a 6 box team for early eq since i play one of the new tlps every year.

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  1. wildone Elder

    i was considering a paladin for tank,buffs some cures and rez and some cc up to lvl 50 then in some 100plus expansion wich i will never play again cc is available again,druid for heals snare,buffs and ports,3 mages and an enchanter or bard .
    classic and the first 3 expansions are my favourite.
  2. Umul Augur

    3 monks sk/shammy/ench

    After you SoW run to where ever you are going (lol) you can literally do anything. Slows/cc and 4 fds.

    3 mages are decent choices also.
  3. Moranis Augur

    ENC / CLR / BRD / 3x (whatever) - If you want to charm
    SK / SHM / 4x (whatever):
    - If you're using "software" and want max DPS, 4x MNK
    - If you're not using "software" and want max DPS, 4x MAG
    - If you don't want max DPS, swap in whatever utility you want.

    Personally, my favorite 6-box for Classic-PoP (not using software) is:
    PAL / SHM / NECx4
  4. Hekkthebank Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

    Drop 1 monk for bard; swap enchanter or shaman for cleric.
  5. Digler Elder

    If you're good at boxing, I'd go with a "traditional group". I knew a guy that ran a crew that was War/Clr/Enc/Mag/Wiz/bard.

    His real DPS in Class-Pop was the enchanter with Charm. The wizard was for ports (he wanted to get up to Hate/sky on his own), and provide some burst DPS when needed.

    The mage was really there for COH purposes, and easily transporting the enchanter pet around while in-zone (this may have been nerfed?).

    The bard was basically there for mana/health regen, and selo's when running the crew around. The resists also helped when he 'soloed' dragons.

    The cleric should be obvious.

    He went with a warrior because he wanted to be able to single group Naggy/Vox/Phinny and other things to sell the loots. He needed he warrior discs to do that. He'd just set up his own instance.

    Essentially he ran everything from the Enchanter when he was in a typical XP grind camp (i.e. sitting at King in Seb). The enchanter pet did the heavy lifting, but he'd have macro's to send the mage pet, and drop the occasional nuke from the mage/wizard.

    If I recall he sorta min/maxed his races as well. I know he did race changes a few times to take advantage of the Iksar warrior armor in POH during Kunark, for example.

    Worked out really well for him. He made some good krono each week once he was able to single group those dragons. His "main" in our guild was his warrior, so his Warrior got pretty decked out. We were the top guild on the server. He raided pretty religiously, and would bring his whole crew. When stuff would end up rotting, his extra crew would take that trash loot, so all his toons were fully planar within a month of server launch. Also, he spent a lot of time in Hate on his own just farming gear and gems. I also think by the end of Kunark his crew was fully epiced.
  6. Gormgeous Elder

    You said you were thinking about running Pal Dru Enc Mag Mag Mag?

    Easy to box without 'help', 1 melee and 3-4 pets. You might miss having feign or fade for a while is all.

    If you want to charm, I'd change one mage out for a cleric to be able to complete heal charmed mobs. They are not a necessity, just I usually miss it if I forget a cleric with a charming enchanter.
  7. Gnomie Denser than most

    Paladins aren't super great til they get the Luclin stun line. I'd go SK

    In all honesty though if you're just farming the easiest box crew is Cleric, Bard, Chanter, Mage/Mage/Mage.

    If you wanna do a little harder content, just replace a mage with a warrior / SK
  8. Fhiele Augur

    That composition works fine. Bard is more "fire and forget" with melody, enchanter adds a lot more power. Bard would let you pull when paladin can't get singles, but bard has more limited CC on lull resists(mez is often unusable at certain high levels)

    I'd go with the chanter instead of bard. When 6 boxing, you don't want to be pulling while there's mobs in camp anyway, so the paladin can pull and if its a mess long mez for the win.
  9. **Dragonslayer** Journeyman

    Paladin,mage,mage,mage,mage and for the 6th spot mage
  10. Captain Video Augur

    "Paladins are off."
    "Can I play mage instead of paladin?"
    "You mean mage, mage, mage, mage, mage and mage?"

    Now don't lie, the singing Vikings are in your head...
  11. Rcbauer Augur

  12. FranktheBank Augur

    The only question thatm atters is if you are running an enchanter for charm pet. If you are, you want cleric to go with it, and 1-2 mages to help malo later and dps early. Leveling an enchanter to 12 for charm is slow af without op mage pets.

    If I was doing an enchanter based 6 box, it would be clr/enc/mag/mag/brd/wiz. You can travel everywhere/anywhere. brd/wiz get to sit afk in camp and you play the enc.
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  13. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Depends on which cheat programs you prefer
  14. Fluid Augur

    Strongest fast leveling play during early game will have a couple of Magicians. Necromancers are good too of course. Main thing, and I hesitate saying this because it seems like every time I mention a plus DB takes it out of the game, is the pet regeneration.

    Problems with PC tanks is they are equipment dependent and slow to heal. You spend a lot of time just licking your wounds or trying to upgrade equipment. Everything in game requires mana like slows, heals, DOTs, burns, buffs, so it dictates what else you have to do with your group makeup.

    There are pluses and negatives if you go for at least a couple of Magicians. On the plus side, fast & cheap leveling. On the down side, you don't have the AAs so things like Bard songs and group buffs won't hit the pets.

    Just about everything else works. Cleric addition is always welcome, Enchanter/mana pump means the Magicians can burn. Druid can DOT, heal, & travel. I mean even with taunt turned on the pet a Rogue can backstab a bit w/o getting thumped. IMO Shaman out heals and out DOTs a Druid, just lacks the travel option but makes up for it with slows & buffs.

    The only downside is as expansions went on, power levels change apparently to encourage the use of other character types or group play. Two many people were playing Druids so they didn't get any love in the first couple of expansions. Magicians were 'supposed' to get their Epic, so their ordinary Pets are really bad from level 50-61. Rangers don't really come alive until they get Headshot.

    The main complaints and what made Druids necessary to the early game was run speed. The other reason to have a Druid around was porting. With run speed AAs, everyone runs just under SoW speed and with PoK, nobody needs to run across the world anymore, Wolf Form no longer effected Faction => Druids become teats on a bull.
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  15. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    If you go full 3rd party mode;
    1. Enc, enc, enc, enc, mage, cleric
    Watched that back on Mangler was hilarious to see the automation and the bug / cheat that allows charm to never fade
  16. Umul Augur

    On Fippy or Ragefire the best one I saw was 4mage/druid/cleric. That was awhile ago tho.
  17. Xanadas Augur

    I enjoyed PAL BRD CLR MNK MNK ENC. You could swap a monk for a DRU for some backup heals and transportation.
  18. Ultrazen Augur

    Druid, Chanter, mage x4. Super easy to 6 box, you drive everything with the chanter, everything else is a macro.
  19. fakenames New Member

    clr shm brd sk mnk mnk make sure everything is snared. clr pld enc mage mage mage. for the first one you can do troll shm and meet in fp or barb and meet in qeynos. and for the 2nd one you can go start in fp qeynos erudian or on faydwer. i personally enjoy a faydwer start. get everyone bound in gfay near bbm zone line when you can then just go near kelethin fake druid ring and murder anything until youre all 6 or so then go over and do orcs in or outside cb. turn the belts in for a bit of extra exp before 10 and the pads for a bit more before 12. when youre 11-12 head over to unrest until 20 then head over to mistmoore.

    you could also change the tanks around if you go sk and want a faydwer start make sure you start in fp so you can easily ride the boat over. just dont die until you can cast bind affinity because you wont be welcome in felwithe to get bound for the cb levels.