4 months after release, what's your highest persona?

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  1. Tuco Augur


    But seriously, now I'm not sure if I want to do it instead of being sure I do. Will have to run the numbers on persona time and bonuses I guess.
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  2. Bobokin Augur

    Personas are pretty much a wasted effort. How many checklist items, that have to be done to make Everquest a better game, are being sacrificed for this kind of "feature"?

    Meanwhile, we still have cookie cutter drops because of "time constraints."
  3. Bobokin Augur

    This may be controversial, but, in my opinion, personas should have stuck with gender and race of the original character.

    Gork, the male Ogre warrior, having a persona of a female Gnome magician is far fetched.
  4. Knifen Augur

  5. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    Doing that would make personas pointless. Isn't the primary point of a persona is so you can get achievements that your current class / race can't do? So if you can't change to a gnome you can't do tinkering. If you can't change race that means there are classes you can't be and can't get their epic achievements.
  6. The real Sandaormo Augur

    My highest Persona is 0, I don't trust it not messing up my main in some way.
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  7. cauldrongirl New Member

    I have five level 100 personas (current max on Aradune) on my main. I enjoy the grind for the most part and love having some variety in class choice without starting from scratch. The worst part of personas for me is the increased zoning times.
  8. Teferri New Member

    1. What's your highest persona? 111
    2. Roughly how many hours did it take to get to that level? Not a lot, ran missions with friends and then we would swap to personas to complete.
    3. Did you use a heroic character for them? yes
    4. What % of your leveling came from overseer? I would say less than half.
    5. If leveling personas at the 115+ levels was easier, would you be more likely to use personas? Wouldn't affect me either way, but would be nice.
    6. If you could switch personas in any zone, would you be more likely to use personas? 100%
    I tried a persona because my main (rogue) and alt (pally) have no ranged dps options. I always wanted to try a ranger, and having access to gear I've already obtained, as well as otherwise useless alt currency to use on the persona is awesome. I look at it as a way to improve / diversify my main toon, rather than in the context of an additional character, or compared against starting a box toon.
  9. Kalamos Augur

    Well, I can say from experience that it seems they have gotten most if not all of the character breaking bugs worked out. I haven't experienced any issues with spell books swapping, gear disappearing or anything else I would consider major. There is currently a gear swap bug where if you're using the same piece of gear on main/persona that has two potential equip slots (rings, earrings, wrists) but equip them in different slots when saving the gearset, it won't properly equip the item on the persona when swapping and the item stays in a bag. That's easily solved for now by simply keeping the items in the same slot on each gearset. Other than that, I've been pleasantly surprised at how well the game handles gear and more importantly, aug swapping, including type 3s.

    My biggest gripe right now is probably needing to heal/med up after swapping due to the gear adding stats from a zero state. It's not a big deal, but I hope they address that at some point.

    I was skeptical of Personas at the start, but now that I've been leveling one, its been pretty fun outside of the monotonous grind of repeating Merc kill quests. At least its giving me an excuse to kill mobs I guess. I'll be able to play either Shaman or Cleric on that same toon as a main healer depending on what I feel like on any given day, who will be pretty well geared and auged up already, with a rank 6 Ecliptic spell, Megadeath, a full set of stat Trophies, a maxed Merc and a few other little nifty perks I'm sure I'm forgetting. Yeah the shared lockout timers and such is a downer, and does tend to steer the larger benefits of personas to classes within the same archtype, but they can add some flexibility with class choice that an Alt can't always fulfill as easily, at least without a lot more work I think.

    The whole thing is pretty nichey, but I've personally found it to add something new to do in the game which is always a plus.
  10. Raccoo Augur

    Have to use the same exact slot (right/left) if an item is on right ear/wrist/finger on one persona and left on the other it will bug out.
  11. WeCameWeConquered Elder

    I will not touch them until #6 is in game (and #5 is a close second). It is fairly insane to use personas now when you get more from an alt (and can actually level them sanely 115+).

    To add to your list, general and archtype AAs need sharing as well. There's not much sense in grinding out Planar Power... again... if this is supposedly a better option than an alt.
  12. Bobokin Augur

    A player is allowed 14 characters on each account on each server. Is that really a problem?

    If this is just a cheat to allow tinkering for every race, there are better ways to do that.
  13. Tuco Augur

    What have you noticed with increasing zone times? I haven't heard about this issue before, but it's a pretty big deal given how long zone times are currently.
  14. cauldrongirl New Member

    I believe it was confirmed by the devs in a post or the AMA, but it's pretty noticeable with 5 personas versus a character with zero personas. The overhead of information regarding the character seems to be the main issue.
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  15. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    You aren't allowed 15 characters on an account. You only get so many for free and I think you get more slots if you pay but noone gets 14 unless you are paying for it so characters aren't related to the account but related to you buying slots.

    I agree I would prefer being able to learn tinkering on any race by some epic quest to learn poison making, tinkering, and potion making.

    Personas beside some leveling issues is a better opinion if you want to play 2 different class types. It may take longer to level up but it also gives you the ability to loot gear while playing class 1 and then use it on class 2. LS mission you can loot rotting tank gear if you are playing a primary dps class. If you had an alt instead of a persona that tank gear would have rotted and not been usable. So it leaves it up to the player do they want to spend more time leveling up a toon to be able to gear it easier or would you rather level up a persona where you can farm names solo easy and not have to log onto an alt to run over and loot the no drop gear and hope someone else doesn't take it in the process.
  16. Tuco Augur

    What's the zone time delta for you between your character with 5 personas vs another character with similar amounts of inventory items, real estate, etc?
  17. cauldrongirl New Member

    Don't pin me down, but I would say on average 10-15 seconds extra.
  18. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage


    Waiting for them to slowly fix all the bugs (oops, cant change back and lost your main! oops, lost your gear! oops, your aa is broken!) and ancillary support issues (evolving items not working, lore group augs being a nightmare, certain clicky items just failing to work, and so on) that should have been implemented, or at the least, anticipated, at the launch of this system.

    As with every other expansion launch feature, itll probably be in a good place by the end of next expansion.
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  19. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    I have 3 houses 90% full, a bank with the smallest bag I think is a 35 slot? maybe 40 and 75% are full. I have a guild hall pretty full as well. I zone in under 3 secs 99% of the time. I have 2 personas 105+
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  20. Tuco Augur

    This seems remarkable. Any secrets you want to share?