A Message From the Team about Phinigel XP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Dec 11, 2015.

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  1. Adumbral Journeyman

    Can we plz set the xp to what it was on ragefire/lockjaw that's all we ask this XP pen is really harsh on the gamer's that don't have hours an hours to devote to the game or the Real Life cash flow to buy tons of xp pots it seems you only want the hardcore gamer to be able to raid
  2. vardune Augur

    Hell no make it harder to level. Put hell levels in.
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  3. Draekony Lorekeeper

    Yep I think most of us boxers made a tank just to keep in our back pocket for when we needed. I know having my 60 warrior helped me do the hate minis a lot easier, was able to land slow without losing my ench or shm and I didnt have to keep summoning pets so I could nuke. Obviously I didnt use my tank to pet wall down chardok royals but when I could use him I did since water pets backstab.
  4. AlmarsGuides Augur

    That's so metal
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  5. Ambee Elder

    So they said exp on LJ/RF was about twice as fast as in classic. Tests show Phinny exp is roughly 33% of what it is on LJ/RF. That means exp is actually about 33% slower on Phinny than on classic.

    So why did Roshen lie and claim exp was still much faster than in classic?
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  6. Elkay Augur

    Because math.
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  7. Jidokwon New Member

    During classic, I timed a few untwinked human monks from first to fifth level and it took about two hours back then. Granted, they weren't pausing to loot or sell and bank anything. I think my fastest character to fifth level on Lockjaw took about four hours, but I was looting, selling, and banking things. I tested first level monks on Lockjaw vs Phinny and I was getting 5-6% per large rat on Lockjaw, but only 2-3% per large rat on Phinny. So 50% of Lockjaw experience seems more accurate than 33%.
  8. Ambee Elder

    Might do a test with a bit larger of a sample size, but if worst case scenario is that the exp is equal to classic then calling it much faster is still a lie
  9. Lateryn Augur

    Lol, not even close. You're about 4-6 hours short, if not more.
  10. Jidokwon New Member

    As I made clear in my post, I wasn't pausing to loot or sell and bank anything. Those two hours were spent straight killing mobs in the Qeynos newbie yard. As I also made clear in my post, it's taken four hours or more with any of my characters on Lockjaw doing all of the above. I also didn't have to compete with anyone during those two hour runs. You clearly never timed it.
  11. Lateryn Augur

    Even straight killing, in classic, 1-5 took more then 2 hours.
  12. Weverley Augur

    I just did a /who all 30 50 and guess how many i found in game 30 and highest level so far 37 but general is full, faydwer and antonica also and 158 in druid channel. Guess plenty of people playing but what was weird is the number of mage who are 30+ 5 granted some might be offline but still compare to rf/lj much less
  13. Lateryn Augur

    There's 40s, they are just anon/rol.
  14. Ambee Elder

    Not really
  15. Brumski Augur

    It certainly reminds me of classic, I remember burning out a few times in the 40s then. Too bad DBG doesn't take into account the AVERAGE player when they think of changes like this. The fast release with the slow experience has all but guaranteed that the largest demographic on the server, the AVERAGE player who can get in 10-20 hours a week, will burn out and quit. DBG saw people getting bored on a 6-month server and completely tipped the scales the other way.
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  16. Lejaun Augur

    I'd guess because there was almost no one who would of even thought that the experience rate was going to be cut back so much.

    It's fine that they did, but not telling us they were going to before we found out isn't the best way to do things.
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  17. Lejaun Augur

    I was one of those calling "Chicken Little" on Lockjaw/Ragefire when Phinigel came closer to being launched. I fully expected a successful Phinigel server to decimate Lockjaw. After the experience changes I expect many of those I thought were going to flee Lockjaw/Ragefire to head back there.
  18. Lateryn Augur

    I wouldn't expect that at all. Because they want to "raid" but they can't compete with actual raiding guilds, they would be required to raid out of current era, but even then they would have to compete with RMT box teams doing these raids.

    The main draw is instanced content. They can do their raids per lockout without contest.

    The other is 90 days. Going back to 6 months is never going to happen.

    Also remember, they go back to LJ/RF, sure they may hit cap faster but then they have nothing to do. Whereas on phinny they will always having something to do, both via longer leveling + free raids per lockout.
  19. Elkay Augur

    Neither server is what many of the people that came here really wanted. It is, unfortunately, the lesser of two evils on LJ. As it stands, anyone that can't dedicate 40 hours a week right now will be permanently behind and never see or be effective in current era raiding.
  20. Lateryn Augur

    Boy you are still on the Hyperbole train. And you wonder why people laugh at your posts.
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