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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Xazier, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Xazier Elder

    Hey guys trying to find the best 3box to go with the beastlord I know hard will almost have to be one of them but looking to add 1 more. My pet can currently tank well in RoS and my healer merc has no problem keeping him alive without ever going below 90% mana. Should I get a real tank/healer or let me pet tank and add a dps class? What would be ideal for going back and starting progression in CoTF onwards and what would be ideal for tackling the new content?
  2. Bikk Journeyman

    I hear DRU + BL is a good team, and it wont take any away from the Bard either.

    But I dont play either of those classes, I just see it suggested a lot here on the forums.
  3. ptah Augur

    Boy ol boy.. I think.. I think. Hmm power play the bst.. add Brd and ranger. Tracking.. different types of CC.. and mostly ATTACK ATTACK.. ok. Druid adds nice adps, dps and heals too.. but I would think if boxing with a bst.. I want to focus 90% of that play to him. PC Tank offers alot but takes more attention from him.
  4. Ryanxp Augur

    You'd need a tank to tackle named in current content (when boxing)

    War , Shd , Pal in that order for survivability

    My Paladin alt is near fully EoK T1 geared, with some T2 visibles, and still went from 50% HP to dead on a Kor'sha Labs named in under 10 seconds (1 or 2 rounds in less than 3 seconds hit me for well over 100k dmg). HP over 140k health buffed, act.: Rune of 20k every 7 seconds, WS: 1.5k red. inc. dmg, Shield with Health proc, 10% red. inc. dmg, self ToT heals, another Rune..., etc. Then top on Tanking discs: 50% red. inc. dmg. (1 min.) OR 35% red. inc. dmg. (1 min.) OR etc.
    I'd like to see a non-tank class take on each and every named but its not doable. Even if your Bst can tank certain RoS named now, if you plan for a box team and aim for sustainability, you still won't be able to solo every named.
  5. Ryanxp Augur

    If you're tanking RoS and 105+, you might have better luck posting on the Veteran's forum verse Newbie

    Bst , Brd, Mag seem solid, but there will be named you'll need help with
    War, Bst , Brd seem to be your strongest team line-up
  6. Wakeup Journeyman

    I main a Bst and run 2 lineups depending on content. War Bst dru is the strongest lineup on the hardest content. While Bst Dru Brd is best on content not requiring a plate tank.
  7. Xazier Elder

    So my question do u main the beast while playing the war/druid combo? Or do u main the warrior?
  8. Wakeup Journeyman

    Main the Bst. Gear the War first though. Hit aggro buttons. Swap to Bst, hit dps spam button, swap to dru, decide whether to heal or hit DPS button. Usually DPS. Swap back to Bst and hit dps spam button til dead. Rinse repeat. Mix in dps burn buttons as needed.
  9. Gundolin Augur

    Bst, Bst, and Bst doesn't seem a bad combo. Alliance for very high dps, and you shouldn't have mana problems with Paragon x3.
  10. Ryanxp Augur

    But you obviously know Bst get a 5min recast group Paragon, and a 2min recast single target Paragon, right? Energy hasn't been an issue with my beastlord, albeit its only Lv.95

    Ogre, Ogre, Vah shir sounds pretty cool
  11. Wakeup Journeyman

    In the short run alliance spells could work, in the long term it would be mediocre dps since we wont be getting upgrades to it, from what ive read. Correct me if im wrong guys.
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  12. Gundolin Augur

    Energy is A Massive issue for beast lords, but with 3 beast lords in the group rotating group paragon it makes mana issues much smaller.
  13. Quatr Augur

    It's been years since I 3-boxed, but back when I did, a Druid was very nice to have around. Running 3 boxes to different camps got real old real fast without a porter. Evac was also nice when things were dicey -- it saves a lot of time on rezes, rebuffing, running back and so on.
  14. Gundolin Augur

    Probably true, although I do not think anyone really knows what the future holds for any class. Currently the alliance damage output by beastlords is fantastic.