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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Jerok, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Jerok New Member

    Hey all - I was returning to Everquest from playing in the PoP and before era, never saw any of the new zones really. I want to 3 box. I am going to go on to the Test server, so free gold for all 3 accounts. I have a few groups and would appreciate your input. I will also be using 3 mercs. My 3rd is going to be bard no matter what.

    1st; Bst/Mag/Brd - 2 pets tanks, bard buffs. Seems very DPS heavy but able to tank at the same time. Will I feel dumb for not leveling a tank with the group?

    2nd: SK/Mag/Brd - I can use the mage pet to tank while the SK levels and gears up and then have a real tank. No buffs though.

    3rd: SK/Shm/Brd - SK and Shaman seems really good together, but I'm not sure the DPS of this group works.

    Any other thoughts what else would work with bard?

    I just want to be able to 3 box content up to 115 and not feel gimped. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Broozer Elder

    Getting to 110 is very doable with mercs too. I'm on test, I 2-box a pally and bard with a healer merc and melee dps merc. Currently 108 on pally and 107 on bard. I'm grinding up to 110 and then work on gearing to then see what I can handle at 110.
  3. Cydonia Elder

    I run, sk, shaman, bard. (2dps mercs and a healer merc)

    It’s powerful and versatile, don’t worry about DPS, once you get the hang of it, the synergy of the group puts out plenty of it. Haven’t found anything yet that I can’t handle at 110.
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  4. Tucoh Augur

    sk/mag/brd and sk/shm/brd are two very powerful combos that will do fine. Bards are one of the best classes in EQ right now for box teams.

    pal/mag/brd and war/shm/brd are also very good.

    Any decently put together group with a geared/AA'd plate tank is going to outperform any group without one.
  5. Vumad Augur

    Just keep in mind that a few named in the game are immune to spells/melee. It's good to ensure that you have some spell DPS with your melee DPS. So teams like war/shm/brd/zer/zer/zer are monsters but worthless against a melee mitigating mob. SK/SHM/MAG + rog mercs make very good use of melee synnergy but the SK/MAG can get the work done with spells and you can switch to WIZ mercs on special mobs.

    I am ENC/CLR/MAG and the spell immune mob in SFM was rough. Fortunately ROG mercs work very well, but for mitigating mobs, WIZ mercs are still way under tuned.

    Any of your choices are good and you can always get help in those super rare mobs that mitigate. The best box team is the one that has classes you enjoy. For me I only box to ensure I always have a group, so mage was a good way to limit the needs of my box tank and I try to pickup a real tank when I can, so the mage takes the DPS roll. CLR is a lot older than the mage when I regularly played with a paladin, so it allowed us to get going immediately. If boxing was my goal, I'd probably have done SK+BRD/SHM/ENC/BST+DRU but I love ENC.
  6. lucienne New Member

    I was thinking about rolling one SK/DRUID/ENCHANTER. Should check all the bases.

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