4 months after release, what's your highest persona?

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  1. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    1. 125 Wizard (replaced a mage in my box a group)
    2. Couldn't get any achievement xp, so took like 150 hours to get to 125
    3. Yes, a 100 heroic.
    4. Like 3 levels
    5. Absolutely, I'd like to try other classes but my will to try other classes isn't enough to overcome the barrier.
    6. Indifferent, I 6-box and can just stein/gate then campfire back. This restriction doesn't impact me.
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  2. Risiko Augur

    Personsas are never going to be improved. The AMA made that pretty clear. It's just another one-expansion feature. I wish it could be more, but we all know it wont.

    Honestly, it was a lesson learned on my part. Never pre-order an expansion.

    It's really that simple.

    That being said, will I use personas? Yes. I already do. I just wish it could have been improved upon, but we don't always get what we want.
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  3. Bernel Augur

    I have a mid 70's persona that I use for goofing off adventuring. I can't really see using personas in a significant way because of the inventory management and difficulty leveling at high levels.

    I don't see them fixing persona inventory management since that would be a big dev effort and it's not likely they would take that on. I don't see them allowing swap-anywhere since that would be a major change to the way people use their characters. One thing I could see them doing would be to have an accelerated, catch-up style of leveling to help level your personas relative to the highest level persona you have. For instance, if you have a 125 persona, then the lower level personas would have exp bonuses to help them catch up to 125. Something like that would be relatively low-effort to implement and wouldn't be a drastic change to EQ play style.
  4. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Expansion feature, future key unlock on the store. They'll do it for the next expansion, because it can be made into another microtransaction.
  5. Kalamos Augur

    I'm currently leveling a Cleric Persona on my 125 Shaman. Why? I dunno .. to have a different healer option and for the buffs I guess. I saw some value in Personas of the same arch-type, since they use most of the same gear so gearing is less of a chore. Anyhoo, on to your questions ...

    1. What's your highest persona? 117
    2. Roughly how many hours did it take to get to that level? No clue, I'm not keeping track
    3. Did you use a heroic character for them? Yep
    4. What % of your leveling came from overseer? Probably 50%
    5. If leveling personas at the 115+ levels was easier, would you be more likely to use personas? 100%
    6. If you could switch personas in any zone, would you be more likely to use personas? Probably, but until #5 is addressed (if ever) I don't think I would level another Persona. Running repeatable quests ad nauseum from 115+ is not my idea of fun.
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  6. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!


    If you are going to have another toon, have another toon you can box.
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  7. CdeezNotes Augur

    What's your highest persona?
    0. I have yet to make a persona. I have yet to find a need for one. My alt(s) suite me perfectly fine.

    Roughly how many hours did it take to get to that level?

    Did you use a heroic character for them?

    What % of your leveling came from overseer?

    If leveling personas at the 115+ levels was easier, would you be more likely to use personas?

    If you could switch personas in any zone, would you be more likely to use personas?
    Maybe for travel or collection finding purposes. For day-to-day playing? No.
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  8. Gialana Augur

    This may not be helpful to you now, but you can enter the tutorial on a Persona by first creating the persona, then camping, then clicking the enter tutorial button. But since you can't enter tutorial from the Persona character creation screen, you won't get the cut scene or be able to get in the single-person instance where you're jailed with Arias. While you can get into Gloomingdeep on a persona, you can't repeat most of the quests if you have already done them on the same character, different persona.
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  9. Lisard Silly

    1. What's your highest persona?
    A. 125 Enchantersona, 121 Bardsona

    2. Roughly how many hours did it take to get to that level?
    A. 12 hours a week since march 3rd

    3. Did you use a heroic character for them?
    A. used L100 heroic on enchantersona and a L85 heroic on Bardsona

    4. What % of your leveling came from overseer?
    A. 10% a day comes from overseer maybe a little closer to 20% due to anniversary bonus

    5. If leveling personas at the 115+ levels was easier, would you be more likely to use personas?
    A. It is not easy when your only source of XP on a persona is overseer, Mercenary Task repeats and pure grinding when you have completed every other Achievement XP option on your "main" character, level range 116-121 is pure grind and its absolutely horrible, you really need to feed Fellowship vitality, utilize XP potions, and really dig in for a Swarm/grind. Additionally doing ToV, NoS and LS group missions, O.M.A.D, Ankexfen/HF/LI Mercs net decent % if your looking for a casual "daily" route if you have no other option for XP's beside "grinding" for 85-110 I utilize either swarming brothers island or frontier mountains takes 2-3 hours if your taking sandwich breaks

    6. If you could switch personas in any zone, would you be more likely to use personas?
    A. having the ability to persona swap at will in any zone really opens up some over powered usage, especially on live. if they could find a way to where you could not absolutely dominate by cycling classes for extremely strong uptime on burns/defensives or any other "sploits" otherwise I personally don't see it not being abused in some fashion lol. For me, using Persona's just let me play / progress my "main" while having the flexibility to fill Gaps in my raid force when necessary without having to keep multiple toons or accounts "current" and all that encompasses outside of my regular 5 toons (Brd, Mnk, Shm, War, Mage). It also gave me the option to make an enchanter of which I've been wanting in my personal Arsenal of characters without having to go through all the drivel of all the bells and whistles that you would on a new account/class. leveling/aa the persona up to current is the only real grind, once its current its just getting the 5kaa and or 5 levels going forward with new expansions and it should be easier when you can divide the Expansion Achievement XP among them so the grind isnt as bad, so your only doing maybe 1-2 levels of grinding versus 5.

    If i could change one thing about personas I would be that type 3's (and other silly class restriction things) were just universal OR just add that power to the abilities themselves and obsolete them going forward, creating new Type 3 augs, similar to the current Anniversary ones so they don't have class conflictions making using items across personas more streamlines (versus how it is now with the type 3 swapping nonsense), id also make visibles not class specific and just adjust heroics accordingly and having the BP's have all the options on them and only the ones active pending the class you are. it be better inventory management just carrying around 1 set of gear and some weapons versus multiple sets of everything. it would also be easier on the item devs, less items to make every year which frees up some time for them.
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  10. Petalonyx Augur

    1. What's your highest persona?
    A. None made (Lvl 0). Too many bugs to risk even experimenting with personas. Seems safer every month tho. I have plans to make some in the future before year end. These will mostly be same archetype to minimize gear/aug swapping which seems to be one of the biggest issues (pal to SK, druid to sham, mage to ench, etc). I will also make a set of gnome rogues for TS only.

    2. Roughly how many hours did it take to get to that level?
    A. N/A

    3. Did you use a heroic character for them?
    A. N/A (but i probably will use one if i make any)

    4. What % of your leveling came from overseer?
    A. N/A

    5. If leveling personas at the 115+ levels was easier, would you be more likely to use personas?
    A. The leveling speed will have no bearing on my use of personas (it takes far longer to get Slayer done than it does to level to 125).

    6. If you could switch personas in any zone, would you be more likely to use personas?
    A. No. But, i would be more likely to leave EQ if personas fully blurred classes by allowing instant swap. We already have too much blurring.

    I'm still frustrated that so much effort went into something with so little impact on the game. We got just 2 group missions in the last expansion. I don't agree with these allocation of resources.
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  11. DeadRagarr Augur

    1. X3 - 125 <Test server w/potions>. I rerolled an entirely new toon so I suppose only X2 "persona's" <Though I never did older progression on my first toon>

    2. Uhhh hard to recall since time is based on char, and using pots/fellowship can make it go faster.

    3. Yes - Level 100

    4. I did it daily, for about 5% a day I think? <12 hour each one>. Can't recall total.

    5. Of course. I don't see why anyone would argue for slower levels, its partially why I play on test. I feel this is an EQ issue more than just a persona thing though, Persona's just put a big highlight on it. People have begged for XP back on mobs, but it is doubtful I suppose. Maybe they will one day make a bonus for additional persona's leveling.

    6. Has no effect on me personally. I play with my family who is also in a fellowship, if we REALLY have to swap a persona just Throne -> Swap -> Fellowship back. Its rarely an issue since we decide what before we go out <Pet classes if were doing the egg mission etc>.

    Biggest gripes?

    BIS Evolving isn't usable for each class. Seems silly, that someone asked if they could be made all/all and the answer was "Don't want it to become bland itemization!"

    Gear keyring needs to be made that can fit both items and augments. Would be nice to store every Type 5/Type 3 that i'm holding for the three classes I swap around in. Also would open up as it stands, I just said screw it I will just use Dex augs for every single class and pay no mind.

    Best upsides?
    Non-Vis usable. It feels so nice to hit 125 and basically just have everything already there as soon as a char hits max. I had beast weapons before my beast could ever use them, same thing with all the non-vis. Hell my lvl 100 warrior has saved a full set of T2/3 LS, just because I had it in my inventory already.

    Same thing with Type 5's. I got a full set of Type 5's and all my toons just share the same type 5's.
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  12. Brickhaus Augur

    Still too early to get involved with these.

    Although we're probably closer to using than the introduction at this point.
  13. Tygart Lorekeeper

    1. 109

    2. Six, however I do admit to power leveling them with my warrior in the ldon anniversary raid.

    3. Yes. I used the free heroic from 25th anniversary and deleted some alts to reclaim previous heroic slot.

    4. 20%

    5. Yes (I'm only playing the persona with lesson or other experience bonuses). I would like to see them implement seperate dztimers to the persona so I can raid on the persona on the weekend when able.

    6. Absolutely. Having to gate to a non combat zone to change is annoying, except when boxing where a campfire can be used. Personas could be useful for extra accounts. I feel most won't use this feature due to the current swap rules and developers fail to listen to customers. Swapping to a bard for double invisibility from another character isn't game breaking. They could implement a five minute wait time to swap like with the mercs. For a year's worth of content and only two missions, folks need something to do. I do like the idea of not having to redo flags, keys, and long quests over again and it's always great to have options. Furthermore, it could be useful for playing with returning players who are lower levels.

    Overall, it's a waste of time unless there is experience bonuses like with the anniversary and holidays. The current swapping rule will kill this more than anything. Folks don't have time to grind forever like the old days and most likely play as a novelty and will stop using them. They should have invested resources to more content.
  14. Bilderov Augur

    0 personas.

    Will I ever roll any? No, already quit playing. I was hitting the exp/content wall on my mains prior to people complaining about it on their personas.

    AMA told me nothing would change, so I did the only thing I could.
  15. scaethach Scholar

    1. 116, was waiting for some of the bug fixes to happen, so it's just 2 weeks old or so.

    2. Too much, but I haven't kept track.

    3. Yes, the free 100 we just got.

    4. I didn't keep track, I'd say no more than 10% or so.

    5. Unsure. Probably not, but the utility is the limiting factor moreso than the speed for me.

    6. Meh. I'd like to see it available in more zones than it currently is, or maybe any with an ooc restriction/timer like camping. I have enough transportation type clickies to not be super bothered by it.

    The main limiting factors for me are:
    1. space, I try to keep things organized and persona flip makes it incredibly difficult to keep bags clean, for me at least. And even more than that -
    2. our evolving items. The claim that our personas would be just as powerful as our main is flat impossible without being able to share those BiS evolving. I know there was a comment made about itemization, but part of what makes those so good is being able to customize the augs, the base item doesn't matter so much. I play on live and have a ton of leftover raid coin to outfit a persona, I have slayers done, I have the vanquisher type 5s, I have trophies. But it still is missing the itemization I can only achieve from those evolving pieces.
  16. eqMath Journeyman

    1. What's your highest persona?

    2. Roughly how many hours did it take to get to that level?
    ~6 weeks playing a few hrs per day on average... maybe 120 hours?

    3. Did you use a heroic character for them?
    Yes an 85

    4. What % of your leveling came from overseer?
    Around 10% per day = 4.2 levels total from 85-125 (42 days). So guessing ~10.5% of all the exping (40 levels). I also used a lot of NoS collectibles for some of the 115-120 part.

    5. If leveling personas at the 115+ levels was easier, would you be more likely to use personas?
    I like them now but I do think 110-120 could be easier. I think 120+ was a lot better mostly because I could use a lot of gear from my main from NoS (and spent some raid currency to get weapons).

    6. If you could switch personas in any zone, would you be more likely to use personas?
    Since I play on live it's not a big deal to go to PoK, swap, and fellowship campfire back. I was swapping each time to get mission chest experience for a while on the persona (camped with lesson on, would swap in for reward, then grind during lesson when I had time). I can see it being a lot more difficult on a TLP server. Hopefully they will add more places for people to swap in later on (like EC tunnel).
  17. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Zero have no plans on ever using them what a waste of dev's time.
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  18. Roxas MM Augur

    my FS is more or less done with our mains ( except the neck which we do the missions for about each day to get 4% on them ) so we made a new group with APs, everyone on a different class, about a month ago.
    we're now close to lvl 90 with playing a few hours most days. the first levels go extremely fast since several clickies from our mains we can use on APs, which makes you invincible up until lvl 70 or so. but we're having fun so all good.
    at times, 1 or a few augments will ( still ) fall out of an item or 2, so checking your bags after changing is a good thing.
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  19. Conq Augur

    Zero personas created. They would share lockout timers with my main and or boxes. WTF.
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  20. Numiko Augur

    Zero, I have 6 accounts I use and have max level characters in all classes I enjoy playing both on Live and several TLP servers (yes I play EQ way to much!) so have no use for them.
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