76% bonus on rare spawns?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Barzini, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Barzini Journeyman

    "In addition, ALL players will be awarded 76% bonus XP, Faction, and Rare Spawns for the duration of the extended weekend!"

    Does the "Rare Spawns" part of this apply to the TLP servers? I do see the "ALL" part but I just spent 2.5 hours clearing the castle in velks and we saw 1 named. I know it could be bad luck but that's the worst I've ever seen there.
  2. Prathun Developer

    The increased rare spawn modifier should work on any NPC that has its RARE_SPAWN flag set.
    The rares in Velketor's Labyrinth appear to have this flag set.
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  3. Barzini Journeyman

    I guess it was just bad luck then. Thanks for the reply. While we are on this subject does this 76% count towards epic quest mobs like Verrina Tomb?
  4. Risiko Augur

    We cleared the crypt camp in Sebelis for eleven hours streight. Heiro spawned only three times. Are you absolutely sure there is increased name spawns on Phinigel?

    It certainly did not feel like it was increased.
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  5. Shrinak New Member

    That is a kunark zone. The increased named rate doesnt effect mobs not tagged as such. As far as I know classi/kunark zones and most velious zones do not tag the named that way.
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  6. Prathun Developer

    No problem at all. The increased rare spawns improves the chance that an NPC tagged as a rare will spawn on its encounter table instead of the NPCs not tagged as rare. So, for example, if the rare and hypothetical Yeti_Rampager normally had a 10% chance to spawn and the non-rare a_boring_yeti on the same encounter had a 90% chance to spawn, during this bonus weekend the rare Yeti_Rampager would see a 17.6% chance while a_boring_yeti would be reduced to the remaining 82.4% chance.

    The effect increases the rares' chance to be chosen from the encounter. It does not reduce the spawn's timer. An NPC that has a 100% chance on an encounter (I believe but am not completely certain without looking at the data that Verina Tomb falls into this category) would not benefit from the increased rares effect, regardless of whether or not it is flagged as a rare.
  7. JPete Lorekeeper

    So in reality bonus rares really don't offer much of an improvement due to "math stuff", despite it being listed as a whopping 76% increase.

    It really is a shame that it works that way.
  8. Risiko Augur

    Is this true Prathun?
  9. Finley Augur

    I would argue that an increase from 10% to 17.6% spawn chance is really significant. I also don't know if the typical rare has a 10% chance to spawn or Prathun just used 10% for easy math in the explanation.
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  10. Bewts Augur

    I know it's subject to the RNG, but just using some fuzzy math, assuming a 20 min respawn on a PH, there are 72 times it could spawn in s given day.

    If a named spawns at 10% of those PH, you get 7 spawns a day
    If it increases to 17%, you get 12.
    So, 5 more rare spawns a day assuming the mob or PH dies instantly.
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  11. Finley Augur

    So pretty close to a 76% increase in the amount of rare loot obtained from that mob, per day?
  12. Aenoan Augur

    Just be happy you are getting something.
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  13. Bewts Augur

    Increase in spawns, not their loot tables.

    Still subject to rare drop rates from named spawn; just more chances at it.
  14. EQcleric Elder

    3 times in 11 hours is pretty amazing!
  15. Bewts Augur

    July 4th 1776... You know.. Independence Day.
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  16. taliefer Augur

    I'm shocked and disappointed in the number ive times ive seen this question asked
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  17. EQcleric Elder

    You might wanna get that checked.
  18. Semah Augur

    I can't remember when the Battle of Hastings happened.

    People gasp in horror when I tell them.
  19. EQcleric Elder

    Not going into the fact that certain dates are engraved into your memory when you're a child in an American school. Some people are dumb, this is correct. Most intelligent people can remember important dates in history.

    I was more so referring to you claiming you sometimes forget your year of birth. I understand you were trying to make a joke about how dates don't matter. But if you ACTUALLY can't remember your date of birth, that could be a serious issue.

    There are times I question if I'm 32 or 33, but i will always know i was born in 1984. You use your DoB for a ton of things. Almost anyti.e you call any sort of customer service you have to give it.

    Like I said, of this is actually happening. I would go see a doctor.
  20. anvil Elder

    the date matters today because we are getting 76% bonus. not 75 nor even 77. so 1776 does matter today because that is the bonus we are getting (76%)
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  21. Gremin Augur

    It matters to lots of people outside of games. It matters to me because it reminds every year how my country declared to the world they are a free and independent country. It matters to me because days like the 4th, memorial day, veterans day, Dec 7th etc are all the reasons I joined the military as 7th generation family and now my daughter is boot camp as I write this as 8th generation military.

    Point being you honor your past, live in the now, and cherish the future.

    Thank you to all past, present, and future servicemen and women.
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