8th Ring war, goodluck with that

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Froglegs, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Froglegs New Member

    So what happened to me yesterday, and to a random guy today (as i was told) on coirnav. You turn in the marching orders (you get out of the 7th coldain ring) and there are people sitting on the top of the fort and just pull the chief and nuke him in an instant. You lose all quest progression and the guy basicly runs away with your 8th ring.
    After my petition i got an answer that its a violation of the rules and it will be looked into. Great, suspend or ban the guy, makes me smile.
    What really puzzles me tho is the reply i got after this, i quote this out of my ticket.

    "Unfortunately, we will be unable to reimburse you for this incident at this time. As you are on a higher population server, we strongly encourage you to reattempt this event at non-peak hours, as many players will be in conflict for this event during this content. I sincerely apologize for your loss, however we cannot reimburse you for lost quest items in this situation."

    Yeah that helps. First im european and i play at non peak hours. Second you need to start when the trigger mob is up, wich is on a around 24 hour spawn i think. So as soon the trigger mob is up you got people that sit in the fort to deal with. You cannot even run your guild there, the Chief is low lvl and can be nuked down easily, so there will always be a rest risk.

    The way you handle this matter dear Daybreak games, is encouraging grief play. "Sorry it happened to you, start over from scratch, invest more time and get ripped of again." Im pretty sure you can replace already turned in Quest items and while im on that matter. Why is the 8th war such a bottleneck with a trigger on such a long timer? Turn it down a bit.
  2. Qbert Augur

    Playing on tlp servers encourages grief play, as well.
  3. Gronns Lorekeeper

    I would think you should at least get the quest item back. Not much different then the broken golem being stolen and them returning the item to the wizard who triggered when its taken by someone else? Pretty shady shift saying oh we cant do anything for you all of the sudden. (Sounds like someone is just being lazy)
  4. Nivea New Member

    wow..... thats a new low for daybreak, can u believe we PAY these guys to give such "lazy" replies..... instead of them doing their job they tell u "hey try to do it some offpeak time NEXT TIME" as if it takes like 1 hour to get back to coldain ring 8 again..... u idiot GM it takes WEEKS AND WEEKS OF WORK TO GET TO THAT POINT! and u tell him NEXT TIME DO IT OFFPEAK????
  5. Febb Augur

    Have you ran the agent of change instance for this event in Great Divide?
  6. Froglegs New Member

    its the 8th Ring in EW, cannot instance that one.
  7. Froglegs New Member

    It seems like the GMs dont care one piece. You get good advices like, dont do it at peak times, heh start over, its not so hard from them. I never got a reasonable argument why you just cant put the stuff i used to start for the event back into my inventory.
  8. NeverPayForLag Augur

    The same like my Wizard Epic 1.0 end part. At the last turnin the questitem went to the wrong guy. Now a Bard runs around with the last Epic piece. Response from the GM was the same - DGB. A nice method to sell more time investment and earn more money - or loose an account. I stopped paying that account anymore. I don't need Gold for doing old Epic quests so I safe now money ;)
  9. Kolani Augur

    You're on a griefer server. Things like this are why modern EQ is instanced for important quests and events.
  10. Sam Hyde Elder

    As everyone is saying: TLP servers are toxic waste. Get out of there- the sooner, the better.

    Stop putting yourself in that situation where those people can affect you. Become invincible. What do you really gain from pretending its 2002 again?
  11. Conq Augur

    That's about how it worked when this content was current back in 2002. That's what you're paying for. Welcome to EQ circa a long time ago.
  12. Nennius Augur

    It falls under the heading of being careful what we wish for. The good old days weren't always so good. Also, I have to think that the income from the TLP servers has gone a long ways towards keeping EQ alive.
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  13. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Sorry this *happened* to you, but this actually is part of the gameplay. Why would you turn in "weeks and weeks" worth of work without checking if the griefers were there?
  14. Nolrog Augur

    Sounds like the GM thinks you want the item you would have gotten to complete this quest. Try asking for a return of the marching orders so you can attempt it again.

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