A necessary patch for the VP key

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Deadshade, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Montag Elder

    But you don't, wont, and can't hold them all. People are getting keyed without paying already. If you don't see how five minute respawns of lore no-destroy pieces would decimate the multi-quest market I don't know how to help you.

    People pay now because of the huge time sink between click battles. If they could try 12 times an hour they wouldn't pay.
  2. Accipiter Augur

    Exactly. Get rid of it. They trivialized the Seb key quest, why not this one? It's even less important to keep the VP quest because a random group (like mine) isn't going to zone into VP because we can't kill anything. If you can't do the content you don't zone in by choice. If you have a raid that can beat the content, have at it, no key required.
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  3. Taboo503 New Member

    Just make the Ground spot spawn in one of 20 locations. That would make it much harder to sit and auto click. Would make it more as it was originally intended, you have to find the thing to get the thing.
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  4. McJumps Augur

    While we are at it, you want to remove the Rathe Council fight as a requirement to zone into Plane of Time? Cuz f*ck it right? Screw how the game was designed, cuz you got sh*t to do huh? lol. The level of entitlement in this thread is amazing.
  5. McJumps Augur

    I changed my mind. I want all keys/flags to be removed from Agnarr. That way when all the content is trivialized and 80% of the population leaves before the lock, I can finally stop seeing 10 threads a day pop up on here from people who have not figured out how to play an 18 year old game :)
  6. Accipiter Augur

    I'm not entitled. I don't give a **** because I'm not trying to get a VP key. The key quests, as they exist, are just dumb for TLPs. If you don't get that then I can't help you.
  7. McJumps Augur

    I agree they are dumb, but them being dumb does not automatically mean they should be changed. Something has to be said about the original intent and integrity of the game. If you don't get THAT I don't know what I can do for YOU.

    IF people are unhappy with the way a game is, STOP PLAYING. Don't lobby for changes. Life is too short to waste time on something you are unhappy with. Go play another game if you think this one is designed poorly.
  8. AgentofChange Augur

    lol so now you are dropping from 15-20 mins to 5 mins. nice.
  9. Accipiter Augur

    Fair enough.
  10. Risiko Augur

    First and foremost, they are not going to change it. Period.

    But... if... they changed it...

    All ground spawns for raid key quests should drop from current era raid mobs.

    The thing is, this expansion came out over seventeen years ago on April 24, 2000. The idea of raid key quests depending on ground spawns is a very bad game design concept that was abandoned long ago.

    Should DBG move the ground spawns to in-era raid mobs' loot tables? Yes. Absolutely.

    But.... that takes resources, and right now those resources are undoubtedly working on the next expansion.

    If it was me, the solution would be:
    • Non-instanced Gorenaire drops 15 to 20
    • Instanced Gorenaire drops 10 to 15

    The average guild progression for Kunark would look like:
    1. First month leveling, clearing open world Kunark dragons, and completing epics
    2. Second month keying for VP
    3. Third month farming VP
    Just my 2 coppers...
  11. Montag Elder

    Ya that would be fine but as you said would require resources far beyond what it would take to just reduce some timer numbers.
  12. Renshu Elder

    Because the gear/strategy check of the Rathe council totally equates to the challenge of picking up a ground spawn.

  13. snailish Augur

    Integrity of the game... hmm.

    multi-questing was an unforseen "feature" of the early game that pretty much ceases to exist OoW and later. Adjusted to maintain game integrity. From time to time, an older quest gets adjusted (multi-questing and/or class limitations applied) to maintain integrity.

    Most nonsense around epic 1.0 would be solved if multi-questing and the selling of raid drops required for the quest wasn't possible. If one wants the "integrity" of the 1.0 being hard in Kunark era as they originally were (for most players at least). Notwithstanding the fact that the quests had to be figured out originally.

    In the original vision RMT was not on the condoned radar. The argument that krono is an in-game combater/enabler is a valid argument (one I don't care for, go P99 if you hate krono). "Pure old EQ" wouldn't have krono (and we'd be staring at a spell book). I think it is fine to progress. In other words, integrity can't be conveniently applied to suit the way one type of player wants to play, integrity has to look at the big picture.

    Modern EQ progression devs have to keep the $ integrity of the product going so people keep playing. This means much should not be "as original". Good on them.

    The difficulty of the hunt of unknown groundspawns in a mapless game for unknown quest steps, with a smaller server population, with less people in guilds ready to do the raid content locked behind the key quest is not the same as a pile of people sitting on a groundspawn today. Recognizing the dev team isn't going to spend weeks randomizing all the ground spawns, rewriting all the quests to be unknown or such we get back to the 2 easiest solutions that get people challenging themselves against the content they want to play (not me by the way):

    -randomize the groundspawns in the zone forage table, and loot table of mobs
    -pick named and/or raid named to put a number of the short-supply (due to population, not difficulty) quest parts on --like the trakanon teeth precedent.

    Many of the posts opposed to such a fix seem to boil down to "I got my keys, play harder". Which is ironic as it basically reads as "I am entitled to block content, profit from content, and put on elite airs to the community". I state this with no insult, seriously look at your own stance on this --why is it a problem if someone else gets a key in era?

    Phinny and Agnarr aren't/weren't sold as the "play harder and contested" servers. [Could be a valid future ruleset] Many times forum posts do sound entitled, but in this case I would suggest it is just people asking for consistency in the "raid what you want, when you want, because your guild is capable" sales pitch.

    I haven't raided in a few years. I have no boat in this debate, aside from wanting progression to maintain momentum for the large population... and maybe less threads about keys in Kunark.
  14. Jaxarale01 Augur


    Dont lobby for changes?
    How long have you been around on the TLPs?
    There has been major change after major change after major change throughout the cycles...

    Do you know there used to be no /pick... ya a fundamental necessity on TLP's was nonexistent.
    Instanced raids back on Ragefire? Nope! But ever since then... yup!
    There is a list of what? 20 major and 50 minor changes they have made since Fippy alone... but ya you stick to the "STOP PLAYING" mantra... lets see how that goes for ya!

    The TLP's have seen nothing BUT change... hell they just put in improvements for using /pick... you know that thing that did not even exist 2 years ago?

    Perhaps you should go play another game seeing as this one on the TLP's is in constant "change"...
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  15. RandomStrategy Augur

    Did you not see the warping?
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  16. Trident New Member

    Good call brotato.
  17. jharrell3623 New Member

    Well , I will admit the key parts for VP is kinda nuts. I do not agree with the timers for one simple reason, cause so many people on the server trying for the same thing , you will be lucky on Agnarr if even 2 guilds get to be successful at clearing VP by the time velious hits. With instancing and picks and the changes to combat over the years , the entire game has became trivial even in ERA. I think its fun to play again but most things are significantly easier. I do not think the key quest parts should be done away with , but certainly, it should not be the bottleneck of getting keyed before Velious hits. What till Luclin hits , you will see some major C**Kblocking. I think they should make the content slightly harder and the access to it slightly easier. The roadblock should be the bosses , end of story.
  18. Opimo Journeyman

    7 guilds have killed Phara Darr on Agnarr already.


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