3 raiding guilds on fippy

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    So currently there are 3 raids guilds on fippy, we know that two of them hate each other and the lowest ranking one doesn't care. However both of the top two rely heavily on getting members from the third one and population in general if dropping. What happens when one of the two top guilds falls apart? Lack of diverse raiding guilds on fippy is going to kill fippy. Once you only have one raiding guild it's all over. Personally if there was only 1 raiding guild on fippy I would transfer off.
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    Obvious Darkblood member is obvious.
  3. SnapVine Elder

    you would have to assume the same thing that happened on Vulak. start saving your station cash for the transfer.
  4. huhzorathon Journeyman

    The #1 guild on fippy raided by themselves on vulak for years so don't see them going anywhere. There is nobody left for citi to merge with so they will die this expansion due to their struggles with content. Darkblood is the largest guild by far on progression and will be just fine. Two guilds is better than one, maybe the citizen stragglers will create a new guild and struggle on.

    Give your members a guild they enjoy being in rather than dkp fining them into another one!
  5. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard

    A similar thing happened on the Mayong server. At some point, the top guild folded and many of their players joined Addiction. It was kind of cool to be the only raiding guild on the server, people stopped fighting for the most part. The bad part was, the server became so small there wasn't really anyone to recruit from (this was during UF). Before long, Addiction stopped raiding, as the Mayong server was repeatedly denied a server merge (some people on regular servers thought 51/50 toons were an unfair advantage / didn't know how to play).

    Eventually SoE allowed Mayong characters to buy server transfer tokens, at which point most of Addiction reformed on another server. But it was too late, and most people had already left. Several months after that, Mayong was merged with Tunare and Mayong characters were allowed to use the /movelog command to move to another server for free.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see the same thing happen to the TLP servers, however they have maintained a much larger population than Mayong or Combine/Sleeper (afaik).
  6. Dstyrc New Member

    I'll openly say I'm a darkblood member and I have been approached by citi officers and by eoe officers to come to there guild and I know for a fact I'm not the only one. It's incredibly dishonorable for other guilds to actively recruit in terms of sending tells to other guilds and steal their members, if the member comes to the new guild on their own then it's a whole nother story. The thing I'm worried about is that if citi crumbled I know a lot of their members that wouldn't go to db nor eoe, I also know a lot of db members that won't go to eoe or citi, and I would imagine there is a lot of eoe members that won't go to db or citi. The server is filled with only so many raiders and some of those raiders are where they are because they really don't like the other options not because they can't get in or something like that so by eliminating even one of the remaining 3 raiding guilds could be a bad thing mmkay. I guess what I'm saying is that I feel like eoe openly wants citi to literally fall apart, and they want to absorb db. I feel like db and citi at this point just want eoe to leave them alone cause. As a matter of fact fine, eoe is number one on server so there ya go I said it, now can you just stop trying to take everyone's members and go enjoy your ego?
  7. Dstyrc New Member

    Also if citi crumbled then db would become eoe's competition, which currently we all agree that we aren't competing with either citi or eoe. However since eoe's arrival here, it seems like they thrive on competing instead of playing the game for the very simple reason of playing the game. We won't be pulled into server competition like some people want. Why do you think db doesn't argue with citi or eoe in general? Cause we really could care less, if anything it's funny to watch them bicker. Most of our players are older and prefer to enjoy the game. I would say most of citi and eoe members are under 35 and want to measure peepee's
  8. SnapVine Elder

    if it was enough for them to be #1 on a server, they would still be on Vulak. like you said, it's all about the competition, which is a valid play style, but i think most people find their way about it very toxic.

    at any rate, i don't think this post can accomplish much other than fanning the flames a bit. is there some open world content you're being blocked on? if so, try putting the petition back into competition and get some kind of rotation? other than that, you'll have to suck it up and make do, right? i don't see any other options.
  9. Machen New Member

    Repeatedly stating that Citizen is about to collapse isn't going to make it actually happen. But your concern is heartwarming!
  10. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Eoe didnt move because they wanted competition; that was just an additional perk. They moved because vulak was dead, and all guilds need an active recruit pool to keep raid attendance up due to normal attrition.
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    So Toxic
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    Sweet Magelo
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    Thanks Buddy!
  14. Punchu Augur

    Ya'll are distracting me from pressing 2222.

    Post on accounts tied to your names on TLP or nobody really cares about your opinion on TLP.

    Lookin' at you New Member
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    Please post your Magelo with agro background music and 2 recent parses that include thingtoo and I will evaluate your request.
  16. Jezzie Augur

    That you Elemints? or did you just take over his job?

    EoE may of moved from Vulak because the server was dead, but their playstyle was the main contributer for the lack of a recruiting pool. Some LoGA members joined EoE while others totally refused, due to the "history" of the 2 guilds. I guess EoE haven't learned, but I would guess that rival companies to SoE would say "Great job guys!"
    It's never been EoE's fault though, they are allowed to do as they wish. So the blame falls squarely at the feet of admin.
    Can't blame somebody for posting anon, not after players getting hold of others personal info on tlp's and the posting of assorted weapons with idle death threats. How sad, not toxic, just sad and pathetic. Grow up!
  17. Kukgrol Elder

    Jezzie you are dead on about the decline in population on Vulak The proof is that it's growing since EoE moved to Fippy. As someone that has been here since Vulak went live, I saw how EoE's playstyle of overrunning everyone deliberately led to people leaving.

    It's unfortunate the leadership, in their drive to beat the encounters of the game before anyone, put that ahead of getting along with everyone else. And while the actions were really only a handful of people, they were constant, deliberate, and condoned by the guild in their quest to beat every event 'first'.

    (But let's face it, every encounter they did, had been 'beaten' many times on previous servers. If they really wanted 'competition to beat things first' they'd play on live.)

    The leadership's response was only 'well we can't control what our members do'. And while that's true, they can control who their member ARE. And by allowing them to stay in the guild, they were passively accepting that type of playstyle for the sake of pixels on a screen.

    Eventually there really was no one left that would join their guild. And now it seems it's repeating on Fippy.

    But I disagree with the idea that "It's never been EoE's fault". Because we're all collectively at least, old enough to know right from wrong. And we're responsible for our actions, not just whether or not we get 'caught' or 'punished'. That's like saying if the police don't come stop you, it's ok to rob / steal / etc. Sure the police are responsible for enforcing laws. But we're responsible for our conduct, behavior, and who we choose to associate with.
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  18. Bagel New Member

    Eoe is the plague of the server.
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  19. Xanadas Augur

    Crap like this is exactly why people hate playing on servers with aggressive, win-at-all-costs, alpha types. They ruin the experience for anyone in their periphery. Then, when there is nobody else to p*ss off, they come on here and whine about declining population. SMH....
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  20. oisjafoij Augur

    you have no idea what you are talking about. EoE currently has 14 applicants, so more mains than your entire guild.