8/20 Modest Man breaks sky rotation.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Frosin, Aug 20, 2015.

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  1. Croak Augur

    Actually I haven't stepped foot in any planes yet on Lockjaw... closest I have come to raid content has been SolB and Kedge killing group mobs.
  2. kythik Lorekeeper

    if you don't suspend the entire guild what is to stop guilds from creating snipe burner toons to just take mobs from each other? It's easy enough to make accounts with fake names, pay with krono/prepaid cards, and use a vpn.
  3. squidgod Augur

    lol, spies...what's the point? This ain't Eve.

    I guess I could see starting drama and trying to break the guild apart, but despite all the competition for kills, I don't think we're there yet.
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  4. Zarakii Augur

    so because some idiot went to exp in the wrong zone at the wrong time anyone who just plays an alt on lockjaw who is tagged in that guild and just might be raiding or something on another server all of a sudden crashes because of something that happened on there alts server..... because someone went to exp...... yeah seems legit

    I dont even play on the TLP's but that logic is plain out stupid

    if a bunch of people from my guild got suspended over someone on another servers exp'ing how is that fair to our raid force?... just seriously its dumb
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  5. Lateryn Augur

    You'd think, but people are doing it. It's nuts.
  6. Vaclav Augur

    A cop isn't a judge. You are apprehended temporarily while a judge deals with things appropriately, however. [Unless of course you think Judge Dredd was a documentary - it wasn't...]

    And as for military rules - last I checked we don't sign up for military levels of rules here. And you wouldn't see a platoon courtmartialed because one idiot went AWOL, regardless.

    Re: Equivalence (since you edited it in after the fact) - sure it doesn't, but it as in the military example I gave above - there's zero logic in the actions of one dictating a punishment for the many. To extrapolate that theorem out more - if you saw 20 guys go AWOL, it might actually start to appear warranted to punish the entire platoon however, because it's not just one outlier anymore.
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  7. kythik Lorekeeper

    Oh I agree 100% spies are silly. Hasn't stopped certain people from doing it to us. All strats for this and all upcoming content can be found with a quick google search if you don't already know it.

    Spies in Eve though gets hardcore and makes for some great reading.
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  8. rick Augur

    ah BUT should your great grand parents be dug up and you great grand children also all be incarcerated as well..

    THIS could be seen as the letter of the law BUT the spirit of the law was that IF a guild in general went and raided the planes and NOT on rotation THEN this action COULD and probably SHOULD be taken (at very least for all members breaking said rules)

    AND it is all mote at this point the ruling has been made buy DBG as far as this event occurred and I bet there is somewhere in the rules about discussing rulings after the fact (there usually is at any rate ..

    NEVER question the judge as there are worse thing HE COULD DO
  9. Lateryn Augur

    I would sign up for a judge dredd world ;P Legal system is completely .
  10. Elyani Augur

    That is because they simply had not been booted off the game yet. And I believe that this is all being reversed anyhow. But, anyone tagged in Modest Man was certainly served a notice stating they had in fact been suspended. I had not played actively on lockjaw in quite some time now. However, I was logged into another server when I received this email.

    The most hilarious thing about this auto-email was that, in reality NONE of my characters were involved, nor did they commit any violations, I was suspended, merely by association. I wasn't even online on that server.

    I did not care too much as I am getting ready to go on holiday. But, I did not like the idea of the blemish on my account's records.
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  11. squidgod Augur

    Yep, love reading about Eve.

    Playing Eve on the other hand...
  12. Glow Elder

    Are you serious? Judges cannot just assign any punishment to any crime, that's what minimum and maximum penalties for crimes are for.
  13. Zublak Augur


    1) Instance/Expedition ALL raid content
    2) Remove Enforced Rotations

    Bet Roshen had to get out the hardcore tylenol tonight!
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  14. Zarakii Augur

    this is straight up daybreak
  15. kythik Lorekeeper

    Same here it's my favorite MMO to read about but I could only play it for 15mins.
  16. Banuvan Augur

    I'm thinking he busted out the alcohol.
  17. Reincarnated82 New Member

    Lmao you're not serious are you? He can easily take hate and fear with his setup. Plus people call out rot gear all the time up in the planes.
  18. Tudadar Augur

    Lots of people share info but I remember a dev saying recently that this was against the rules and could cause account action or something.
  19. Roshen Brand Manager

    Soon(tm), I have a few things to wrap up here first. (Including closing this thread, and adding a #LastWord about the Modest Man/Lockjaw rotation extravaganza before I drive home and get dinner)
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  20. Zublak Augur

    Welp, I'll chug a Bud Light down for ya brotha /cheers
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