3 box for LDoN and GoD

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  1. tyler New Member

    rocking an Sk sham atm. love the surivability, dps is slow..

    im open to swapping out any of the classes. my biggest curiosity is if the beastlord can cut it as a main tank during these eras with cleric support. if so thats the trio that i would like to play as i currently have an attraction to beastlord since i can develop three aspects of the character over time (melee, casting, pet). but i also have no problem building a group around a plate tank. id prefer performance over my fleeting infatuation with beastlord

    heres some combos i thought of using my existing set up:

    sk/sham + beast, mage, or druid
    -- beast:: group mana regen, more melee hits for shaman proc, 2 off tanks, no track, no ports

    -- mage:: pet toys, off tank, one macro to win them all, COTH, DS, no ports no track but COTH helps with mobility

    --druid:: least dps of the options but gain track, ports, more dots, back up heals, adding druid allows me to build either the sham or the druid for more of a heal bias and the other for dps bias. also has Damage sheild. plus at some point i can stack druid attack debuffs+sham slows+sk tank = ultimate single target tank package? druid can also aoe down trash pulls that sham aoe slow and sk aoe tanks. this is true for mage as well

    other ideas::
    -mage/beast/dru or cleric - IF THE BEAST can main tank in these eras via cleric support i can see mage/beast/cleric being good. however in the case that beast tanking comes up short youre basically SOL and will need to swap in a plate tank
    - war/cleric/beast - no ports or track but seems like a simplicity and raw horsepower.
    - pal/beast/dru - curious how this compares to the sk/sham/beast combo
  2. mightiest New Member

    Bard is the standard 3rd to add on to an SK/shaman team but a melee DPS is a good option too.

    The cookie cutter 4 box is SK/SHM/BRD/BER and there's a reason for it: it rocks.
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  3. Machen New Member

    Bard. Agree with Mightiest. Bard will add more to your group than anything else, especially if you normally group with other people can can fill the remaining spots with dps.

    If you aren't doing that, and just want to 3 box on your own, I'd probably go monk for dps.
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  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    SHD/SHM/BRD - If you go 4,5 or 6 box later add BER
    SHD/SHM/ENC - If you go 4,5 or 6 box later add MAG
  5. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Put a ranger in there. That way you have the track, back up heals, better dps
  6. RhekEQ New Member

    If you need to add DPS you should add a Monk.

    SK/SHM/MNK has excellent synergy. If you are a raider either keep the SK as your main, or main the Monk for highest DPS possible.

    GoD is entering the era of melee supremacy and Monks will outdamage Beserkers for the foreseeable future on Aradune/Riz. They are also easy to box once you master autofollow & turning the mobs.

    Bard takes a close second for a 3rd box. Big bonus for ease of travel. If you had a full 6-box you would take a bard for sure, but IMO if you are trying to 3-box content with just your crew a Monk is your best addition.
  7. Nicorus Elder

    Bard is good but doesn’t add much dps, if you tend to fill out your group with others though it’s a great option. Otherwise monk is the best, if you hate the idea of monk then I don’t think rangers are that far behind when you add in the benefits of the atk buffs and damage shields.
  8. tyler New Member

    what do we think of dru/sham/sk?
  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    That depends on how far you go in expansions. In later expansions (especially EoK and later) I notice a DPS drop more when my bard is dead than I do when my monk is dead. The ADPS on bards is insane later on.
  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    Too much overlap between the druid and the shaman. I'd go either bard or mage.
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  11. Ketzerei84 Elder

    bard with shm is good. if you want the utility of ports, grab a wiz instead of a druid. Another option, is rogue. You'll have more utility from the bard yes, but the rogue is super solid dps and you get to add poison dmg buff and oh-sh** mezz disc to the rogue's utility bag in DoDH and DoN respectively. Not the utility level of bard, but considerably more dps, and a decent amount of utility. You have an sk, so you dont need the bard to pull or cc for you, so why not go for a pure dps instead of a utility?
  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Personally I've only used Druids with Caster/Pet based boxed teams such as:
  13. tyler New Member

    ok so ive been leveling up mage mage mage just to catch the one mage up to my sk/sham. its amazing.

    a few other ideas i thought of while im taking a break...

    would sk/sham/beast be pretty high dps because of panther procs and beast mana/buffs? overlap between sham/beast doesnt have to mean redundancy right? mana not spent on slows for beast is spent on nukes/dots.

    how would a ranger in place of the mage workout? so sk/sham/rang? just thinking about track?

    track vs ports vs coth vs dps
  14. Ketzerei84 Elder

    BST is great dps, but I'm honestly unsure about the overlap between SHM/BST in this combo, You'll lose the utility from BST for the most part(mostly the same buffs, shaman slow is better, you have a tank so dont need the warder to do it) but then you have other buffs unique to bst which may balance it out.

    Ranger is a decent add, gives you some buffs and solid dps. There are, however, some stacking issues between sk self-buffs and some ranger buffs(off the top of my head Shroud line and the big ac/thorns line with the long timer(riftwind's? ihdr) don't stack and shroud is significantly better for SK imo), but the addition of a tracker, extra damage shield, and of course dps can't be underestimated. Add to that that a lot of ranger nukes are fire based and you're probably keeping things debuffed with the sham and you've got a great addition to your team.
  15. Vumad Augur

    Anything you will pick will be fine for SK+SHM. The two are solid and you want more DPS. The obvious answer is BST because you want to play it, and it's a game, so fun over performance. BRD or ZER might out DPS a BST but not enough to skip boxing a class you like.

    BST+MAG+DRU is solid trio if you decide to main BST. BST+SHM is fine but a lot of overlap in spells.
  16. Gnothappening Augur

    I always do overlapping skills. For me I need a few things, tank, healer, travel, snare, dps, and rez. Your group is missing a few things imo. One being travel spells and the other being rez. Shaman will eventually get a crap 90% rez, so that isn't a deal breaker. Travel may not be a big deal to you so that also may not be a deal breaker.

    You mention BST mana regen. Druids also get mana regen on PoTG. Druid would give you travel and decent DPS, more importantly, druid would give you a second healer. If the druid main heals the shaman can lay down some serious DoT dps with the druid maybe tossing in one of their stinging swarm line.
  17. Zinth Augur

    SK SHM ROG....
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  18. Koshk Augur

    Against regular mobs, the BST will be able to tank. The pet warder will get wrecked in GoD. But the beastlord themselves can handle 1 or 2 mobs.

    Against named, you're in trouble. Gates mobs hit like a ton of bricks. My raid-geared BST stood zero chance against named. It's just how the numbers work. BST avoidance is great, mitigation is not.

    Beast tanking got even worse in Omens.
  19. mark Augur

    due to how tough god and omens are a warrior raid geared its way better then an sk,you need a cleric for the buffs ac and avoicance and mitigation his king,an enchanter if you want druid mage wizard or if melee warrior cleric shammie,bard and 2 monks,later expansion replace monks with berserkers if need be also having a warrior and a cleric lets you take down hard hitting nameds that an sk or even a warrior just with a shammie for heals couldent take.
  20. Zinth Augur

    I had no issues main tanking for groups in group content with my beastlord, both in GoD and in OoW (RSS etc.) where many group geared tanks crumbled... I was raid geared though.