A grand statue of Aradune in the Plane of Knowledge.

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  1. Montag Augur

    He deserves to be remembered in Norrath, of all places.
  2. Risiko Augur

    I agree that there should be an in-game memorial to Brad "Aradune" McQuaid, but I feel like the Plane of Knowledge or any plane for that matter is not representative of what Brad gave the gaming world.

    If anything, Aradune's memorial should be at the entrance to the Commonlands tunnel because the world that Brad brought to life was about a living breathing online dungeons and dragon world where you could meet others, make friends and enemies, fight and trade with one another, and be someone other than the person you were the real world. Brad's vision was that of a world rather than just a game.

    Nothing says that more than the community created bazaar that was the Commonlands tunnel.
  3. Montag Augur

    That's a really nice idea. I was just thinking someplace prominent where it would be seen all the time.

    Someone in another thread suggested a future expac hub zone to be named after him. like "Aradune's Crossing" or something. A big statue in the center of that outpost that would be very prominent for one expac and then as people move on to future expacs would become a quiet place to visit his memorial would be nice too.

    But yeah as you said, a classic zone that he was personally involved in would probably be the most appropriate. Maybe even an out of the way spot like a lesser used island in OOT with a statue and a small garden around it and some benches.
  4. Derresh Augur

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  5. Montag Augur

  6. lagkills Slain by Fippy while guards stood and watched.

    Agreed, I can sell KEI next to it.
  7. Tucoh Augur

  8. Vumad Cape Wearer

    How about a NPC that makes appearances throughout multiple areas. Welcome new players in the tutorial, makes appearances throughout the hero's journey, etc.

    Also I like the statue idea.

    Ready Player One comes to mind on all of the above.
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  9. Bigstomp Augur

    It should be a moving totem. That gathers at the lag pile (largest concentration of people who are not all the same guild - so raid forces don't drag it around with them). Clicking it gives you a random link to a gucomics.com everquest comic.
  10. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I don't think POK is the right place for this, I prefer the idea of Commanlands tunnel.But I also like the idea of a wandering ghost that appears in different zones and tells us stories of lore. I'm not so sure of the idea of a TLP server mentioned elsewhere, these tend to only last a short time before everyone jumps to the next TLP and I think anything to do with Brad should be a lot longer lasting.

    I'm sure whatever the devs decide to do it will be great and very "Brad ish". After all they know him far better than we do.
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  11. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    I don't remember where, but somewhere in EQ is graffiti on a wall, "Aradune is stinky".

    Also, I think in Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver raid there are corpses of a bunch of devs. I'm not sure if Aradune is one of them.
  12. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    They should do this.
  13. Jaylin Augur

    I believe araune is stinky is in the qeynos sewers

    The dev corpses in tacvi are all the devs/coders that were made into npcs from the current tutorial. After gloomingdeep they set out on an expedition, and tacvi was where they were all killed
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  14. Tobynn Augur

    I also think Knowledge it not a fitting location for an Aradune tribute. I believe Brad left SOE pre-Luclin release. PoK isn't one of his zones. Where in original/Kunark/Velious would be a suitable place? Not sure. Although I like the idea of a wandering lore-talker, I wouldn't want it to be a ghost or apparation -- I want to see Aradune with his flaming sword wearing his purple plate armor and that goofy old school helmet heh.
  15. Jaylin Augur

    It does involve more work, but they could create classic model weapon's ornaments with flames on them. And turn it into a long quest involving various zones he worked on.

    If you don't want other classes to use the flaming weapons thats fine. I know he didnt work on it, and i dont know if he supported it, but possibly create a new guild trophy or personal trophy. And have it be his flaming sword.
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  16. Zelfani New Member

    Remember the vision: Place a statue wherever is fitting with a green glowing sword. Click on the sword to begin a quest. You are ported to old Qeynos, the original. You are level one. You are a random class with a rusty sword and Fippy dying to kill you. Band together with fellow questors to level up to 5/10 whatever to earn your reward. Maybe a clickie that turns your weapon glowing green for a few seconds, a title of visionary, something small but memorable. The quest can be expanded on anniversary to include a run to Freeport like we did way back then, naked and afraid.

    As much as we growled around about "the vision" it held true. Let's remember.
  17. Sobmre Augur

    make a portal door named path of Aradune,in pok then when you click on it you log out of eq and then it launches the pantheon website
  18. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Honestly, I would prefer an expansion: Aradune's Gift .
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  19. WorriedinNorrath Elder

    Replace the statue girl that's holding a curtain rod in GH.