elder

    Thanks for the explanation and update. Thanks to all the people that are working hard to keep the game going also.
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  4. Lionfyst New Member

    When I saw the letter, my first thought was, "great, they are finally gonna get on it, and we'll be able to play on Aradune", but nothing happened- in fact it's worse tonight.

    What's the actual, functional plan to change anything? Was it just to announce the bonus? The XP bonus has no context with the server unplayable.

    I don't think you guys are "bad" or trying to swindle anyone but, if we can't play, we can't play, and letters don't change that, and some of us are just going to stop trying after a while. No drama, just an eventual /shrug and give up.
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  5. bubu New Member

    for the last week after logging in through the launcher (eq1) after selecting 'PLAY' the launcher continues running but then eqgame.exe*32 goes dead ("Not Responding") the display screen goes black (with a little blue circle revolving) untill you mouse click the display, then it goes grey; (Windows task manager/applications;) /processes indicates 00 under CPU memory 13,812K.
    A short wile later the launcher vanishes from task manager but the eqgame*32 should take one to the server select page, that is NOT happening. btw this is on a 64b Windows 7 system and 1Gb/s isp.

    Support ticket responded they are scheduled to figure out about the missing shared bank items frrom the server merges, i have not added to their que of upcoming projects about 100s of people not even able to enter eq1.
  6. Raurk Zorander Journeyman

    I get that times are difficult right now - the remote working, etc. But perhaps rolling out two new TLPs during a pandemic was not the best decision after all? Anyway - thanks to those that are trying to fix the problems. A few servers were specifically named - any chance that we can please find out what the plans are for the struggling Aradune server?
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  7. Riddish Lorekeeper

    Can we add increased rares to this? I'm glad that people are getting an exp bonus, but that isn't something that interests me. I'm not making alts, I'm not needing to grind AA, I'm at level cap, so this exp bonus isn't really useful.
  8. Xanbar Augur

    This is wonderful. How refreshing to have a company that communicates with customers in an honest and open way and takes concrete steps to improve the system and provide a better customer experience.
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  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Everything is 20/20 in hindsight

    The team were trying to match up to customer demands (thousands of people stuck at home wanting TLP opened due to the pandemic) while also trying to get some systemic back-end changes done & all while having to alter the way that they operated.

    I bet the ops team could write a book about the challenges they faced trying to get all the different things done that they needed to, and still do.

    The hundreds of "OMG bored at home, please open the new TLP early" posts got completely drowned by the "OMG Aradune queues suck" posts so the pressure to get the TLP opened was pretty huge FROM the players wanting to play on them, maybe you missed that or have a short memory.
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  10. Denziel New Member

    If it's the Nexus 5K cascade failure, good luck. Happens when the memory usage goes above 85%.Dont expect much help from the vendor.
  11. neveroom Journeyman

    Alot of us work in IT and understand your issues, and overall i think most EQ players are pretty forgiving.
    Honesty goes along way, we are all invested in Everquest and as such we are all supporting you in this matter.
    The the previous comment, Yup Cisco Vendor support, infact all Vendor support over the last decade has suffered. One presumes its down to the forcing down of costs, of shoring and reducing skill levels of staff.
  12. Oamm New Member

  13. Thygrym Elder

    Yes, mistakes do happen but when they're stupid mistakes from lazy workers they are unacceptable mistakes. I wouldn't want people like you working for me anyway if you find these kinds of things acceptable. My employees are compensated quite nicely when they do good work and they are quite happy with their jobs. If you can't correctly implement a simple XP bonus in a game where you've done it dozens of times before then you've shown you can't even be trusted with the most basic of tasks and should not be on the payroll.
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  14. Vicus Augur

    This is only the second time she has posted in 6 months. Not sure I would go as far as to say this is open communication. The letter was detailed and nice but I won't be surprised if the next post is only to promote the next expansion and nothing in between.
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  15. Nugarbok New Member

    Last time I played Everquest in Kunark I was 11, and I just started playing again this week, but I just wanted to say I thought this was a nice note. Aradune launch had some problems but I decided to activate my forum account just to say it makes me happy that this game is still going, the fact I get to play something like a TLP and relive part of my childhood is amazing, and I'm glad the game is being cared for by the type of people who choose to communicate like this instead of choosing a different way.
  16. Moege Augur

    Detailed nice and ultimately flawed. The shared bank sage just shows me what the disconnect is between the head person and what is actually going on.

    There are still people missing shared bank and plat, the method to restore it now messaging a dev when the account holder notices something missing. I can think of so many cases where people will have lost something and will never get it back.

    Fact is DB doesn't know what is missing, this whole month of failures points out that DPG is in a death spiral. Unfortunately this direction has being felt since RoS release with bug reports being ignored. For myself I have given up on beta testing, I do not play on test the only bugs that I report is ones that severely irritate me the rest that I see I shrug and move on.

    Only time will tell if there is motivation to correct the direction and if they even have the ability to do it.
  17. Havoc New Member

    I really appreciate the communication and respect where you’re coming from. Just letting the community know what’s going on helps alleviate our concerns that we are not being heard and are losing value in a product we have grown to love. Thank you and never give up.
  18. Name2 Augur

    Which concrete steps are those? I don't see any concrete steps to address the massive issues that remain. Being transparent about things you've already fixed is easy. Compelling people to continue trusting, keep being patient, not give up, after weeks of being ignored when raising legitimate issues is a bigger ask. What does the timeline look like to get these servers, most notably Aradune, fixed? What steps are being taken to improve the customer service for TLP players? Asking people to be patient indefinitely is not an acceptable response while failing to provide any feedback to glaringly obvious issues being raised. Trust has been eroded, and it's on Daybreak to fix it. This isn't enough.
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  19. Rowdey New Member

    Fantastic update Jenn. Thanks so much and I hope things smooth out for you and the gang to give you a little break!
  20. Beebles New Member

    Y'all are awesome. Thank you Jen.