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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Played On PS2, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Played On PS2 New Member

    Any tips at all will be forever appreciated.

    I have not played since EQ was on PS2. Then all my friends and guildmates started leaving to play on PC and I didn't have a PC so I quit.

    I've never forgotten how much I enjoyed EQ and I'm wondering whether it's worth it starting over instead of joining a Beta on a new MMO.

    I want to try EQ first. What is the best server for a newb on Free to Play? (If I like it I'll go monthly)

    I enjoy many parts of the game; a good guild, crafting, grouping and soloing. I'm not in a hurry to level — I want to learn and become a good player and crafter.

    Is there a particular server best for me? Is it worth it starting over when there are already so many experienced players?

    I want to start with a Human Druid, that's possible, right? I don't want to be a glass cannon, a tank is too tough to start with, and the pet thing doesn't thrill me.
  2. Silver-Crow Augur

    The most populous server for FTP is Firiona Vie, but the economy is shot to hell, so don't expect to be able to buy anything in the bazaar without dropping a few krono (in which case you'd be better subbing a month or 2 on a TLP). The rest of the FTP servers are much quieter, and don't expect to do much grouping before level 100, as the servers are all top heavy.

    Live can be a bit overwhelming for new starts, which is why I would always recommend starting on a TLP if you're starting fresh.

    I would recommend the Phinigel server - see https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq...e-thinking-of-restarting.253704/#post-3733153

    There are other TLP's.

    Coirnav is the most populous at the moment, but expect this to drop sharply in march if they announce a new TLP server as the krono farmers and server hoppers will jump ship. XP is also slow, but the unlocks are only as far as luclin currently, so you will get to experience the 'early' game.

    The Ragefire and Lockjaw TLP servers don't have the 'True box' feature turned on, so is definitely a good spot if you plan to box, but on the other side of the coin, running into full groups/raids run by one person is common, so you do tend to miss the social aspect of the game more.
  3. Sagarmatha Augur

    Go to Bristlebane and ask for Babybearjulia. She leads a great guild that is extremely friendly for new players. If she is not on, ask in general chat and one of her officers will contact you. They have officers on 24/7. Bristlebane has a very healthy population as well.
  4. Played On PS2 New Member

    Thanks for the help. I'll try Phinigel and go to Bristlebane and ask for Babybearjulia if I decide I'm in long term.
  5. Zanarnar Augur

    Phinigel is a paid server. Corinav, Lockjaw, Ragefire, and aagnar are also paid servers. You won't be able to play here without a subscription, but they are good places to play if your after re-living old EQ memories. These are "Progression servers", as such they start with classic EQ then release expansions over time until they get caught up to live* (*all of these servers are still behind the live ones, Aagnar is the notable exception, it is locked at LDoN and will never progress past that.)

    I would take the above suggestion and start on Bristlebane, it sounds like that guild would be helpful in getting use to the game and deciding if you want to pay or not. Good luck and welcome back!
  6. Played On PS2 New Member

    A progression server will be ideal for me if I can avoid multi-boxers, so I was thinking Coirnav. But a good guild is hard to pass up. In any case I'm sticking to FTP Vox until I learn the basics — like not running into trees.
  7. disclose New Member

    I'm on Vox myself. What is your username?
  8. Nightmares Augur

    Honestly, if you are just gonna start so you can relearn and re-submerse yourself in EQ while starting as a FTP, Any of the Live servers will work. I agree to stay away from FV due to it's economy, however with the loot rules there, it might actually be a benefit.
    That said, when you find a live server to start the very best thing you can do is the tutorial and read all the info the npc's give there. it will get you caught up on a lot of newer features you won't be used to in EQ and it'll help you get situated with the ui.
  9. bigpapa Augur

    I disagree with that , economy >? you are not forced to buy anything overpriced.
    I am giving away many * free * items, and many others do as well , and I see everyday low level players asking for more to join, more than other servers imo , because more players play in FV.

    anyway you don't really need gears at low level because mercs are so overpowered and up to level 50? 60 ?( tank or dps mercs ), that you can get your own armors while leveling. and there are some guilds recruiting any levels of players there too ..

    some nice info;s for EQ :::
    can google --->>> everquest fanra / almarsguides / eqresource /eqinterface / allakhazam and raidloot.com = good for all items and spells ect/ eqtraders / everquest info , magelo , ect
  10. Duddles Lorekeeper

    I give out millions of free plat every week on FV as well as tons and tons of gear.
    MANY people do that.

    FV economy isn't bad at all, just because YOU have an issue with a server doesn't mean anyone else would.

    Trolling forums to try and get new players to keep your dying server/guild partially afloat is laughable.

    If FV is so bad, why are most live players on FV?

    Read this thread:

    /Keyboard drop.
    /conversation finished.

    Rant on...
  11. bigpapa Augur

    OR this one some free gifts 100 million plats , 10 free kronos and another 5 ect, a lot of players in FV help others, sure like other servers we have our bad peoples too... but overall it rock.

    ***** the only downside being in Firiona vie is if you play there you will never be able to server transfer ..

    BTW there are some free stuffs who was giving away ( the only server doing that I am pretty sure ) :

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