a littile late, but.... Saving Jacyll group mission

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Dibab, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. Dibab Augur

    So i was doing the Saving Jacyll group mission today, 2 boxing pally necro, and got to the last " Opt " step to Defeat General Vaxa and her Lieutenants 0/3 (Bixie Warfront) which in the shared quest window it says (Opt). So i slowly Melee the glass from 50 down to about 30 Percent. I then popped all the burns on my necro and managed to destroy the glass without touching the adds. The quest did not update. I then Hailed frislo which said Task Stage Complete on my screen and then spawned a chest. Which would not open. So I inquire. how the hell is it it (Opt) if bypassing it bugs the quest?
  2. guado Augur

    It's not optional. The quest description lies.
  3. Vlerg Augur

    the description is misleading... probably related to coding issues, as the mission ends when the glass hit 0%, and the bixie are merely adds spawning from the glass at certain %... with an additional condition that all adds must be dead in order to open the chest.

    While the description is misleading, using common sense, it is quite obvious that the mission require you to kill the mob that spawn and not just beat an inanimated object to 0%.
  4. Dibab Augur

    Well considering the missions is about Freeing/Saving him and common sense would dictate that since it SAYS OPT(OPTIONAL) then COMMON SENSE saysoh wait its optional
  5. Vlerg Augur

    ya.... you fail at common sense.

    you -really- expected rewards for doing nothing but 10 million damage to a dummy?
  6. Vlerg Augur

    it is fairly constructive.

    the mission obviously intend you to fight 3 wave of bixie... with downtime in-between if you desire it (unlike the raid version).

    killing those bixie being described as ''optional'' is a simple mistake made by the dev / code who did it. a simple typo if you like it.

    it's likely on their 'to-fix' list,... near the bottom of the list...
  7. Cerris Augur

    The bixies spawn in an entirely different room, so I'm not sure why you focused on the fact that you were able to avoid them.

    Anyway, (Opt) or not, you need to kill the bixies if you want the loot. Add an AE class to your two box and it should be trivial.
  8. guado Augur

    Hope that moron comment wasn't towards me.
    If it was more detail you were looking for, here it is, sorry, before I didn't want to pontificate:

    As mentioned above, it must be a coding issue that requires the death of each wave of Guard, Guard, Final Wave in order to not only succeed the mission, but open the chest as well. Perhaps "optional" is misleading.

    Have you encountered any other Quest with an "optional" step? I can already say "No."
    (Do they exist? Yes. Have you encountered them? No.)

    Sorry to reiterate what was already said, but you aren't going to get a reward for knowing how to burn down an object (the glass wall.)

    Try again, complete all the steps (you now know they are indeed not optional) and you will get the reward.

    It is not intentional and has never been successfully completed with the methods OP suggested.

    TL;DR: Do the mission as intended and don't be surprised that an in-game description of something was incorrect.
  9. gcubed Augur

    There are three types of software errors. Design errors, code errors and documentation errors. Due to the nature of this task, it should be obvious that this is a documentation error. At some point this bug will be fixed and the word "Optional" will be removed.