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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by dagnarus, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. dagnarus New Member

    Which group will take me the farthest. Looking at doing Missions and named hunting.
    SK - Mage - Shaman
    SK - Bard - Shaman

    They way I am looking at it is Mage has COTH and a a Backup tank. Bard has selos nice easy pulling, track and better adps.

    I believe there is no reason to go with a warrior over an Sk in the group game, besides the warrior being easier to box. Is this correct?
  2. forum troll Elder

    Mages can solo ALOT of mission even including a lot of ToV ones, however looking at your question Im assuming you wish to use the SK as tank?

    SK - Mage - Shaman > mage pet will be a good offtank, nice damage shields, and CoH is great for groups ontop of that great dps too

    SK - Bard - Shaman, Bard will add easy single pulls, great adps, double inivis (ive+regular invis at the same tiem AA) speed of travel, and decent personal dps

    While I cant tell which to ultimately pick I hope that helps a little in your decision making.

  3. lucienne New Member

    I'm in this same Boat as well! Its hard to say... if you go with the bard route they are more work to position and get dps from as a mage obviously. However, how much dps would the bard be adding to everyone and 2 rogue mercs that I would plan on using.
  4. lucienne New Member

    Also something to consider is that I believe warriors are better DPS than SK's especially with support from bards and shammies.
  5. FL!P Augur

    Kind of depends on your preference. I just started war, sham, bard box with melee dps mercs. The adps from shammy and bard just helps the war and melee dps so much. Could not speak on the perks from mage because i have never rlly played one.

    Also a quick disclosure that I am not experienced with boxing at all. I absolutely hate boxing as it kills any immersion for me, and disconnects me from growing attached to any one character. This is my first attempt at boxing as it seems to be absolutely mandatory to accomplish anything in the game anymore. So this is my last hoorah to try and get back into the game b4 i quit for good.

    I love this game and enjoy it, just not the chore it has become to play it
  6. FL!P Augur

    Maybe run the sk, shammy, and enchanter? With wizard mercs? Guess there is no wrong answer lol. Just w.e keeps u logging in.
  7. dagnarus New Member

    Thanks guys or the reply's. I have been using the SK, Shaman Mage. COTH is just so useful doing quest and missions.

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