A Letter to Prathun from The Dragon

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    Welcome back, Rithnok! *bow* It is good to see that you have returned and that you have not changed a bit. Or perhaps you have only improved with the passing years? One thing is certain, there will be many more stories to tell, as the life of a dragon is a long one.
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    The midnight scaled samurai just smiled to himself as the voice carried itself from the darkness to those gathered around the fire. The glow from the dancing flames shining off of the man's scales as he slowly turned to regard the source of the voice. He stood slowly and bowed to the smaller man with respect. "As I always suspect there will be my old friend." The dragon's tail tapped upon the ground mirthfully. "I more than likely should have left the temple long before the lands of Norrath got to this point." He shrugs and chuckles, "I just hopped The newer heroes of Norrath would have dealt with these types of issues long before I had to get involved. Especially, after my incident with... Durunal The Cursebearer." He flexes his ivory clawed hand, the leather under his gauntlets creaking under the force of his clenched fist.

    He turns his midnight orbs on Prathun regarding him. "Yes, you are right a dragon's life is a long one. But I've never been accused of ever acting like a proper dragon of Norrath should." He smiles, "I don't sleep in volcanoes squirreling myself away from the world selfishly. This world carries with it the fleeting lives of friends, family and comrades." He rests his hand over the hilt of his katanas and chuckles. "Personally I'd love to see my friends pass happily to the beyond after time has caught up with them rather than see them fall trying to keep the world safe from the horrors of war." He crouches down to pick up his pack. He looks to Lady Haniko and to her sleeping tiger as he ties the flap of the rucksack closed.

    "It's the same reason why I continue to protect dragonkind like I do." He laughs, "Because they don't understand their own mortality. They have been gifted such power as Veeshan's first children. Yet, they squander that power amongst themselves to see who is the most powerful. It will be their arrogance and pride that will be their downfall one day. They have carved their own lands out of the continents. But, they have done so as individuals never as an organized nation. Even the dragons and drakes of Skyshrine have only just fought to be left alone." He slings the pack on his back.

    He pulls a single pink ribbon from within his armour and smiles as he ties the memento around one of his horns, "Dragons are wise with the years they live through and can be the most powerful of allies to have as their memories of kindness stretches across generations. Once you have the loyalty of a dragon, your entire family line has that loyalty. But many of the races of Norrath would rather fight against dragons because of the wealth they've gathered over hundreds even thousands of years than try and be a friend to them." He laughs brightly as he strides towards Prathun and stands before him.

    "You say I haven't changed a bit?" He smiles, "Considering my history in Norrath... Norrath has the loyalty of this dragon. I worry about the way the lands have become, the darkness of the wars on the horizon. In the middle of it I see a tipping point. Many would say Lady Gorenaire has been out for blood. Yet, no one bothered to see what happened here." He gestures to the Scorched Lands and back through the cave tunnels.

    "I see the Combine enroaching upon someone's home, and forcing them from it. The home they built a life from, had hatchlings and raised them. Saw life pass contentedly never really harming any, unless they came to harm her or her nesting home. Finally, someone drove her from her lair and into lands that were almost fatal to her." He nods and looks off into the distance. "She's hurt... Angry and knows the easiest ways to gather the power she needs to remove this blight from her home. She just wants her home back, and no one cares. No one is going to come to help, no one is going to save what she's built." He nods sagely before looking back down to Prathun...

    "Remember what happened when I first came here... Silverwing was drunk with power and had stolen the treasures of my Emperor's Temple, and even slew him. Remember the swath of destruction I blazed across Norrath all because Silverwing took my home from me. I can't see Lady Gorenaire doing any different." He sighs before rubbing at his snout. "So please forgive me for what I have to do to protect her." He asks with a smile.

    "I promise this, while I may not be able to save everyone from her wrath. I can and I will stop her rampage in whatever form it may manifest itself as. But, I do not want to see anyone else there when I confront her. It's my duty as the High Guardian of Veeshan to persuade her to keep the balance. She is hurt, she is upset, and she wants her life back. I can't fault her for that."

    He looks around to all the others gathered around the fireplace listening to the dragon's stories and hearing of the battle to come. He looks at the concern crossing their brows as they looked at each other silently, he sees how they are passing orders and worries with just a look, he smiles as he thinks to himself... Good, these combine scouts will return to Lceanium and tell Tsaph and Lcea Katta about the immanent assault by Gorenaire, they'll focus their attention to gathering their forces and bolstering their formidable defenses. This will give me time to find her in Chardok.

    "Lord Prathun? Perhaps you'd join me in this journey? Might be nice to travel the lands again with old friends. Besides, I'm sure you'd like to chronicle what happens next?" He chuckles, "I promise it won't be like Innoruk's Realm." He laughs, "Just the way I see it? If Gorenaire falls in an assault against the quote, unquote smaller races of Norrath you can be sure the Ring of Scale will come full force across Kunark and if that happens? Unlike an individual dragon who can cause untold amounts of destruction... If the Ring of Scale were to unite and fight against a common foe." He frowns.

    "You know as well as I do, The Ring will decimate the continent win or lose. And if the Ring of Scale goes on the offensive against the Combine, The Iksar Empire will join in to gather lands and to strike a telling blow against the dragons who enslaved them so long ago. If that happens, the Sarnak will rise against the Iksar Empire as will the Giants. These lands will be nothing but the mingled blood of all races. The Second War of Scale." He sighs.

    "All because of the death of one dragon."

    He smiles, "Let's hope my plan to stop this before it begins works huh Lord Prathun? Or my weekly schedule will be booked solid huh?" He grins toothily, "But in all honesty, if I have to... I will be the one to bring her down. The Ring of Scale can focus their rage on me. But this I have to do to protect Veeshan's Children." he frowns, "I don't want to do this. But I must have hope that my words and plans will persuade her." He adjusts the straps on his rucksack, smiles and nods his thanks to those gathered and starts walking towards the fortress of Chardok...

    "You coming Lord Prathun?"

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