A Merry Firiona Vie Christmas

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by AlmarsGuides, Dec 25, 2017.

  1. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Greetings fellow Norrathians! Tis I, Santa Almar.

    I have a special giveaway for everyone playing on the Firionia Vie server this holiday season... Four different sets of Collectibles as well as another much more unique set of Collectibles from TBM that gives you Hero's Fortitude and Hero's Vitality!

    Here are the four basic set of collectibles I have:

    Deadman's Dinner Collection Set
    Royal Weaponry Collection Set
    Fallen Footwear Collection Set
    Rotting Remnants Collection Set

    As for the aforementioned 'rare' TBM collectibles I have all four of them but not in matching quantities so I have to handle the give away slightly differently for them.


    All the information you need about this giveaway is explained in more detail on that page. I sadly can't fit it all into this thread so I have to use my website to explain everything in more detail.

    I'm going to log on for a few hours each day from Today (Christmas Day) to New Years and parcel out presents to everyone. As long as you post your character's name in this thread, on my website or PM it to me on the forums I will send you your gifts. That's all there is to it!

    Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe holiday season!
  2. divirgmar New Member

    I think this is a neat thing that you are doing!

  3. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Sent some Christmas gifts your way - Merry Christmas!
  4. Chelsith New Member

    Awesome! I'm up for it. Just whichever two you have the most of is fine. Name is Chelsith. Thanks!
  5. Gool New Member

    I'm interested thanks Almar!
  6. Mesmie New Member

    Love it and am interested, Merry Christmas!! :)
  7. Toadexplosive New Member

    I'm interested! Thanks Almar. Merry Christmas!
  8. Magicflame New Member

    I want some ::pouts with a granny face:: hehe interested and thanks almar!
  9. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Remember to leave your character's name/the character that you want me to parcel the items too!!!

    If not I am going to assume your forum handle is your ingame name and send presents there!

    Also, I am heading out to lunch/dinner with the family. I will log back in around 6 - 7pm EST and parcel out gifts of anyone who asks between now and then!
  10. ohemii New Member

    Merry Christmas, Ohemii
  11. Miss_Jackie Augur

    Gooshy here, thank you! <3 <3 <3
  12. Jesuislefuret New Member

    Nola and thank you!!!
  13. Jesuislefuret New Member

    Hareball and Uhlaygrow if there are any extras....and thank you again for your generosity - Merry Christmas / Happy New Year
  14. gotwar Augur

    It has been wonderful to see the FV community come together over the Holidays to spread the Christmas cheer in 2017.

    I think I've seen more free stuff given away in the last week than I have in my entire time on FV (including last Christmas). Everything from raid gear, to collectibles, to RoS/EoK group gear, expansion keys, platinum, and Krono has been handed out in General Chat for the holidays.

    For a community that generally operates on the rules of margins and profit, it's been truly magical to see the spirit of Christmas flourish. I'm sure the Grinch's heart grew three sizes this year.

    Merry X-mas and Happy Robanukah, EQ. Thanks to all who helped spread the holiday magic this year!

  15. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Many gifts were sent out today! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

    I still have hundreds of collection sets to give away so don't be shy about asking for some Collection sets for alts or what not - the only ones I really have a finite amount of is the TBM Hero's Vitality/Fortitude.
  16. Terroc New Member

  17. Beerbringer New Member

    Beerbringer please~
  18. Andarriel Augur

    Andarriel is my name and merry Christmas.
  19. Gortar Augur

    Awesome Super Almar!
  20. Miss_Jackie Augur

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