50's on Aradune already

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Thrawnseg, May 29, 2020.

  1. TrolleyDruid New Member

    Congrats on defeating the queue!
  2. Xanadas Augur

    Of course it's a mage lol. Enjoy your useless toon in a few expacks.
  3. Rothj Augur

    there will be a new server by then
  4. TrolleyDruid New Member

    He deleted the character, so it's already useless.
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  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I'm more impressed by the resolve of these folks sitting in 3 hour queues without giving up.
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  6. Protocol Augur

    When people crash and get stuck in a queue to get back in just let them sleep while streaming their screen in discord. When it shows them loading into char select we call them to wake them up. Queue conquered.
  7. Protocol Augur

    Yikes if you think we use any of those to level fast. Our route for 1-50 was Lava->SolA->Solb->OOT and people saw us pretty much the entire time. Those exploits all exist but most of them are too far out of the way of the primary leveling routes to be useful for trying to hit 50 fast/first.

    Edit: Actually we def used the one weapon charm pet thing, and of course that ZEM list we developed (but you didn't link!) was very helpful.
  8. Machen Augur

    No. There is another.

    (in six months...)
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  9. Idget Lorekeeper

    People are using keyboards or mouse that auto click keys so they do not go into the afk status to stay logged in.
  10. TLP Addict Augur

  11. Kronotowin Elder

    Check Twitch to monitor the RMT seller it's hilarious! Most of us play legally and other sell hundreds of Kronos with no ban. Thanks daybreak!
  12. Strawberry Augur

    Hacking into EQ files to remove all locked doors in EQ is not 'legit', it should have gotten him banned before he reached 50.

    It's this kind of stuff why people don't return to EQ and why TLp collapse a few days after launch. There are way too many exploits and exploiters and people don't feel like they are on a level playing field anymore. It suggests that the best way to progress in this game is not through competent gameplay, but to cheat and to find exploits, and that's offputting to most people.

    This type of hacking and cheating would be impossible on a cloud based gaming server.
  13. Thygrym Elder

    They should have implemented a rolling server reboot every so many hours so that all the AFK characters wouldn't be taking up spots and so that everyone had a shot at getting some play time instead of a few staying logged in 24/7 (much of that time afk) so they can get to 50 etc.

    They could have done a few things to make it a little more fair and equitable so more people could have had a chance to play.
  14. Protocol Augur

    What if talking about an exploit and using an exploit were two different things? TFW: you think we used an exploit we specifically identify as causing crashes when we are on a server with a 4-6 hour queue. Oof.
  15. Mr Blue Sky Lorekeeper

    Aradune was always going to be a cess pit of hackers/botters/pretend boxers etc.
  16. Liren_Lockheart Journeyman

    I dinged 50 at 7 AM this morning (Sunday). My group played 18 hours a day with 6 hour breaks to make this happen. Like everyone else, we were stuck in the mess at launch time. We didn't start our grind until 3 AM on Thursday morning. We took our breaks at 9 PM and logged in at 3 AM when there was no queue to avoid getting stuck in them. We had little trouble with disconnects and queue issues save for the last push in OOT where two of our members disconnected and got thrown into long queues. That caused an unplanned break in our grind and this plus a slight delay to kill Naggy and Vox had us dinging 9-10 hours later than planned.

    My group was an enchanter, mage, cleric, monk, bard, and necro. This isn't the optimal group make up to race to 50 but we weren't trying to be first. Our route was Nek Forest > Lavastorm > Upper Guk > Lower Guk > Sol B Efreeti > OOT Gobbies. We used none of the exploits from Zaide's thread, not even the single weapon charmed pet trick. All of us have played multiple TLPs before. We took off from work for launch and committed to the grind together. None of us were boxing.

    Yes, the top players know a ton about EQ that the average player doesn't and will use that knowledge to advantage when they can. But getting to 50 first, or doing most anything first, is usually 90% hours put in to the game. Even learning shortcuts and tricks is about spending more time in the game than anyone else. You can't get around that. Zaide's group suffered with the queue just like everyone else and at several times they were down players in their 6 box and could only grind more slowly so they wouldn't outpace them. Zaide's group was 50 first because they literally did not sleep for two days.

    You don't need to point to cheats and exploits to explain people at Level 50 Friday. It's just us sad humans who devote ridiculous hours to a 20 year old game.

    Melusine the Siren
    Aradune - Selos - Lockjaw - Vulak
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  17. Sikkun Augur

    You didn’t get 50 in 2 days by being afk majority of the time. All the AFK accounts you see are mostly level 1 accounts sitting at guild leaders. Why? No idea.
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  18. Thygrym Elder

    I never said a word about people actively playing. Go to any newbie area or town and you will find scores of characters just standing there for hours doing nothing. Those are all slots active players could be taking if they simply started booting the inactive characters. You even see character swimming in circles for hours or running into a wall for hours...all afk and all should be booted off the server while there are people waiting in queue. DPG can see who is active and who is not. They can also watch to see if someone is using a program to keep from going into afk. It’s not rocket science. So until the queues go away they should be actively working to make sure people are not sitting around afk.
  19. Sikkun Augur

  20. AtabishiWoW Elder

    Anyone saying they used any kind of exploit, or got lucky with que's is just completely wrong. They even had to deviate from original plans in to a very basic common knowledge leveling path that is not the most optimal because of the circumstances of the server not wanting to zone too much (nek/lava storm/sola/solb/oot). They had the same que problems and crashes as everyone else. At one point their necro and mage were lvl 31 and 34 while the other 4 were 39 because of que's and crashes.

    The truth is, they did use one trick though. Want to know what it was? Being the only group on the server willing to stay up 50 hours straight with no sleep. No one boxed each other for sleep breaks. They all literally managed to stay up for 50 hours straight grinding mobs which is an accomplishment in itself given how boring eq leveling is. That's the kind of dedication you have to have to be first in many things when it comes to games, putting in more time than anyone else. No exploits, no crazy unknown leveling paths or hidden quests or insta respawning mobs, it's simply just no sleep.

    But hey, that's eq baby.
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