3 Box Ideas for Teek

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  1. Fizzbizz New Member

    What are your 3 box ideas for Teek considering the ruleset and with a goal of having a raid main, but still doing content viably.

    I know the classics:

    SK, Shaman, Bard
    Monk, Shaman, Bard

    What other opinions does the community have?
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  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    My initial plan was SK, Shaman, Monk, all Iksar.

    Current plan is just shaman and I'll add the other 2 in after the shaman has levelled. I want to do the Iksar quests on all 3, but I think the zones will be too busy to start with so I'm gonna hold back on 2 of them and do them a little later when the early zones are a bit quieter.
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  3. Chikkin Augur

    1) was thinking to ask you, so now is a good time. Did you decide which guild you're going to do on Teek? I believe you are Euro hours same as me.

    2) I'm having a "silly crisis" over what trio I want to play. The problem (besides being indecisive) is that I want to main a Cleric (or maybe a Shaman, but probably a cleric I would be happiest) but I want to 3 box so that not only am I covered when no groups, but also for when this Golden Retriever puppy demands to go outside and play until exhausted. Can't do that while a group cleric. So that's where the trio comes in.

    I thought to myself, I'd do Ranger with Cleric as a bot (and a bard or something else low maintenance) and be happy, but I really don't want to do a ranger (or a war/pally/sk, or a mage, necro, or enc with pet) as the driver. -- No, I actually enjoy healing so much, that I have more fun healing a tank merc when I'm not on a new server than I do playing a class that can tank/hold agro while healing with my cleric as a bot. So kicking around trio ideas for a Cleric main/driver. Not a lot of great options. -- I've tried a few things over the past few days, but I think today I'll try a Main/Driver Cleric of the trio with a Mage "bot" and a Enchanter "bot". -- The thinking is, I can charm with the enchanter, without having to "main it" because when charm breaks, the mage pet will keep it from being frantic, by auto-attacking/tanking the pet while enchanter recharms.

    Any thoughts on the boxing (silly) crisis I'm having? Cheers to old names.

    To OP: I hope you don't see this as a hijack, I"m debating trios also, so that's why I clicked on your thread.
  4. Hamshire Augur

    Servers already going to have a 5-10hr que with no boxing and you wanna try and make it worse?
  5. Soriano Augur

    Not playing on either but if I did...

    Druid Enchanter Bard

    Not much through OoW that a druid/enchanter can not take on and a bard just adds to their strength.
  6. Basak Augur

    Nothing wrong with driving with a Cleric. I did this on Mischief and a Cleric can act as a tank and I did so with my Cleric, Enchanter, Bard trio. Also, there is no reason you can't afk as a group cleric, everyone needs their afk time it is unreasonable to assume the cleric will never afk.
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  7. Fizzbizz New Member

    I am Glad to have everyone comment. The more feedback I get the more of that "EQ" itch I feel again. I highly encourage people to post and let me know what has worked for them in the past.
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  8. 25thAnniBaby Lorekeeper

    Dark Elf - Cleric / Ench / Wiz or Mage.
  9. Soriano Augur

    Battle cleric's ROCK....if they could port and SoW I would trade in my druid....lol
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  10. Fizzbizz New Member

    How do battle clerics work? They maintain aggro through healing?
  11. Soriano Augur

    Battle Cleric are essentially Clerics that melee and take hits rather than hang back and simply heal. Later in game they are less and less able to stand toe to toe....but a cleric that does so early on gets their defense skills and other skills maxed so when they do grab aggro they stand a chance of not getting one rounded.

    maintain aggro with stun
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    1. Rampage https://forums.daybreakgames.com/eq/index.php?threads/2024-tlp-rampage-eu-guild.296725/

    2. Cleric, mage and Chanter can be a great group. Cleric works well with just about any team. Just play what you enjoy :)
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  13. Fizzbizz New Member

    Anyone Run a 3 box with a necro? What would your thoughts be on:

    Necro, X, X?
  14. Manafasto Augur

    I played with a bunch of trio boxes on Rizlona. They commonly did Enc, Clr, and Wiz.
  15. Stune Augur

    I would like to try the bard with the sk, shm combo this time.
  16. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    As a lover of all things necro, I've debated this a lot. Beastlord+Necro+Mage is solid for all the pets fun especially as the server gets farther along. Beast+Mage cover tanking while the necro can really burn. Necro+druid+shaman is the ultimate root rotting team that can also charm undead and animal areas and does ok snare kiting. Necro+Bard+ a third can work great, the run speed makes kiting easier and bard songs really augment the power of lich. 3x necro is the real correct answer though.
  17. Chyron Lorekeeper

    If you don't mind necro being the "third" box, they're fantastic all the way to 60 for snare and their poison dot. I did Paladin / Shaman / Necro and it was extremely self sufficient. The only two things I really missed were teleports and mez. Otherwise, I had rez, multiple heals, a solid tank, slow/haste, and the ability to both pull with the paladin (til the 50s) and the necro to FD pull after that.

    If you'd prefer the necro to be the star, you can charm with necro and have something like druid/bard or shaman/cleric as a backup.

    Or make an all iksar crew and go warrior/monk, shaman, necro.
  18. Lejaun Augur

    If you don’t have a favorite class that HAS to be played, I would look at the key parts of a group - A tank, a healer, and DPS.

    For tank, I would suggest an SK. They can handle most things, have easy aggro, and can feign - meaning they can be decent pullers too.
    For healer, cleric is nice but I would want more utility. A shaman (better buffs) or Druid (teleports) is what I would narrow it down to. I prefer the shaman due to slows.
    Finally, DPS. If you went paladin or warrior for tank, I would get a monk or necro to use for pulling. A mage would probably be my top choice for DPS.

    So SK, shaman, and mage would be my advice. But my advice means little. Go with your gut and favorite classes to play.
  19. Chyron Lorekeeper

    These are my favorite two boxes for each class being the main. I'm not a big kiting or root-rotting fan, so most of these would utilize some sort of tanking, whether its a class or a charm pet. I also prefer to not charm on a boxed character if I don't have to. This is mostly 1-65.

    Bard - Paladin/Shaman
    Beastlord - Cleric/Mage
    Cleric - SK/Shaman
    Druid - Enchanter/Mage
    Enchanter - Cleric/Mage
    Mage - SK/Shaman
    Monk - Shaman/Bard
    Necro - Druid/Bard
    Paladin - Druid/Beastlord
    Rogue - SK/Shaman
    SK - Shaman/Bard
    Shaman - SK/Bard
    Warrior - Shaman/Bard
    Wizard - Enchanter/Cleric
  20. tollo New Member

    Cleric driving this trio will be easier than it seems because of how powerful their stuns are. The cleric throws a stun and the enchanter has one hotkey to target pet, tash, recharm, assist the mage and /pet attack and you're back in business. Stun Command in velious is so powerful and fast it puts the enchanter stuns to shame. The only dicey thing will be using the cleric to pull and risking a charm break while out of camp, but the mage pet and mez make it pretty easy to control that situation.
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