a connection to the server cannot be reached...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by PjDubski, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. PjDubski New Member

    so i patch...and i press play and where my server select screen normally comes up, it tells me that a connection to the server can not be reached and to make sure im connected to the internet. obviously i am. same computer, i have no firewalls up. whats up?
  2. PjDubski New Member

    please help me out, i cant get it to work. i paid for the all access stuff the other day and things were fine. i get to work, 3rd shift, connect to the internet here at work and the launcher works but when i press play where its supposed to load the server select screen, it tells me a connection cannot be reached and to make sure i am online...
  3. PjDubski New Member

  4. Yruc Augur

    what os are you running?

    If you are running windows XP / Vista those are not supported any more. There are work arounds for using them for now, but DB said they will no longer work soon.

    If you are fully patched you can bypass the launcher and try to connect that way
  5. ImaginaryFriend New Member

    I can't log in either. Running Win7, I was playing fine last night T_T;
  6. Metanis Bad Company

    Your work may have proxy or router settings that block traffic for games. Does the same machine work from your home residential network?
  7. Raltar Augur

    Having the same issue. My SK was logged in all night, but I cannot log in any of my other 3 accounts. Windows 10, so it isn't an OS issue. Several other people in my guild are having the same issue.
  8. Orienn TreeHugger

    Having the same issue can't log in even bypassing the patcher
  9. Tiane Journeyman

    Same problem here. Can't get past login, connection cannot be reached.
  10. Vuurl New Member

    Same here.
  11. Calefait New Member

    Same here
  12. gamefox81 New Member

  13. Lillypaws New Member

    Ditto. Can't even get to the server select screen
  14. Calefait New Member

    Well on a saturday/sunday that sucks
  15. Everrob New Member

    I was on about a hour ago. Now I'm getting this error about a connection can not be reached. Tried about 5x now and same issue.
  16. Ceinwynn New Member

    Same here, Windows 10. After the last few days at my job, I desperately need to get in there. :/
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  19. FOGBANK Lorekeeper

    win 10 here. having same problem. a bunch of us are having the same problem so the issue is obviously on Daybreak's end. Hope they fix it soon.
  20. Paralyze Journeyman