A 2nd Aradune isn't likely

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Trey, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. Trey Lorekeeper

    While a 3 1/2 hour wait at 5:37 Central is beyond acceptable, and I agree an Aradune clone should be released, we need to realize they will NOT do that. I suspect their hope hope is that those waiting for the Q will play with the trashbox crowd on Riz (who needs the numbers). It just makes sense.
  2. KimchiGoddess Augur

    I don't understand all of you people that aren't playing on Rizlona coming here and saying the server is dying, the server needs numbers etc. I play there daily and there are always loads of people around including several people playing between 1-3 characters and lots LFG. Every zone I've XP'd in has had multiple picks.

    They're not releasing another server because their Scrooge overlords won't allow them the capital to do so.
  3. Trizek Augur

    Its pretty clear anyone with a functioning brain and who has been reading their comments on the matter (Yes, despite people saying they have not communicated in regards to this, they actually have) they're implementing fixes to this, or at least in their hopes they do quell the issues.

    Considering we're having a 6 hour downtime maintenance on the 17th one can only assume that is going to be their main attempt at fixing this. If this goes wrong or does not fix it, I am willing to bet they will release a new server.

    Riz and Aradune are completely different.

    We had this same issue with Ragefire. After attempted fixes which fell in vain, they released Lockjaw. Which actually hurt the population more as it divided the community, took a thriving server and turned it into a less thriving server and provided a server which died quickly.
  4. Name2 Elder

    On patch day? Don't they have enough trouble with patch day already?
  5. Sikkun Augur

    “In the interim we have reduced the server capacity slightly as a short term fix. Disconnects while zoning have been greatly reduced, and some of the sources of crashes while zoning will be addressed in the upcoming June update. “

    That does sound like they plan on using the day in which they schedule patches in the month of June to attempt to push a fix and remove the queue again.
  6. Name2 Elder

    I guess if you think that fixing "some of the sources of crashes while zoning" will address the issues with the server then... I envy your optimism?

    That statement doesn't seem like it would do anything to alleviate the perf issues without a queue in place. It also doesn't seem like it addresses the issue of a 5 hour queue being in place if they don't remove it. At best, maybe you don't have to sit through 5 hour queues multiple times? I don't know what they have planned, I shouldn't speculate on it, I just expect the bare minimum.
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  7. Kenderix New Member

    If that's the case why, with 2 days to go to this maintenance, are we all still having to asking what is happening?

    Why don't they communicate to us and explain these things.

    I used to work in service management and it just beggars belief to think that just ignoring your customers whilst you work on a solution is acceptable.
  8. Sikkun Augur

    They removed the queue (or at least greatly increases capacity), that caused instability and crashes. They then decreased capacity which increased the queue (short term fix). You fix the instability and crashes....the queue would mostly be gone. Which is exactly what happened when they did increase it.

    Might take you 5 minutes to zone....but if they solved the crashing problem, they will probably pick laggy server over queue.
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  9. Trizek Augur

    They have been communicating. I apologize on their behalf that they're not coming out with daily or hourly comments about this.

    This only affects 1 server of all other servers. Of all other games (well I guess only EQ2 for Darkpaw) and ALL games hosted by Daybreak.

    Now if EVERYTHING, ALL EQ servers, ALL Daybreak games were having this issue, I can understand peoples need for daily, hourly communication in regards to this. However, again, this is only Aradune that is affected by this. They've made comments several times already. If its not to your satisfaction, well I'm sorry for that.

    I was no service manager. But I worked in customer support before. And we valued issues based on the severity of it. They have made comments, post about this. Again this only affects 1 server. No they're not ignoring us. They have communicated with us in regards to the ARADUNE problem. It however is not the end of the world to them obviously as this is Everquest, not Aradunequest. They still have other servers, priorities, games to maintain not just the overcrowded server.
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  10. Kenderix New Member

    People keep playing the card about all other EQ servers, all other Daybreak games - I don't want to play those. That's not what I paid my money for. I paid my money to play on Aradune as advertised. The fact that the subscription came with a whole lot more has absolutely zero value to me. (and to many others looking at the population sizes of some of the servers).

    Without Aradune, I would not have re-subscribed. Now I have subscribed, why should I have to settle for something else?

    The only mistake I made (and I'll admit to it) is not waiting long enough to see how this storm would play out. Had I waited a few days more, I wouldn't have subscribed at all.
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  11. Name2 Elder

    You're a player, you shouldn't be apologizing on behalf of a company that you pay to play their games. I'm not trying to be offensive, but it's meaningless as you don't speak for the company. That's the company's responsibility. The fact that it is about Aradune, most likely the most profitable thing they'll do this year, means they absolutely should be treating this as their number one priority.
  12. Tweakfour17 Augur

    I understand that. Maybe 1 night when the queue is 4+ hours, pop onto another server like Riz or Mangler and mess around. Just because you see it as "settling" now, you might just have a good time. You subbed to play EQ, so play some EQ.
  13. Trey Lorekeeper

    SEE THIS COMMENT RIGHT HERE: "Maybe 1 night when the queue is 4+ hours, pop onto another server like Riz or Mangler and mess around. Just because you see it as "settling" now, you might just have a good time..."

    THIS IS WHY WE HAVE A Q AND WILL NOT GET A 2ND SERVER; They are purposefully hoping to steer traffic to otherwise wanted gaming experiences. IE: Servers we DO NOT WANT to play on.
  14. Jrome New Member

    Probably because most people don't want to play on a box server nor switch back and forth between a server they want to play on and one they don't want to play on.

  15. A player New Member

    Nobody is going to play on Riz when they first get a glimpse of an automated bot team of 32 running around. How are single account players going to even compete with that.
  16. Mcgurgle New Member

    We can go back and forth about what the solution is. I just cancelled my subscription. Holler at me when something changes.
  17. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Aradune is still a box server or did you miss the memo?
  18. Jaime Lannister Augur

    Why do you need to compete with that? What are they preventing you from doing? Group content wise, you will get the camps you want eventually. It's not like you can log into Aradune and pick your camp right now. Every zone is stuffed full and every good camp is taken. Whether it's 1 dude holding Ghoul Lord camp with his 12 toons, or 47 individual people in a single pick of Lguk, whats the difference? You're gonna have to wait and be patient to get a good item camp, or know someone at the camp.

    Make a guild and run AoC instances. The people running entire raids aren't competing with or against you. They are just trying to gear up their own raid to sell the characters to do harder raids.
    That's EQ Baby.
  19. Umdebus New Member

    Been playing on the Rizlona server for a week now since I cant log on to the other one and Riz is fing dead as far as finding groups to play with, everyone is boxing it so unless they fix the queue times thing I'm out which is a shame I like eq and wanted to exp the group level in classic and up again =/
  20. Sikkun Augur

    Continuously being mad that Riz is currently one of the highest populated EQ servers while claiming “no one” plays on it does absolutely nothing to solve the queue problem.

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