A Formal Dinner Party is broken

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  1. Ofearl Augur

    Spoler alert!!

    There is another task one can obtain from a certain gingerly type in PoK that will port you to original dreadspire. Then a short run to the bat... that is all I feel needs to be discussed... want easy mode, this is half easy mode...
  2. Sissruukk Augur

    I think for some, easy mode would be zoning into the dinner party instance, and having the aug appear on their cursor.
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  3. Daedly Augur

    If I wanted easy mode, I would have said to have the hand in guy at the zone in of the mission, or for the Aug itself to drop like others have pointed out.

    My ask was a bit, in jest. If you couldn't tell by the fact that I mentioned doing so via a hotfix. I don't know that asking for the hand in guy be in the hidden room of the library would be easy mode either.

    Maybe you gleaned that I was asking for an easy mode from some precieved tone in my message. Similarly, maybe me feeling that your response to me was condescending. That's life on the internets I guess.
  4. Rickate Augur

    Qeynosian Scalp Trophy from Fippy's Further Revenge is the only item that is largely similar to Red Berry Paste from A Formal Dinner Party from anniversary events that did not debut last month.

    Cloth Cap, Bristlebane's Party Generator, Olive, Satchel of the Superstitious, Title Prophet of the Dunes (deguild from Realm of Insanity if you don't get help on solving this), Title Feraling Feeder, six unique items looted during Evil Eye Operative, Jimothy Junior, Miniature Horn of Unity, Bigger Belt of the River, Wee'er Harvester, Bottled Essence of Vex, Diplomatic Papers, Drunkard's Stein, Cleansing Rod, Necromantic Dragon Bone, Golden Helm of Rallos Zek, Tipsy Gnome Race Cloth Shirt, Darkened Corrupted Orb of Living Ice and Zueria Slide are directly looted or awarded.

    Semantic arguments about what is "Bonus Loot" won't help, technically all the items purchased with Commemorative Coins could be considered Bonus Loot, for that matter in a bygone area when Anniversary chests were itemized it could be considered a Bonus retroactively as current design suggests getting loot for completing a mission shouldn't be expected.

    Now I can't speak to the intentions of mission design and intermediate items on the way to Bonus Loot but I can speak to the logic of the implementation.

    Pirates of Timorous Deep: Treasure Map prior to Shimmering Black Pearl, technically Treasure Map is redundant and could be replaced with the Pearl but Burnt Treasure Map is a crucial drop for solving the Bonus Loot requirement. Good Investigator Badge and Bad Investigator Badge in A Formal Dinner Party would mimic this as the purpose of the intermediate item is by item name, item lore, triggered NPC dialogue or whatever the players would know why they didn't get the Bonus Loot they know about from the in game achievement.

    Belle of the Ball: Sticky Marshmallow Goo is necessary for the quest so there really isn't an intermediate item but this would require something like Arrest Warrant which you click while targeting murderer to advance the quest and by targeting other guests because you didn't make note of the classes on the dropped clues or because you are seeking the Bonus Loot and of course having to kill or get the other guests you attempt to arrest to 1%. Being in an instance it strongly limits the options to mimic the mechanics of Belle of the Ball Bonus Loot.

    Korucust's Royal Pain: This basic premise probably best fits A Formal Dinner Party, you would simply have 7 drops and players would learn (technically they would assume without playing Foru**uest or EQResourceQuest) that there is one drop in each room, either a Pearl Fragment or a clue so to get the Bonus Loot which is likely the primary goal of most missions there is much greater parity as every group needs to kill in every room although still variance most notably if the mob in the hallway outside the Library has a drop. Award an expendable combine container on mission completion or other mechanic if you don't want players to be able to get the Bonus Loot without completing the mission.

    Lost but Not Forgotten: You or another Dev created superficial similarities with missions that launched at the same time. The key difference is that if Harris simply dropped a Tent you would only need to kill 8 mobs pre-patch and 16 post-patch (4 adds with each of 2 mobs). In theory this is even what you "should" do since the rest of the group gets a much lesser reward, skip as many mobs as possible and the person who gets Rope and Pole can come back and farm Cloth drops on their own. The intermediate items play a key role in the time/difficulty of the mission for Lost while in Formal the intermediate item serves no balance purpose.

    Fish Eyes in the Dark: I tried to apply logic to this one but both Pile of Bones and The Bone Rod are apparently tradeable on all servers so the intermediate items don't serve the logical purpose of creating a tradeable item that can't be traded once used with Urthron's Ultimate Unattuner. I don't know if you can turn in a fish before fishing up all 7 fish, if you can then you can get the reward only fishing in one location since every item is 151940. Pile of Bonus does match up with Red Berry Paste but a quest not yet in the game doesn't contribute to "tradition".

    Pieces is Pieces: Fabikren could be entirely replaced with a Lore tab on Darkhollow Collection Bag. The reward for Fabikren's quest is 5 Commemorative Coins (I think, the reward states 5 points), XP and 8pp. I have no idea why that according to achievements Deep Caverns Collector's Case is a Bonus Loot from Pieces is Pieces even after the patch it is only a pre-req mission.

    Then again I don't know why most of the things are considered Bonus Loot, if a mission rewards a single player that's typically just called Loot. I'm looking forward to next year's achievements that will not only have Hunter but will also have "Obtained Bonus Loot from xxxx" so people can stay busy killing a named over and over until everybody has a drop.

    But anyways, thanks for preserving the tradition of Fippy's Further Revenge, it really evoked nostalgia dating back to Lempeck Hargrin giving you a Rusty Scythe some of the time instead of a Shining Star of Light. So nostalgic that I'm going to go run the SSoL quest right now just to see if the text still states "When the power is drained, go to our temple storehouse and ask Whysia to "recharge the Shining Star of Life."
  5. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Perhaps that is the problem.
    I see lots of ok stuff in that post, but also lots of "not fitting the context" or even outright wrong.

    I for my part, i do not mind a run for the turn-in - DESPITE there being missions that award the bonus straight-up on cursor or in chest. Likewise i did not mind having to follow a path to the buried "treasure" in the Timorous Deep one for the formerly best charm aug. It's within the scope of the game, it's even "immersive" and adding or keeping in tone with the scene.
    Besides, i like Dreadspire Keep, i was happy to see it reused.
    And with the changes to difficulty now, i don't think anyone has the "right" to complain anymore.
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  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

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  7. Febb Augur

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  9. Sancus Augur

    Good to see you post Ngreth :)
  10. doah Augur

    Why do they go and give you ideas like this?
  11. DruidCT Augur

    Oh great. Now we are going to get a polished turd augmentation......
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  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'm attempting to keep my evil laughs at a low volume...
  13. EnchFWO Augur

    I don't think anyone believed you had anything other than an evil laugh in the first place ;)
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  14. Stephen51 Augur

    I hate advanced loot with a passion. However what I hate more is getting to the end of a mission with only 3 of the 4 drops. So I think in this one case I'll try it, good shout!
  15. doah Augur

    I like advloot, I wish what dropped would still post to the text window with links so I don't have to open the loot window if I don't need to.
  16. feeltheburn Augur

    can we just agree it's not broke, because it isnt, and move on now.
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  17. Frogmancer Augur

    Ogres only have one laugh.if you’re lucky enough to see it, hope you don’t get showered with half chewed gnome in the process.
  18. legeon New Member

    Maybe it has been addressed already, but if you wipe or log, you cant reenter the instance. The first day of the change I was just playing around checking the changes and logged for several hours. When I came back I found myself not in pok but the normal dsk zone. I headed back to pok with 90 minutes still on the shared task timer and the quest npc wouldn't allow me back into the instance. This has also happened recently to a friend who wiped after 2 hours of clearing and the instance wouldn't allow him back in.

    Is this intentional or how these missions work now? I've been out of the game several years and haven't done much with ha's at all since coming back.
  19. Khat_Nip Augur

    Typically if no one enters an active instance for 30 minutes then the instance will close down causing you to drop the task/mission and re-get it.
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  20. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Yeah. I think the instance itself timed out, and there isn't a way to restart it, and it would have been bad because on "start' that instance does the murder setup... so it would have changed on you.

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