A HUGE mistake

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Danille, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Danille Augur

    Not an east group mob, new to the zone as of today's patch. He leveled up killing many players, till we came and kicked his butt!
  2. Qwestwic Augur

    Kind of cool to see a group mob that's more of a control fight than a burn.
  3. Kaenneth Augur

    NPC that levels up if it lives, Is that a reference to the Borderlands 2 'Goliath's that say 'BIG MISTAKE!' when triggered, and kill other NPCs to level up?
  4. krozman Augur

    It's about time this guy started showing up.
  5. Falos Augur

    My initial impression of the mob is he is challenging especially depending on who he absorbs health from amongst group players. But There are two named mobs in the zone whom are more challenging / potentially overtuned against groupers. When I attempted it it was kind of rough because I had to intentionally avoid using my best abilities due to being harassed by some raiders that train / blur / steal camps that like to grief groupers and 'challenge' themselves with group content that is pretty much trivialized by end game gear. So I didn't have much luck with the mob this time. Luckily the griefers managed to kill it after 3 hours of facing the big baddy in their end-game gear though.

    1. The undefeated blade - pretty much an anti grouper mob, even if you position him correctly the adds are pretty beastly and can really wear down the group fast.

    2. Succesful mistwielder His viral dot and is the main culprit and pretty much *almost* requires a real cleric. It kills mercs fast if he chooses to cast it on them first, I ended up having to play a shaman to beat this though a cleric probably would have made it a lot easier. Still the viral dot damage should be tuned down and it would be nice if his ds / spell reflect was tuned down as well because you can't just mindlessly burn it down or the reflects / DS kill you. This mob took us a couple attempts to beat, since i had to cautiously burn and be very aware of when to stop pet from attacking (Damage shield dominates pets)

    I'd rank the 2 mobs I listed as probably the hardest named mobs in the expansion. A lot harder than xolok whom i've killed over a dozen times NP.
  6. krozman Augur

    I've already killed A successful Mistwielder, but it wasn't fun.
    I've tried the powered up version of A Huge Mistake now with 9 people, and still dying. Group geared players have a 0% chance.
  7. krozman Augur

    update: took it down with a full group + an extra mage + an entire group of alt nukers. The blobs on this really have too much HP.
  8. silku Augur

    We tried the huge mistake today with group players (t2 gear, 7kish aa each). Wiped about 80% in. Controlling the adds wasn't an issue, the massive hp of the mob seemed to be the issue. Question: has anyone else noticed that caster mercs won't engage a name until it's under a certain %? I'm wondering if it's the paladin projection thing doing it.. maybe the mercs see that as 'someone else' and don't attack till it's gone?
  9. Feradach Augur

    Switch from balanced to burn.
  10. silku Augur

    Had them on burn. I'm saying that they just stand around till like 80% on named mobs sometimes. I know that if the person on aggro is not in the group, the merc won't attack the main assists target. (think two groups, second group is on aggro, mercs in first group won't attack, they think it's someone 'elses' mob.) Lately when we start a named fight, the mercs just stand around looking stupid, then after a little while they start fighting.

    I'm curious if it's because of Illusory Ally or Projection maybe.
  11. wingz-83 Augur

    I've found that around 95% dps mercs assist finally.

    Also, any loot drop info on him?
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  12. wingz-83 Augur

    Try sending wave after wave of your own men at them until it reaches the preset kill limit and shuts down?
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  13. Nenton Augur

    That's only when they're actually on Assist mode. When they're on Burn, they engage immediately. Well, usually they do. Back when I was using a caster merc in VoA, they would randomly go through 30+ second periods of time of not casting on nameds.

    The devs didn't care then to investigate despite it being brought up multiple times and I'm pretty sure the only thing we're going to see changed about caster mercs now is a dps nerf, not AI fixes to make them to do more dps.
  14. Ronak Augur

    I would just like to say that this mob should be the official mascot for this content extension.

  15. Augur Developer

    Just to help set expectations for these three new rares (A Huge Mistake, Glorig the Underdog, and The Undefeated Blade), they were designed to require 2 groups to defeat.

    That's why they drop two pieces of loot, when all the other rares in Chelsith Reborn only drop one. They should be the hardest mobs in the zone, and require a coordinated pack of players to defeat.

    Edit: More loot! See Chandrok's post below :)
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  16. Chandrok Augur

    A Huge Mistake, Glorig the Underdog, and The Undefeated Blade drop more than that! They always drop two pieces of gear, one armor piece with the possibility of a second, and one spell gem with the possibility of a second.
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  17. Daedly Elder

    I haven't spent too much time in the new zones, but I like the idea of a few mobs that are that hard assuming the reward is worth it. Which it sounds like it is.
  18. Conjurous_AB Elder

    One thing is though, that some items only come from these guys so if u need 2 grps then chances are u will never see some of these items, pet focus, caster shield, priest 1hb, caster 2hb are among some of the items u can only get from these named. For the arena guy u gotta have 2 grps sit in arena, kill trigger mob and hope event starts, dunno how many will wanna sit there for hours trying to trigger, let alone 2 grps worth.
  19. Explicit Augur

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  20. Stickietoes Augur

    Really! I feel very proud, i'm a regular group gear (T1-T2 rof gear) and a rog, necro and I (paladin) all level 100 killed him with just 3 healers, nothing special... dropped 2 fear washed, 2 spells and weapon with range...

    This was Glorig!

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