55 minute queue time is unacceptable

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by AndreEQ, May 24, 2017.

  1. AndreEQ New Member

    Haven't played EQ for 8-10 years. Decided to return when i heard/read about the new Agnarr progression server. Paid my $ubsription with DBG.
    Waited until 5pm to start on new Agnarr server. Still cannot log-in (4+ hours),
    This reminds me of how poorly SOE launched new expansions. Did DBG do the same for all returning players, so these players base could re-live the awful launch???
    Gratz DBG - You are making me re-live the RL Everquest experience.
  2. Argu Journeyman

    This is ridiculous. You had to have known how many people want to play on this server and you even had the arrogance to post advertisements on your social media pages to "Call in sick Agnar launches today 2pm.) Well here it is almost 4 hours and 30 minutes later and you can't get in. I have been trying since 5pm EST and nothing. I didn't call of work but I wonder how many people lost 100's of dollars in wages to take a day off only to be faced with a server select screen?

    This isn't the first server Daybreak has ever released and this isn't a new game. I know eventually this won't be an issue but you need to make accommodations for the first day of release so you don't have these issues. I mean come on Blizzard can release an entirely new expansion on Wow and it goes smooth as silk and you can't open up classic server?

    Besides the queue timers seem to be incorrect since plenty of reports of people sitting for HOURS and still not getting in. Who knows if the queue is even working or not since there is no indication to tell you where your position is. Also I bet its safe to say once people are logging in they are probably not logging out anyways.
  3. Fent New Member

    4h, 29min.
  4. Robustos New Member

    59 minutes would be nice lol I am at 3 hours.
  5. Mashef Augur

    No complaining unless you were one of the first people in made a toon and crashed out immediately only to not return to game for 4.5 hours.

    55 is nothing!
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  6. crag79 Augur

    It is not the time that you have left to wait. it is the time you have been in the queue.
  7. Larkin Lorekeeper

    Take a nap. Try again tomorrow morning. There are so many people trying to log in the server can't handle it all. Stuff happens and you deal with it.
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  8. Macktruck New Member

    I don't wanna be like the norm but come on man 2, 1/2 hrs of trying to get on is just ridiculous I know I wont die or miss a whole lot but wtf man how can you make people do that. Make another server and aumto matically combine it when the crazy over load is over in a few weeks.. think a head of time is all im saying
  9. Ripperraw New Member

    The listed time isn't accurate. Even if the login server was broken but is now fixed it's clear the server doesn't have the resources to handle the player load. I'm having a hard time believing they couldn't have anticipated this based on the forum threads. It's all good though they got 3x as many people to sign up for premium than the server can handle so it's a win for them.
  10. Shurman Journeyman

    4:31 and no longer counting. Well remove our payment sources tomorrow.

    4 1/2 hours in "queues" that aren't actually queues, but a stall tactic.

  11. Norm Duke Journeyman

    I was in, but then saw character select had beastmaster and i thought I was in the wrong server so I exited :/
  12. taliefer Augur


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  13. Ellise Journeyman

    You were in the wrong server. I got sent to the wrong server twice by the queue. I got sent to Drinal. I made a thread about it.
  14. nagash101 Augur

    shoot i am at 63 minutes which in all actuality was about 270 min that how long i have been wasting my time trying to get in the game.
  15. basslera New Member

    Give em a break. Its not like they've done this before.
  16. Jhenna_BB Augur

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  17. Sevendust New Member

    I am with you on this Andre..

    Its pretty ****** of DBG to do what they have done for those who cannot access the server.. Regardless if they are people like you and I who came back to EQ to play on this new progression server for the nostalgia of what would be most of our childhood (speaking for myself) only to find out that DBG is just taking my money for something I paid for and cant use..

    Whats more ****** up is that this was announced for a long time.. and the devs knew about the server before the announcement was made.. The anticipation of how many people that were going to come to the server.. let alone the RMT fuckers who are bombing the Name charts right now.. DBG should have prepared for a better launch..

    @Larkin - sounds like someone got onto the server and is telling jokes again :)
  18. Mashef Augur

    I think they went home for the day. We are just sitting in here in the dark at this point while the server is littered with problems. I am okay with a few hours on launch day but bringing the server down, reboots, wipes and regular updates via social media are expected this day in age.
  19. Trackanon Elder

    I have been trying to get in for the past 5 hours. The server limits are pretty ridiculous and I'm just giving up.

    I hope all of the people multiboxing enjoy their exp on the limited spaced server.
  20. Intabus New Member

    Here we are 4 hours and 45 minutes later. Agnarr is now showing Up and full. The people I was to play with have gotten in sporadically throughout the time frame, but they are all in through whatever roll of luck enabled them to beat me in the queue (s)... I was even as far as to create a character once but it never let me enter the world and crashed while attempting to load Freeport.

    So now I am at a 72 minute average queue time and there is no sign of me getting in to play with my friends, despite being ready to go at launch.

    That is all. Great job folks. 10/10 would waste my entire day off again staring at the server list and frantically trying to beat everyone else into the world.

    Edit: Apparently I can time travel too throughout my waiting. 2pm PST should be the proper title.

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