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  1. Numiko Augur

    That would be fine if they were fighting the classic Dracoliche, yea probably a good idea for a review, risk / reward and all that sort of stuff ....
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  2. Freki Augur

    it is a misnomer that 30% means once in every 3-4 kills should something happen. it comes out to something different but it means each kill there is a 1/3 (roughly) chance to call that table, there is nothing saying it will affect the next kill or the one after that... its' not a cumulative effect but an individual chance. if you ROLL one d6 5 times, you have 1/6th of a chance EACH roll for a specific number to come up. if you roll 5 6 sided dice at the same time each one has a 1/6th chance to roll a specific number but with 5 at a time there is a greater chance that that number will show because of that for that one roll.

    anyways it's just blind luck for that to happen.
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  3. Seraphim Augur

    So we have to wait till Kunark for him to drop stuff normally instead of this 30% crap?
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  4. Mabbu-EQ Elder

    How about next weeks update? How hard can it be to make the second/third hardest raid boss currently on TLP servers actually drop loot. I know you'd rather we all be mystified at the difficulty of such a task but I'm happy to inform you that your game was re-engineered by P99 devs and many others on the EQEMU team now...Its a simple change in your database.

    All of the mobs you buffed, should have some form of guaranteed loot. Some of the hate minis don;t even drop coin when you kill them. You buffed these mobs, now how about give us a reason to bother killing them beyond them just being in our way.
  5. Ruined Journeyman

    Mabb why would you have any say on it? Stop Ksing, using third party software, and trying to control hate before you try to offer a legit opinion on the subject. No one cares that you specifically are not getting loot on Minis.
  6. Diemond Augur

    Lol, you are calling this classic EQ? Are you blind? These servers are nowhere near classic and for you to try to use that defense is beyond ridiculous .
  7. kythik Lorekeeper

    You beat me to it. Lets relabel this as not classic but something else. If this were classic we wouldn't have many things that are currently in game on TLPs. Most of which are "impossible" to remove and honestly I personally wouldn't want them to be. They have a gem here with EQ TLPs and could make them awesome. Give us the "Classic" content but with all of the current QoL we have in live. Also balance classes properly.
  8. -wycca Augur

    Thanks for the response Prathun & any change.

    PS - Can you put Crimson Robe of Alendine back in? (item #11641) - got missed when you itemized CT. Very classic and awesome robe.
  9. Porygon Augur

    First of all, KSing doesnt really exist here. Thats like telling someone "hey, stop casting spells".

    And just because someone does something you cant, doesn't mean you should hate them. I understand its frustrating being out pulled in Hate. Hell, i hate it too, the few times it has happened. But that doesn't mean that hes wrong, at all.

    If a mob takes a 40 person raid force to down, it should PROBABLY have a better than 1/3 chance to drop something.

    Same goes for the Hate Minis. If they left these mobs unbuffed, we would not even be having these conversations.
  10. kythik Lorekeeper

    So when you pull a mob and someone shows up with 12 mages and kills it that isnt ksing? Pulling mobs right after they spawn when there's no way you would know the timer is "skill"(w/o a tracker btw)? Man this is the 2nd post that it seems you really have only a partial understanding of the facts.
  11. Freki Augur

    alright lets look what you would not have had if this were truly classic and i will ask you if you want them there or not...
    XP is currently about twice the XP of classic
    Hell Levels are not here but were part of classic
    Race XP penalties are not here but part of classic
    Hate, Fear and Sky were not classic, nor was the hole.
    augments were not classic but are here now.
    mail system was not part of it nor was sending items or coin.
    coin has WEIGHT! not now but in classic.

    let see if you can deal with all that being put back to base lets' find out from DBG how long it will take them to do that. and then a full WIPE. and restart both servers with the ruleset as you have it now including the clock. so kunark will be 3/6 months out. enjoy your servers!
  12. Porygon Augur

    No. That's called DPS racing. Completely allowed and you'll never get in trouble for doing so.

    Man, this is the second post that it seems you don't really understand any of the facts.
  13. kythik Lorekeeper

    Actually the PNP is in effect according to guides...so again facts > you good sir. Also way to only address one portion of my reply!
  14. kythik Lorekeeper

    There's a lot more than your list but ya...this is not classic. Honestly as I've said before I'm not unhappy with any of the QoL changes. Telling the player base "welcome to classic" is such a slap in the face.
  15. Porygon Augur

    Portions of the Play Nice Policy are in effect. As someone who has gotten, at least 1 that i know of, person suspended for training. I have had many conversations with Guides. These same guides advised that if 12 mages come up on my camp, there is nothing i can do. There is no such thing as KSing. Now if someone rolls up on you, and takes your camp, then you move...and they follow you. It could be targeted harassment, in which they would be in violation.

    IN FACT. If i then decide i want to charm the named PH at said camp, i would actually be in violation of the PNP.

    As for your other "accusation" or whatever it was. Tossing out accusations are pointless. Just because someone runs at a mob when it spawns, means nothing. There are many guides out there with instructions on how to overlay your tracking window from other characters onto your primary characters screen. This combined with a knowledge of where the mobs spawn, and in what order (assuming you have killed them last) can easily explain why someone with a FULL GROUP in PoHate might look like they are using 3rd party software.

    I understand you THINK you know what youre talking about. But you dont. Just stop.
  16. Marthisdil Augur

    Actually, per posts here on the forums, etc, DPS race is the name of the game.

    There's no PNP in force, though the guides will punish those charm stealing mobs, purposely training, etc.
  17. omgskyisfallin New Member

    Guarantees? Sounds downright carebear-ish.
  18. omgskyisfallin New Member

    Sorta like walking down the street and sucker punching somebody that has no interest in fighting you. Unilateral DPS racing on non-raid mobs is bully behavior, but nothing the rest of us can do about it (other than build our own box army), so gratz on "winning" DPS races where you are the only participant.
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  19. Silv Augur

    Wait... I thought TLPrs just asked for all of these changes to make raids more challenging to give a sense of accomplishment. You mean it was actually about farming loot the whole time?
  20. kythik Lorekeeper

    The LJ guide with a Y starting his name told me that ksing is fully against the PNP. DPS racing is only for raid mobs, trash in hate/fear (non-mini's) are not considered "raid content". No matter how much you "know" a zone there's no way you could know the EXACT spawn order when you were not in the zone when it was cleared previously. You may have an idea of area but running directly to everyone spawn....ya no. Also said person has ZERO trackers in his 12box force.

    I understand if you want to come to the defense of fellow boxer and I'm guessing you know/have a relationship with said person due to both being from/on RF.

    So keep it up and keep trying to say you know more than I do or anyone else. I've been a top player(ranked #1 more often than not) in every game I've played hardcore. I fully understand game mechanics of MMO's more than the vast majority of players(top guild raiders included) and I fully understand what is possible with certain 3rd party programs with certain plugins.

    I wont change your thinking/posts and you wont change mine. I'd repeat your last line of your post but this is getting childish.

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