8/20 Modest Man breaks sky rotation.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Frosin, Aug 20, 2015.

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  1. Bulma New Member

  2. rick Augur

    LoL not IN a guild as I said but yeah I can see it
  3. kythik Lorekeeper

    We had a member train MM and AD who was then removed from the guild. We(Faceless) gave up 3 raid mobs in restitution for the incident. Now that they are getting their suspension lifted, which I knew would happen, MM should lose raid targets for this.
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  4. kythik Lorekeeper

    You don't remember the FU/Triton drama way back when?
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  5. squidgod Augur

    Can and should. Guilds need to start getting a little more selective about who they tag. I know people are worried about atrophy and fielding a raid force, but mindless recruiting can screw you in the end.
  6. squidgod Augur

    For killing a couple Thunder Spirits? (correct me if I'm wrong--not following this too closely) As far as breaking the rotation rules, that's literally the least they could have done.

    Have the offending guild cough up enough plat to cover the cost of the keys, then move on.
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  7. Silariuss New Member

    I'm sure MM's leadership would've given FI a sky day to make this right if they were given the chance. They weren't given the chance because FI's leadership wasn't interested in making it right, they're just interested in getting MM suspended.

    8 year olds, dude.
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  8. Lotusfly Elder

    So lets say you're driving down the road and get pulled over by a cop. He issues a speeding ticket for going 2 miles over the limit.

    Do you tell him to F off because you don't think you should get a ticket for breaking rules?
  9. Shmef Augur

    thats kind of the entire point of the rotation settling disputes before running to GMs for punishment. a guild misbehaves and they lose kills. thats how you settle things like adults and not running to tattle on each other.
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  10. squidgod Augur

    If MM all got suspended their mobs would go FFA and FI would likely get most of them. Sounds like a decent strategy to me. It's up to DBG to dish out the right punishment.
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  11. Vaclav Augur

    Suspension is more equivalent to jail time than a fine that is deferred by months for when it's due and you have a chance to appeal in court instead of paying.

    Let this be a basic lesson in equivalence for you.

    If you told MM "Hey guys this dude of yours killed 3 fairies we need keys for - give us 3k pp to make up for it" (or whatever the value on keys are, I never buy them) and they told you to get bent you might have a valid comparison there however.
  12. kythik Lorekeeper

    Non-selective recruiting bit us on the rear. We(faceless) guilded quite a few Citizen members all of which left after getting loot from us and joined MM. I was never surprised that it happened. Hell we had one guy join after the merger who had old/rl friends in MM. We got him his Fiery Avenger and he left just hours later.

    We've had issues with people spying for MM in our ts and forums. Guild spies are nothing new I understand but it's still funny imo. If we have spies in MM or AD I am not privy to such information but based on Darth's comments about that kind of crap I highly doubt it.
  13. taliefer Augur

    good point. i think this tops it tho. could just be recency bias. im kinda laughing over it all.
  14. Croak Augur

    I am sorry but I have had Darth directly explain to me that he can't control the actions of new members when I have had issues with Faceless members in the past.

    I personally as a member of the Lockjaw community don't care what action Faceless have somehow suckered Roshen/DBG into taking... I am fully capable of taking my own action.
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  15. Zivix Journeyman

    I have no stake in this but just as a point of fact, I have just done a search for Modest Man members on Lockjaw 1 minute before this posting and there are "too many players" to list. Doesn't seem they've been banned.
  16. Reincarnated82 New Member

    This is funny considering Macro Quest was up in hate whining about how MM broke the rules with smooth there. So why couldn't frosin do the same? Oh right because he knew exactly who snubs was. Btw aren't you busy camping/stealing/training people at efreeti to be posting?
  17. Glow Elder

    The fact of the matter is this:

    No matter how badly the rules are broken, if that member was working of their own volition and is immediately gkicked, the guild can't be held responsible. We can't have a functioning server if there's guilt by association of this degree.
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  18. Zarakii Augur

    this whole banning entire Guilds* due to one or two people regardless if its TLP t a r d s or not is pretty damn stupid
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  19. Croak Augur

    I am not in any guild on Lockjaw, and I am not in any affiliated guild on Fippy and leadership in all the Sky rotation guilds know me on both servers.
  20. Lotusfly Elder

    A judge can technically rule whatever he wishes. Whether it be jail-time, or a fine.

    If you want to be super serious and have me give you an example, it only takes one offense on a military installation and you can't drive there for a month.

    Equivalency has nothing to do with breaking rules. It is up to the guy dealing out punishment to decide what the consequence is.

    Let this be a basic lesson in reality for you.
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