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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    No more betas.
    Or a closed, controlled, and strict beta, selected people.
    Can't really do this with beta,

    Expansion, in T2 and above:
    heavy heavy heavy mob density, in T2 and above.T3 literally need 40+ people to clear and get to places. Mobs roam, everywhere. T3 only. Nasty mobs, dispellers, unresistable charms, knockbacks, whirl to you hurl. RNG raid gear drops in T3 only.

    T3 casual content go ham, casuals don' go there anyways.
    How many casuals in era do you see going to DSK, Plane of Shadow, no one. Go ham.

    3 months into the expansion.
    High Elves and the Dwarves reinforcements have arrived.

    T2 and T3 zones not so dense with enemies anymore, doesn't take as many people to be able to breathe in them anymore.

    6 months into the expansion, 3 months after High Elves and Dwarven reinforcements arrived.
    Alarian reinforcements have arrived.
    T2 T3 not as dense anymore. Playable with normal group now.

    People don't appreciate the lore, and the races in game, the factions.

    Too many egotistical raid gear, can do anything, godmode people, need to be checked.

    "this T3 mob, I don't even do anything self heals, I can't die"

    game has huge imbalance. casual to raider. 175k HME casual, raider with 575k HME lvl 120.
    Huge imbalance.

    Also, meta events occur.
    Basically show up to an area, do something, participate.
    If you win the event, everyone gets a reward. 15% or so xp, some loot currency.
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    Well played, uberkingkong!

  3. Randomized Augur

    /looks at his 400k HME casual Beastlord who's never raided and still missing a few aug slots...
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  4. Roxas MM Augur

    ukk is always good for a laugh or 2.
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  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

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  6. Scila Augur

    ukk is on their way to designing their own elitist game /hands paper and pencil to ukk to keep going
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  7. Nennius Curmudgeon

    And it's a solo game as well.
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  8. Randomized Augur

    Ran strictly by offline AI scripts
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  9. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Must...reset script.../load boot program &*O(^&^*&^ Ahhh, that's better. Thank you.
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  10. Zunnoab Augur

    Usually I can at least follow the argument a little bit even if I find it ridiculous, but the numbers are so off from reality just... what?

    This isn't 2004 anymore where a max group geared player would get one shot by a raid AE.
  11. uberkingkong Augur

    Feature push is gonna be meta events. Long overdue.

    To counter boxers getting their 12 box all rewards. Make it so the meta event has a phase towards the end where you gotta pick up a bunch of stuff, time limit and its randomly on the ground. A real person maybe able to do it on 2 accounts if they really good and got it down, but you really can't 12 box picking up ground spawns and doing something with it in time limits.

    Always gonna be 1 or 2 people who really good at programming they find ways around.

    Don't need to let the 1 or 2 people stop you from meta events.

    It hasn't stopped modern MMORPGs and meta events one of the best things to look forward too in modern MMORPGs.

    Who doesn't like just showing up, solo, or join a squad/raid and do it inside that. 80+ people event with rewards, xp. That occurs every 3 hours.
    Not always beaten, if people don't showup/participate then its may not be beatable. If its just beaten prime time 8PM EST or so thats that.
    Point is anyone can showup, and participate, its not an exclusive to some high end guild event.
    If jo schmo shows up and theres a high end guild gonna do it, well jo schmo is getting rewards from showing/participating along with the high end guild, even though hes not in their raid and the raid guild wants nothing to do with him.
    Thats what meta event is, none of exclusive to select group/guild of players, its event everyone wins.
    Open world.

    The theme also is living story, living expansion.

    Start off hard, start off ugly. T2, T3, very nasty start of expansion outlook.
    2 months later, The high elves have arrived as reinforcements, things are looking better. T2/T3 zones
    2 months later, The dwarves have arrived as reinforcements, things are looking better. T2 zones.
    1 month later, Discord forces have arrived as enemy reinforcements in T3 zone. Things are not looking well.

    Know what I like about old school dev's, the ones from 2004.

    Skeletons everywhere, enemy skeletal reinforcements have arrived.
    Skeleton Commander, lvl 48 in butcherblock a lvl 5-15 zone.

    Wide level ranges. plenty of lvl 30s 40s in the 5-15 zone.
    2004 dev's had imagination.

    They aren't stuck in this +/- 5 levels. Expansion ideaology we have been having for the past 10 years year after year.

    Expansion could be about the 4 dragons. The meta event is Dreadlands, maybe a goregonarire event.
    The dragons making all the animals extinct and its about saving them.
    The ground spawns can be bananas, feed uberkingkong so the final fight is uberkingkong vs gorenaire. The people in the meta event all their job is clearing trash while uberkingkong and gorenaire duke it out.

    You guys ever wonder why the combined city is safe? uberkingkong fended off gorenaire back in the days, kept gorenaire outta there.

    Alternate reality is Sleeper never went to Sleep so recking havoc across the lands.

    Could be tons of meta events everywhere.
    Sleeper allied with Fippy, bad bad nonplayable bad guys.

    Be a defend Qeynos meta event
    Be a hold the port in butcherblock meta event
    Be a defend Alaris meta event. Mobs are from skyshrine and kael drakkel. Giants riding on dragons, Giants airdropping outta nowhere. Meanwhile dragons debuffing the heck outta people, lots of magic happening, charms mez fear FD. Giants doing PBAE's. Hammer smash.
    Hammer smash has an animation, 2 second visible, winds up their hammer, if your a rogue better run or eat a PBAE. Pretty big radius PBAE too. No GINA trigger, its animation visible attack.

    There is a 2% chance from a giant hammer smash that they do 300% damage or 300% damage if your levitating and it deletes your levitate and launches you into the air straight up and a little backwards.
    Pretty much if your levitating they hitting homeruns on you, 2% chance.
    Only way to survive is if a group member casts some group levitate when your in range and before you hit the ground for 2,000,000 or so hp fall damage.

    T1 is chill but T2 ramping up hard, T3 insane hard this is nonraids content, not raids, casuals don't goto T3. How many casuals you see xping in Korafax? None, so make it fun. T1 though, CHILL out, easymode.
    Raids are available but getting the group content done, getting raid unlocked, gonna be a challenge for T2 and T3 raids.
    Just need 4 zones, don't need much, the focus should be on the content, the meta events, living story.
    Don't forget living story, so after waiting months and months for reinforcements, it gets easier, hopefully. If its too easy. Add enemy reinforcements.

    Can get to the zones from the LS storyteller if there is one. Could just be stories that send you to those zones in open world. Standing by the LS storyteller they can be saying something like "let me tell you about this ..." that means there is a meta event going to happen in 30 minutes or so.

    btw, not many raids, just 1 per zone. This expansion isn't all about raiders. Its about meta events, fun stories. Make the final raid hard hard. Like you know what to do and its still low chance at beating it.

    Not everyone is going to end up full end game raid gear and their boxes, probably aint gonna see nothing raid gear but lower tiers raid gear.
    End game raid, final raid, thats gonna be hard hard. Don't expect to beat it weekly. Unless your spending a lotta time redoing it until you beat it.
    This expansion is no handout for raiders and their boxes for final tier raid gear.

    No betas on meta event, no betas on final raid event. If you wanna do beta on the other stuff thats fine.
    meta event is living story. final raid is the final raid. Make adjustments on living story, thats why its called living story. You don't need a beta for a living story. Final raid, its the final raid, what you expect, to beat it before it comes out?

    Not with the 31st expansion. Keep trying. Try harder. It's hard for a reason. Final raid, what you expect.
  12. Iuwene Augur

    Have a better suggestion: :)

    Implement script language to automate your box team. Heck... let it even be in Fortran or Cobol;)
    Makes all boxer happy and kicks some unmentionable software out of business.
    And people will learn to program. Only win/win:):p
  13. Scila Augur

    By the time I figure out the grammar, then try to follow the thought, then discount the contradictions, I've lost interest ... I made it 6 sentences this time ;)
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  14. strongbus Augur

    when it comes to how hard a exp is. I always wanted one where the following apply

    1st. gear requirements. Make it so you have to have a mix of t2/t3 gear from the last exp to handle t1 zone. and make t2/t3 require a full set of the new exp gear(I hate seeing a full group in a new exp that is equipped with stuff from 2 exp ago gear and handling the mobs).

    2st. skills. Make each tear requires more skills to handle mobs. I am not talking bout hardcore players skills but by the time you hit t3 zone of a exp. you need to know and be willing to use all your tools to keep going.(I know a clr who will not use any aa at all. just spam cast his spells. when asked why he saids it to much work to click and manage the aa and such.) anyone who plays like that shouldn't have a chance in the end zones of a exp.

    now as a side note this is more of a group setup thing. its one thing if a group of people are bring in a returning friend to pl him/her/etc up. Its another if the whole group sucks.
  15. uberkingkong Augur

    Nah this expansion T1 is easymode.
    Be easy as as ToL T1, I'd be fine if easier.

    I'd like catchup content but I'm with their 100% end game concept, and limited zones concept.

    Taking out raids for meta events.
    Raids select few ego people losing.
    Meanwhile meta events, everyone wins. Even those raiders, they don't need meta event gear anyways they have raid gear. They aint using any other tier but raid tier gear anyways.

    4 zones.
    Lets say Dreadlands, Qeynos, Argath, and Butcherblock.
    4 raids,
    lets say Qeynos T1 Butcherblock, Dreadlands T2, Argath is T3.
    4 metaevents - each zone

    Living expansion so maybe a new zone later, zones are prone to changing.
    Again T2/T3 so many mobs its hard to breathe, mobs roaming everywhere your always on your toes theres no safe place.

    This expansion is about meta events, can do AI in this as well with more time available to do things and living expansion.

    Game master expansion for 6 months.
    Drag and drop the sleeper outta nowhere.
    Wreck havoc on norrath sleeper.

    Game master adds High Elves at chokepoints to help alleviate being overwhelmed by roaming mobs.

    Use the Oakwynd system of if you engaged in a fight the NPCs don't attack and poof your kill, they instead are there in case a roamer, which there will be many, is about to roam into your fight as an add. Roaming friendly taking out a roaming enemy.

    Argath raid, Sleeper fight, Sleeper never went to sleep, Argath is the last place in Norrath for the Sleeper to conquer. The final showdown.

    32nd expansion, thats EQ3.
    What happened since EQ final showdown, to be continued.

    Plot twist on Argath final raid event of 31st expansion.
    Not in beta so no one knows the ending.

    Sleeper always wins, no one ends up beating T3 raids.
    32nd expansion if they don't do EQ3, they nerf that raid, but Sleeper never shows up, so you end up beating some other dragon, you never do get to beat the Sleeper. Say Mayong takes the Sleeper's place.

    whole year no one beats the final raid, nothing wrong with that. You got your raid from T1 T2, be happy you got something, too bad you didn't beat T3, it was a plot twist. Wasn't intended to be beaten.

    In the meta events like defend Alaris, say if phase with the giants and the dragons if the AI wins that phase.
    I want the Kael Drakkel giants to be like this
  16. Zunnoab Augur

    They tried this with Underfoot and it was an unmitigated disaster. They even posted an "apology" post of sorts explaining that their intent was to be fully Seeds of Destruction geared to handle Underfoot, and that it just plain didn't work.

    The game doesn't need more catastrophes like Gates of Discord, Underfoot, or The Burning Lands, in my opinion.

    Granted Underfoot was more over-tuned on the raid side of things from what I understand.

    But The Burning Lands? What happens when they get super exclusive is a lot of mostly empty zones.
  17. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    When I win the PowerBall and buy daybreak, I am definitely making a dedicated Automation allowed server, where you can see who the best programmer is. A PvP server.
  18. strongbus Augur

    I remember underfoot. That was a nightmare. I wouldn't want something that hard. But I like to see something in between what we been getting and that.
  19. Flatchy Court Jester

    UKK mind if I ask, when did you start playing EQ? You have just seemed to come on strong within the last year on ForumQuest but I am sure that is no indication of your time playing. I myself have played steady since 2003 with zero breaks, but have not posted here long myself.
  20. Sobmre Augur

    This expansion will be called: Everquest the 6 month vacation. just wait 6 months to raid.....