64-Bit Servers and Clients Arriving Soon!

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  1. Riou EQResource

    That has been an option for many years now
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  2. code-zero Augur

    edit your eqclient.ini
    under [Default] add StickFigures=1
    no more ogres obscuring the view
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  3. theonepercent Augur

    Terrible idea imo. Locking any type of reward behind preordering is awful. Plus anyone who that would bring to beta isnt really testing anything, they're doing the minimum amount possible to get the reward as fast as they can then disappearing.
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  4. Warpeace Augur

    Yes incentives are bad.
  5. Mossaa Augur

    They want tester, not people that want stuff for free
  6. theonepercent Augur

    Nothing wrong with incentives. What's bad is locking incentives behind a paywall.
    Even without incentives requiring a preorder for beta access is terrible. Asking people to spend their time helping test a product for you then making them pay for the privilege to do it is ridiculous.
  7. leaola Journeyman

    if they want a real 'test' close all servers for one weekend, open test to everyone for that weekend after an auto copy char for everyone's last used toon. everyone who plays enough gets reward. if all other servers were closed you would REALLY test how the new system would handle a heavy load, lol
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    All that would do is make people mad, closing the other servers won't force people to play on the test server. Besides there is already a command to copy characters to the test server that you can use at any given time.
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  9. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I will be very curious to see what changes may come with 64-bit, but I think it's worth noting that there may be exactly zero functional changes for players, outside of not being able to play on antique computers any longer.

    While 64-bit offers more possibilities, their announcement seems to go out of its way to not mention any specific changes to the game. I suspect this is more of a wrapper-type "upgrade" for compatibility, without any sweeping (or even noticeable) changes to the game.

    It would be nice if they could raise the /baz price cap though, so people could sell Kronos again. But I'll be pleasantly surprised if we see much else.

    Added: The fact that their #1 reason for doing it (according to their announcement) is to fix crashes screams to me that they are still in triage & clean-up mode. They didn't move to 64 so they can make things better for you, they did it to keep their vending machines from going offline.
  10. andrewkeim01 New Member

    I am running window 11, I fully support 64bit <3 Imagine how much more ram you can use for zones vs 32bit? I have 32gb of ram and only use a pittance when running the 32bit client... I can't wait to actually have the whole game loaded in ram lol :)
  11. andrewkeim01 New Member

    They have to upgrade because windows is getting rid of 32bit support for applications, they have no choice if they wish to keep Everquest alive this is a requirement the world moves on, even without great games. Thankfully Daybreak has a little foresight and decided to treat it seriously, and give us some performance increase and possibly newer graphics engines due to 64bit support, which could mean DX12 support and multirendering like Elder Scrolls Online did recently.. (makes rendering super fast in their older engine) ESO basically looks like high res Skyrim mods now, especially with the DLSS and DLAA support... Physx or AMD equivalent acceleration for all of the particle effects would be nice too.
  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I would consider the change to 64 bit server side to be where the big gains will happen. Having each of the servers not limited in how much memory that can access will be a big win as they likely had to deal with disk cache with the 32 bit limits.
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  13. Zanarnar Augur

    They're also up against the client memory limit too. The immediate gains won't be big, beyond stability, but the long term implications are huge. If they get the rendering engine up to DX12 or even vulkan, the game is set for a good long while. (no idea if the latter is in the works, but it should be on their list)
  14. andrewkeim01 New Member

    The TPM requirement for windows 11 is very likely to go away, there are in-built options for windows 11 to permit non TPM systems to run. There is even a modified media creation tool that lets you install on windows machines without TPM, the only hard fast rule is windows 11 will not run without 4gb of ram though. This is the link to the media creation tool, it only works if you have a legal copy of windows 10. https://gist.github.com/AveYo/c74dc774a8fb81a332b5d65613187b15
  15. Xaezus New Member

    Bird's Eye View (zoom out like when Tantor Randomly does Bird's Eye Camera) would be SOOOO SICK in the 64-bit client. Ability to zoom out and capture full raid on dragon very nice.
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  16. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    What birds eye view? does Tantor mess with the camera or fov when he attacks or something? :confused:

    I never noticed anything like that?
  17. Xaezus New Member

    yes you will see in this clip how you're max zoomed out it zooms out even further. this option would be nice to get sweet camera angles haha.

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  18. Xaezus New Member

    I did notice that Battle leap seemed to "trigger" it.
  19. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I see.
    It never happened to me, maybe its because I play in first person view. :p
  20. Flat Toad Elder

    Heh, heh...I presume we're all prepared for the angst if EQ loses it's "status" as the last MMORPG to still poke along at less than 50 FPS...I have images of players wondering what's wrong when they don't lag passing through lobby...