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  1. kythik Lorekeeper

    I didn't want to name names but ya....It's fairly known both on RF and now LJ that they are using said 3rd party program.
  2. Freki Augur

    no it is not classic. but they told us up front what would be different, and we all accepted it and joined up. what I don't like is everyone saying "you call this classic? you insult us" but they did their best to start as classic as possible. then people started whining for other things. and they gave in and did it. yet nothing is ever enough. once they did the first things people said it was done wrong and crap and demanded even more.

    that is why i posted this... because those complaining it isn't classic don't want classic. they don't give a damn about trying to do things just want only what they want.
  3. Thornpaw New Member

    Risk vs. Reward. I wouldn't mind the current loot table if he was classic lol. This mob is anything but classic. It is hard to justify pulling up a raid force for him for a very slim shot at anything at all since you know, he is not even a raid rotation target. I find it hard to justify the current loot table as welcome to classic when the mob himself has been buffed up well beyond classic.
  4. Solkos Augur

    ummm him posting on the ragefire forums openly admitting to using M Q is a starting point :)
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  5. Protocol Augur

    Now our dracoliche thread is going to get locked. Good job guys.
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  6. Solkos Augur

    Draco should drop loot 100% of the time!
  7. iMugatu Elder

    So why buff a mob to be one of the hardest encounters if he drops 1 piece of loot 30% of the time, which isn't even true, it's far less. Compare draco to one of the dragon bosses. They drop like 4 items at minimum 100% of the time. Nice thinking DBG. Either fix the loot table or remove his buffs. It's so ridiculously stupid that this was allowed to go through. Do you guys even look at the changes before you just throw them out there?
  8. Kobra Augur

    I don't know why there are is any debate about this. The Golems and Draco should have loot tables that work.
  9. Silv Augur

    They do work. A dev told you all that's how it was supposed to be... people just don't like the answer.
  10. code-zero Augur

    Do you have an actual chat log saying that? That'd be pretty surprising given that the rules are HERE and in section 1.1 there's nothing at all about kill stealing being a violation

    In fact
    sounds to me like they're telling you to bring more DPS if you can't hold your camp
  11. Yarlawion Senior Guide

    Kythik, if you mean me, you maybe misunderstood me because I always point out to players that the EverQuest Rules of Conduct simply don't give us any grounds to enforce any kind of "first in force or engage" rules because we are specifically bound by this:
    "There will be no first in force or engage rules arbitrated or enforced by a Game Master or Guide on any server."

    I am sorry if whatever I told you left more room for interpretation than it should have but in the end it all comes down to some players simply being more considerate towards their fellow players than others.

    Sorry for being off-topic on this - now lets get back to the stingy Dracoliche ..
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  12. kythik Lorekeeper

    Looking at the current PnP it doesn't include anti-ksing. I'm guessing he was just brainfarting and thinking of the old old PnP. Which if someone quoted instead of saying x-dev on y-post said it's dps race I would have stood down.

    Ya our convo went all over and I think it was just a miscommunication. From what I'm looking at we went from no camps, which never were observed. To PnP on ksing and either you brainfarted/mistyped/to moved onto a different topc/ I completely misunderstonod what you said, while still talking about a previous some.

    Now I am humble enough to admit when i'm wrong / made a mistake( while saying I'm humble, take it for what you will). That still does not go onto the other issue I brought up about said boxer. But ya back to draco, 30% drop rate sucks and this isn't classic. Speaking of "classic" where the hell is the cryo silk helm.
  13. Yarlawion Senior Guide

    All good :)
    We might have been talking about some other things which I told you to better not do because the could cause problems.

    But if you are missing certain "classic" drops on mobs that you think just got missed when they itemized, please always consider using /bug and/or dgcissuetracker.com
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  14. kythik Lorekeeper

    lol when a dev says "welcome to classic" and that's the general sentiment expressed from staff what do you expect player yo say/express/think?

    As for the the first part of your 2nd paragraph I've personally said I don't want classic. If all the TLP server players wanted "true classic" we'd all be on p99.
  15. Vlerg Augur

    just release kunark and get over it.

    Kunark early solve soo many problems...
  16. Porygon Augur

    Well, here I was, going to reply to you. But it seems like you're already eating your foot.

    Its gotta be hard claiming one thing, and having the ACTUAL PERSON YOU CLAIM TOLD YOU, come by and tell you you're nuts.

    But, we all make mistakes. Its ok.

    And before you go off and say how successful you've been on other MMOs, remember... you dont know the history of everyone posting. Claiming to be good at MMOs doesnt really mean anything when you make yourself look like a fool quoting someone completely incorrectly.

    Also, to add to your point. Kirakeuis (sp) spawn in 4 Areas of the zone. EVERY TIME they were spawned for almost 3 days straight, I was the one that killed 90% of them. And the ones i didnt kill, i knew who did, and in what order. I was there instantly on almost every kirakeui spawn for those 3 days. I could tell you EXACTLY what houses they spawned in, and what order they spawned in. And the second one came up Track i knew exactly where it was.

    Dont say people cant possibly know the spawns and locations of the mobs in PoHate. Because 85% of those mobs are static spawns. Again, if you're out pulled by someone, im sorry, but accusations are useless.
  17. Freki Augur

    I would not be on p99. I wanted the closest i could get to classic because i started to play in velious and missed the classic era.

    as to what i think, i would think that perhaps they would do their best to make it as close as possible, and realize that their infrastructure may be way past what could truly run classic but again i'd trust they did the best to give us all the best.

    for example: there was never a queue... if the server was at max cap you had to go else where. but no one here wanted to do that. they only wanted the server and griped about it and thus more non classic changes were made yet it wasn't good enough.
  18. Progress Augur

    Fix this guy to drop loot every kill so he is perma-dead. Such a PITA to farm in PoFear when "captain save a ho" rushes to the rescue of every mob pulled.
  19. Prathun Developer

    I see that the Crimson Robe of Alendine drops from dracoliche in revamped pofear, and nowhere else. We'll look into the possibility of adding it to old CT in a future update.

    Yes. Changing a loot table call from 30 to 100 is a simple DB change, but that's not the limiting factor here. This seems like a good opportunity to shine some light on our monthly update process.

    Generally, we aim for updating on the third Wednesday of each month, though this date can change depending on staff availability, holidays, or a multitude of other reasons. About a week and a half before the update (in most cases this is end of the day on the 2nd Monday of the month) our team is in "Design Lock." While in Design Lock, the team no longer implements any new changes, to minimize the chance of something going out without sufficient testing. We rely on a combination of QA, peer testing, and Test server testing to put new changes through the paces before the update. Which isn't to say that we aren't modifying data in the DB during that time period, but those modifications are to address bugs, or are related to content that won't go live - like in upcoming expansion zones, or the modifications are determined to be of emergency importance. All other changes must be reserved for a future update.

    Oh yeah. I almost forgot.
    Welcome back to Classic EQ!
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  20. Orienn Augur

    Technically none of this is "classic EQ" get over yourself
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