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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fortano, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Fortano New Member

    So a few weeks ago, I received word that Daybreak had opened a new progression server. I was sold, looking for the opportunity to re-capture that old EQ magic from years ago. I started a new chanter with the hope of being able to join groups and it did not disappoint.

    Today I finally hit level 50 and awakened to the reality, that guilds on Phinny (maybe every server?) just don't want enchanters. The irony is that everyone wants a chanter in groups, but no one wants them in guilds that do any measure of raiding.

    It's frustrating to realize that enchanters really exist to help level the classes for the guilds that they do want. Your welcome, I guess.
  2. Sophism Lorekeeper

    You have a pretty great group toon to help out whatever else might tickle your fancy now, though ;)
  3. Finley Augur

    No guild is going to turn down a quality applicant because of class. If they say Enchanters: CLOSED, just apply anyways. What is the worst that could happen, they turn you away?

    Enchanters are super common because they're a very powerful class.
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  4. Kiani Augur

    Unless you're looking for a raiding guild in particular, most guilds are still taking anyone who applies. There might be a level requirement you're not meeting though. Or if your reputation is really bad,some guilds will stay clear of you. Which guilds are you trying?

    Whoever has enchanter closed for applications is being very short sighted. It's true that if all you have enchanters do is buff and mezz on raids, then they don't stack that well compared to other classes, but that is missing a trick.

    Enchanters are great dps in raids when charming. They will be sought after in Velious when people see the yawn fest fights there, even after the insane regen is fixed.

    So, carry on levelling, find a guild that suits your play times and style, apply anyway. Also, build groups yourself, and if you see anyone LFG from a guild you're interested in, invite them if at all possible.
  5. Ducreux Augur

    That's the problem with FOTM classes, there are more than the average raid guild will want to field. Split raiding makes it more manageable as most guilds cant field 2 full 72 man raids so any warm body helps, but when you are singular raiding stuff having an overabundance of a single class (except maybe clerics/bards!) isn't really desirable.

    Our open world raid tonight had around 60-65players and of those we had NINE(9) enchanters :confused: . Charm pets do roughly 25-35% the dps of a well played rogue/monk with raid buffs on so unless they are also Runeing tanks, debuffing(no just tashing doesn't count), and busting out the DoTs(do any enchanters on this server know what Asphyxiate is?) there really isn't a reason to bring more than 3-4 to provide buffs and CC provided you are maxing out a 72man raid.

    It will really depend on how Velious gets tuned in regards to enc raid desireability going forward. If the harder encounters will still require 60+ people in an instance then guilds aren't likely going to be split raiding them, meaning choosing which max 72 people people in the guild are going is going to be based on how useful their class is for the fight and how many of them you already have. All that said though, I think smaller guilds will still take any class as regularly fielding 72 people per raid probably isn't that common outside of the larger top 3-4 guilds.
  6. Kiani Augur

    An enchanter charmed pet did more damage on AoW than any single PC. Part of that was the MotM buff and the mitigation from that may change, but I suspect when Velious hits Phinny, all of a sudden, enchanters will be in high demand again.
  7. Glowerss Elder

    There were like 4-5 Dire Wolves (which are all called the same thing and so are merged into the same mob) contributing to that "one pet" parse. So no, it wasn't 1 charmed pet.

    Additionally, druids were charming those, not chanties :D
  8. Kiani Augur

    Actually, I wasn't counting those. "A Drakkel Dire Wolf" topped the parse for reasons you've explained, but "Captain Bvellos" came next. Before any PCs.
  9. Rojas75 Journeyman

    Http://Theintrepidsyndicate.com we are actively recruiting chanters as a fair share of ours recently reclassed... We are clearing all current content and raid Thurs - Friday - Saturday @7:30 CST with a possible Tuesday Flex raid nights
  10. Tudadar Augur

    What about the second , third , fourth , fifth enchanter pets? I dont believe there are 2-10 captain bvellos available to charm.
  11. yerm Augur

    I really thought "50 & Frustrated" was gonna go a different direction!
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  12. PathToEternity Augur

    There are like 12 guilds clearing content in-era, I'm sure they aren't all turning away enchanters.

  13. Kiani Augur

    No, but the others were still doing decent dps.
  14. Bewts Augur

    Charm pets, where you can find them are solid dps. Guilds would be foolish to not want enchanters around for that alone.
    Mobs gate, chanters are great at emptying their mana pools for a multitude of reasons in addition to gate.
    Tash and cripple (rampage/flurry are procs IIRC, less dex, less of them; lower STR lowers the likelihood of a tank getting "rounded")
    Dispell to strip mobs of buffs.
    Haste, clarity and GMR for buffs.
    AE clearing fear / growth is a viable and under utilized strategy. You need chanters with AE stun to pull this off.
    Rune chaining is a legitimate strategy and viable for any encounter where your tank can get rounded as well as a rune could be the difference between losing a tank (particularly during a swap) or not.

    Yes, you don't need 15 chanters in a raid, but a handful of them consistently raiding is essential. And really, your utility can be much higher than tash and casting a few dots. It's a matter of how far out of the box the guild is willing to look to utilize you. And in particular on Phinny where guilds split to raid an instance with two (or 3 raids), the amount of chanters required goes up quickly.
  15. Tierdal Augur

    You jumped on easymode bangwagon and now have to prove you are worth gearing up... welcome to every FOTM class ever?
  16. GrugSA Augur

    It doesn't land on anything relevant. CT, Inny and Yael are the only "raid bosses" you can ever get it to land on, haven't really tried on VS because i'm always runing. Dementing Visions does land on RoK era bosses for partial sometimes and doesn't have a 0 sec stun so u can dps with it, but it doesn't do much, see below. It up dark blue CT though.

    vs trak

    --- DMG: 645 @ 10 sdps (15 dps in 43s) [0.51%]

    --- DMG: 407 @ 7 sdps (14 dps in 30s) [0.36%]

    --- DMG: 413 @ 6 sdps (8 dps in 50s) [0.35%]
  17. GrugSA Augur

    The flip side to this is when you do 12 man Vox a charmie does like 10dps and a Rogue/Monk with epic does like 55-65. Also, bet your charmie pets aren't doing much in ToV
  18. Trevalon Augur

    It isn't that guilds don't want enchanters, enchanters are actually extremely powerful right now with charm pets, the problem is that most guilds already have a ton of enchanters because of the overabundance of the class (because they are so good).
  19. JustACleric New Member

    Out of the 9 guilds listed as killing PD on phinnykills, only 2 have chanters listed as closed.
  20. Vaclav Augur

    I'm not sure if IV is "listed" as one - but we basically are - we're pretty close to capacity with 2 apps already in on top of that.

    Does make my life a ton more comfortable not having to box my ENC at raids though - really don't like raiding as him.

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