A Free Trade TLP is (Likely) Coming!

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  1. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Making all raid loot no trade I could definitely get behind, maybe the regular group drops could be attuneable on such a server. Problem is that would all be a lot of extra work, ideal for training an intern maybe.
  2. sumnayin Augur

    The "blurb" was specifically written about restrictive levels of rule-sets. Nothing about it hints to a new server.
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  3. sumnayin Augur

    That'd work even better if you had to be present at the time of the kill, either in the zone or in the raid/group when it was killed. It'd limit a lot, but then bots would just sell people the rights to sit in group with them while they afk kill Efreeti.
  4. Draconum Elder

    I guess I would be curious to see what are the tickets for there mostly. I know it is one of the more / possibly the most populated live server and it is free to play so you probably get people that don't really 'care'(?) if they get a suspension / ban.

    Think the big draw with a TLP of that same free-trade style would be the AoC's for raid content. Sure, open world targets and high demand targets will still be contested and pretty toxic but that goes for any of these new TLP servers. Watching the 24+ bot armies volleying over the 3 day contested epic spawns on Rizlona right now is kind of hilarious and also sad.

    While I'm sure the krono trade would be as bad or worse for the BiS items for that particular era, I think it'd end up helping getting noober toons or 'casual' players semi geared with older gear that may not get to attend raids as much as they used to.

    I know if they did have a change of heart and decided to do a Free trade ruleset they better be ready to just roll two servers with identical rulesets off the bat because they will be the most popular TLP's to date and the queue mess with Aradune should be a wake up call =P
  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I don't know what the specifics are but JChan in a twitch chat did roughly outline that they get a LOT of tickets on FV and some are pretty unfortunate ones, such as "oh i bought this gear from soandso website & they haven't sent me the item I paid for" which of course sucks for the player but it's nothing the team can help the player with except reiterating the advice of don't use 3rd party websites.

    From my own knowledge through friends who've had FV related issues there have been characters that got sent to FV & stripped without the original owners knowing, sometimes owners have done that themselves & then later tried to claim it wasn;t them who did it, then there are issues where pore-made characters have been assigned to people only for them to spend months playing teh character, fall out with the guild leadership & they then took all the gear off that character which the player had put on it over months.

    Basically a lot of issues can & do happen on FV that can't even happen elsewhere.

    Well, split raiding multiple instances nets you a bigger haul of loot & therefore the potential to make a lot of money via RMT, imagine how many people already support their own accounts via Krono -farming then amplify that by a lot on a Free Trade TLP, the krono farmers would be absolutely salivating at the prospect of how much money they could generate on such a server - and for a much longer amount of time, come Luclin/PoP the kronolords are packing up shop but on a Free Trade TLP they could have multiple expansions of content packed with super desirable loot well beyond the usual Krono-trade era.

    Yeah, for a price & at the risk of making the server less accessible for players who can't afford the prices gear is going for.

    I don't know that they would, I mean if that population turns out to be 99% krono farmers who are looking to make enough money to quit work or something who are they gonna sell to?

    I don't think there is as big a demand for it as it gets made out to have, a few players are just very vocal about it. I think the population of players who want a Free Trade TLP is definitely bigger than the fringe PvP crowd but it is way smaller than those who wanted the Rizlona ruleset.
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  6. Draconum Elder

    Hmm if those are the examples definitely not what I was expecting and honestly

    Didn't get the item sent to you that you paid for? Do transitions in person, don't expect honor system via parcels.

    Character stripped of items sent to FV - Don't really count transfer related petitions as day to day activity petitions, transfers to other servers were buggy even back in the day when they were much more common - was sad to learn that was one of the reasons they stopped the account to account type transfers.

    As for the uber krono-lords, they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Kind of goes back to the in era argument - they'll try to sell big ticket items for crazy prices, if people want to pay that more power to them. After the market gets saturated with these split armies farming a ton of this gear prices eventually taper off, especially when next content is unlocked. Regular people will still be grouping and raiding as well, everyone always assumes it is going to be ONLY huge bot armies.

    It could just be a small vocal population, but if the sample pool of the last few TLP's I was on in the guilds were any indication, I'd say over half of the guild in all three instances said they would roll on a Free-Trade no question. Always easier to say that but we'd have to see what other rules they'd implement but it would have to be pretty horrid to keep me from re rolling there and making that my more than likely permanent residence =)
  7. fireworks Journeyman

    "Earning" something is entirely subjective to your personal values and beliefs.
  8. Bewts Augur

    Not really.

    Ya can pay someone for loot rights to something on current TLP or pay someone to buy their hand me down with FV rules; either way nearly anything is accessible with enough plat or krono.

    The alternative of course is simply getting it to drop and loot it yourself which applies to both versions.

    In all 3 cases, someone can pay for an item they want be it plat or Krono or whatever else.

    FV rules expands the pixel item market so it’s more difficult for a few to centrally control. Particularly with instanced content, the ability to sell / trade out items you would typically rot for more useful things improves everyone’s gear quality. And when RNG frowns on you; you can still obtain items that simply refuse to drop for you on the open market.

    Having better geared toons overall is a boon to everyone’s play experience; not a detractor.

    In the long run, as raiding populations decline, this is also a boon and not a detractor to the extend how far a FV TLP can progress because ya can take on lesser geared players and gear them up quickly with hand me downs without them constantly dying and triggering fail conditions from a gear gap.
  9. Captain Video Augur

    Brekt became an open-trade server after the Quarm event ended, and almost nobody rolled on it. That is certainly a factor in DBG's thinking. Devs have said repeatedly that a new FV-type TLP is at the very bottom of the list; a poorly-ordered section of the patch notes doesn't change that. They don't even have transfers to Mangler working yet, so don't hold your breath.
  10. ForumBoss Augur

    Brekt didnt have AoC's. There was no point to to roll there over FV, which doesnt require a sub and has an xp bonus to boot.
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  11. Gabbo New Member

    Wasn't Brekt the dumping ground of the previous TLP Race servers though? So it WAS sort of a TLP server.
  12. Captain Video Augur

    Quarm required a sub, but I don't believe Brekt did, I thought it was being treated as just another live server, with FV rules minus the 50% XP bonus FV gets. That difference may have discouraged some players from rolling on Brekt, but my point was that it was being seen by DBG as evidence that demand for a second free-trade server was much less than what is argued on the forums.
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Yes really.

    You pretend the difference doesn't exist because you like that difference, it fits your agenda, that doesn't change the fact that the difference is there, it's a massive difference & the devs see that difference as detrimental to the primary game loop. You can always have your own opinions, you cannot have your own facts & the fact remains that any one item can have a very different history on a regular server that it would have on FV, on FV it can change hands once or hundreds of times, that cannot happen on regular servers and that means it is always in the economy on FV.

    And that's exactly what the developers mean by detrimental to the primary game loop, the content is used far less as the things from the content are in constant circulation. Why do you need to go partake in the actual events the designers created when you can just pick up everything from them in the Bazaar?

    Group gear is close enough to raid gear in the later era expansions - 85 Heroics & House of Thule onwards for definite that you don't need hand me down raid gear to survive on raids so your argument there is weak, from some time in TSS Defiant gear makes an appearance so from level 75 to 85 there is that for the group player along with a lot of quested drops, in the early game group drops are what people start to raid in & up to velious the gear is mostly tradeable, so all you have really as far as vast gear gaps when group gear is massively weaker than raid gear is the ten levels in the 65-75 era.

    A whole server & all items being tradeable for the sake of a ten level hole in group gear is not justifiable really and all of the TLP made it through the 65-75 gap because pretty much everyone was in a raid guild of some kind and there are very few if any true casual grouper only players on TLP to begin with. The guilds on TLP often end up using alts so put those in raid gear and the ones who don't often have raid rots going to alts all the time.

    Free Trade is all about the people in the cutting-edge content beating guilds making money off those who are not.
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  14. KermittheFroglok Augur

    What this guy said, bravo!
  15. Dilf Augur

    If you read the last sentence of my statement you quoted, you'd clearly see that I acknowledge the selling of loot rights for no-drop gear. There's not much outside of PoSky that's no-drop from Classic, but the fact still remains.
  16. Dilf Augur

    Everything you're campaigning against are the exact things your guilds listed in your sig have done in the past (at least on Ragefire and Phinny), so it's very confusing. You keep telling people they are wrong about the CS side of things, but we have no indicator of how it is on FV. I'm sure the toxicity of Aradune keeps them busy enough.

    EDIT- You're also partially wrong about infinitely tradeable gear. Attuneable gear has a 1-time use, unless people want to spend $$ to unattune stuff, which is more free money for DPG. They should be all about that.
  17. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    None of the guilds I have been in have operated on a Free Trade Rules Server, so the confusion is all your own and stems from your failure to understand.
    Nowhere have I campaigned against guilds selling items on a regular server since that sale can only happen one time & does not disrupt the primary game loop, the gear is obtained once by completing the event - whoever gets to eventually wear it, if you want to get another item the same you go beat the event again so the item each time has to be dispensed by playing through & beating the event each time earned once owned once, Free Trade allows players to sidestep the need to do that over, and over through that one item circulating among many players it was earned once but owned by many. The game designers have said they don't care if a guild is selling loot, that guild went into the event & beat it earning that loot so it is now theirs to dispense with as they choose - so long as they beat the event without cheats or exploits.

    I'm sure the toxicity that has existed on every TLP thus far does, yet even then the team are saying that Free Trade is more problematic than regular TLP servers.
    I have concluded that the CS load is much higher on FV/Free Trade purely due to the ruleset from the indications given by the team from multiple AMAs, the dev discord chat, and interviews with various team members - all of that contain is out there if you are looking for it though the clues are amongst a whole heap of other stuff.

    I haven't said otherwise. The infinitely tradeable gear i referred to was raid gear on Free Trade servers, I thought that much was obvious.
  18. Machen New Member

    Not even close. Brekt was a live server from the start. Quarm players were dumped to it but Quarm was not a TLP even remotely. Nothing ever unlocked on Quarm or progressed in any way. It was advertised as a seasonal server, not a tlp.

    Quarm lasted 3 months? Every tlp has lasted years and progressed through many expansions of content.