4 months after release, what's your highest persona?

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  1. Moege Augur

    1. What's your highest persona? 117, 114, 114, 115
    2. Roughly how many hours did it take to get to that level? 1-100 about 14 hours, 101-117 75 hours so far, lower ones has their lesson clicked and rotting away.
    3. Did you use a heroic character for them? 1x 100 heroic on one of the 114's
    4. What % of your leveling came from overseer? 0% for the 117, overseer is going to the 115.
    5. If leveling personas at the 115+ levels was easier, would you be more likely to use personas? Yes, grinding is extremely slow and boring.
    6. If you could switch personas in any zone, would you be more likely to use personas? Yes
    7. Do you regret making them? Absolutely. If I can strip the personas off the main character I would do that and forget this feature exists.
  2. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    Don't have one, don't want one and never going to get one.

    Sounds like they wanted a way for players to "identify" as something other than what they really are;)

    I would rather have had a cool new igloo for housing. Or something.

    Like others, I have many accounts and that works far better.
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  3. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    One pain in the butt thing that hasn’t been mentioned much is that Tradeskills carryover but the Tradeskill AAs aren’t shared.
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  4. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    For the record most of the people who have a 125 persona are using hacks to play the characters. I have seen this multiple times and I get it, you find a nice safe zone noone else is in and you just turn your characters on and let them level up over night while you are sleeping. 0.01 exp or sometimes less but when you are killing mobs non-stop for 12 hours it isn't that bad you get 1 level while you sleep at night.
  5. KarmaKitty Augur

    My highest would be Level 0. Exp 0 :p
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  6. code-zero Augur

    Can a persona go to a fellowship campfire set by the primary character? That could be useful
  7. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    It would be nice if they carry over but honestly most zones people are going to do tradeskills in allow swapping personas so you can just change back to the one with the aas to do the combines. It is kind of annoying that you have to level gnome, rog, and a sham to level 105 before you can buy the final level of the aa which aren't auto grant when you want to max all tradeskills. My highest persona is 105 for that reason alone.
  8. JetZeppelin2h Augur

    Persona can go to the fellowship np. I do this all the time when swapping back and forth from personas I am leveling. I run my main toon to the zone with 2 box toons and setup a fellowship then I just gate back to pok to change persona and fellowship all my other boxes to the zone with the campfire setup and start leveling.
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  9. Vumad Cape Wearer

    Something I did realize tonight is that, I think, if you stay in the same archtype, you can continue leveling your evolvers after you max out XP on your main. So as an ENC main, I might persona a NEC or MAG and do some group stuff with my fellow raid ENC while being able to use most of my raid gear, except my visible.

    Devs should go back to making archtype visible.

    With all of that said, I was hoping to do BST, but not being able to level my evolver is a problem.
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  10. aiha Saryrn [Bertox]

    I've made more than a dozen DRU/WIZ personas between 75-105 just for teleport bind/campfires. Or to get Jann Veil and familiars for perma75/86/whatever characters (because it's faster to level up than to delevel). Had to add a new section in my general EQnotes.txt with all their prim/sec/tertiary binds written down.

    Apart from the portmules I've created the following for fun:
    102 NEC <-Heroic to 100
    100 BRD
    76 MAG x 2
    65 SK
  11. anonymous_ Lorekeeper

    Just too many limitations with one-time rewards and exclusive class/archetype specific gear for me to really be motivated to level one. They need to assign someone to spend a week going through and correcting itemization/achievement issues that conflict with the persona mechanic. I'm sure the community could compile a list of high priority items within a matter of hours if consulted.
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  12. Kalamos Augur

    Yep, for sure. There are some tangible benefits for keeping Personas within the same Archtypes.
  13. Flatchy Court Jester

    I will try it when I am done with the Ship to Ship combat!
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  14. Tuco Augur

    Thanks for the answers everybody.

    I had planned to level personas over the summer, but I think the combination of having to spend some 150 hours grinding at level 110+ (and the promise of a massive amount of grinding every level increase to keep the personas up) and evolving items being archetype locked has killed any desire for me to use personas. Sucks because that's 6 * 2 months of subscription DPG misses out on, and from this thread only having a few people having a 125 persona I know I'm not the only one.

    It's crazy that DPG would invest so much in that feature and not take the easy win of:
    • Adding better options to level 110+, literally all they'd have to do is something like double XP rewards from mobs / repeatable quests for personas that aren't the highest level for a character
    • Unifying the evolving items in some low-effort manner (ex: add a way to convert them into an all/all one with tank stats or something)
    From niente's response of "Niente: If you have specific feedback or ideas for personas, we’d love to hear them." I don't even know if they are aware or care that few people use this feature and that really basic options exist that make it more attractive.
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  15. Kalamos Augur

    After doing this grind on the one Persona I have, I 100% agree with this

    It looks like this is coming in the April patch ... "- The Legacies Lost and Selenelion evolving items no longer have class restrictions."
  16. Eaedyilye More stonehive bixies.

    I looked at the persona tab once, does that count for anything?
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  17. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Something that I've noticed is that levels 115-120 require slightly more experience than levels 121-125.

    Comparing the gains for a single Orc kill (Lv.123) in Pallomen on FV resulted in

    Level 123 Mage: 0.129%
    Level 118 Wizard: 0.126%
  18. Vumad Cape Wearer

    I am now using personas. I used my L100 heroic to make a NEC to my ENC. I do enjoy the NEC. I didn't play during Alaris so I have just been working on my tear. i do enjoy the Persona system.

    I prefer the quest based leveling that exists currently, but without it being repeatible for personas, I see myself giving up about 110.

    If I do make it past that, I am concerns about type 3 aug costs.

    It's nice they changed the evolvers, wish they had done that before I made my NEC persona. Given i have a L95 NEC alt, I probably would have made a different choice.

    I wish our visible armor were archtype instead of class, but given ENC armor does not have disease, fire or poison foci, I wouldn't be able to use it anyway.
  19. Moege Augur

    PS. Noticed that changing person some of the gear does not get auto equipped.

    Switch to persona
    Make sure everything is equipped
    Click the save button
    Switch to main
    Switch back
    1 Ear and ! wrist is not equipped
    Click load
    Now it is equipped.

    And the person does not havy any augs yet, I shudder to think what would happen if there was any.
    Its a buggy mess.
  20. Cimbaeth Elder

    1. What's your highest persona? well...
    Wizard acct: 123, 100, 85, 83, 75, 63, 51, 1,1,1
    Bard acct: 123, 100, 75, 60, 1,1
    Mage acct: 119, 100, 53, 34
    or something like that.
    2. Roughly how many hours did it take? No earthly idea. I typically will put a fellowship down for Doors missions or for awhile did the TOV/COV missions, and of course the Laurions Inn mission/s- between those and overseer will get roughly 25% exp in a level per day at higher levels. At least. Hint: you can open chests after switching to persona.. neck/back evolve exp happens no matter the class/level as long as it is equipped.
    3. Did you use a heroic for them? on 3 buff classes, yes- 1 on each acct. Typically no, the benefits of using a persona (highest pet/illusion/mount buffs) make exp insanely fast-
    4. What % of your leveling came from overseer? Maybe? 30% per level after 85?
    5. If leveling personas at the 115+ level was easier would you be more likely to use personas? I'm not sure how much easier it can get. I had one toon that didn't have some mission /partisan achievs and it did not help that toon level any faster. I mean using chest exp that I don't need (maxxed exp/AAs on all 3 chars mains) gets me a pretty big chunk of exp 3x a day. I sometimes exp with them while grinding out collects but honestly the mission chests are such a big chunk I'd have to grind for hours to match it. I think I got something like 30% exp in a level the first few times I did restless assault mission? it went down gradually.
    6. If you could switch personas in any zone would it make you more likely to use personas? No, it would break the game. Having a basic limitation on class swapping is fine by me. I can literally just pop to pok and pop back to campfire anyway.
    7. Do I regret making them? No, this feature is great! I only regret not realizing until I had made a few that personas can also function as a low tech port system between all the cities, as origin timer is different for each persona. Now I'm putting each new persona in a different city. My first few were all in Crecent Reach though. Inventory management is a thing but honestly you don't actually have to hit the "load" button if you are jumping around cities. I've taken to putting gear from the personas I'm not actively using in an empty bag in the bank. Note that as a wizard main I not only port but I also have nearly every port clikie in the game from the Heritage chests, quests, and collector's editions. Having yet another means of popping around is always cool though, and automatically in a faction that doesn't get aggro too-
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