3/6 test patch notes

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  1. Sancus Augur

    Maybe there's some trick to this (as there often is with multibinding in EQ), but from my brief testing, binding two items on a hotbar to the same key only casts the first one.
  2. Tucoh Augur

    This is my experience. Like most people I shove all kinds of stuff on my hotkeys and I find it has to go:
    Disc 1-N, A single Macro, A Single Item

    To work OK. A lot of my casters have their spam binds terminate in a mod rod.
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    Yeah I have not figured out the science behind this yet as I too have experienced things not triggering when they are keybound. I thought that maybe it had something to do with to many items keybound to the same key so I try to space things out. Is there an actual keybind killer sorta speak that has been identified? Usually when this happens I just link something to a different keybind and just keep doing it until I get everything to fire as intended.
  4. Andarriel Augur

    why are they getting rid of the potion belt? Id rather have potion belt over another set of hotbar's.

  5. fortuneteller Augur

    I would guess, less ui to maintain, and the hotbars can more or less serve same purpose.
  6. Bigstomp Augur

    Once they give my clr and my war the ability to ino drop nvis I will be ok with not having to spam the potions over and over. A 20 stack of invis potions I'd blow thought in a night and not be able to click invis when I needed it if they go to hot bars.
  7. InnerDruid New Member

    Crashing in Arx Mentis -- actually, it is occurring shortly after leaving the teleport area uipstairs. Thot it was going to drive me crazy just getting out of there between crashes.
  8. Mulleteer Elder

    I wonder if Anashti enslaved of souls is included under the umbrella of tbm heroic?

    Running this the other night to get a couple of guildies the ach, all of us in raid gear, we were asking how non raid geared people were supposed beat this. She is really tough even in our gear.

    It Was Much Much Easier During Eok.

    I Have All My Tbs ach Done So It's No So It Does Really Effect Me.
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  9. mmats Augur

    I ran Anashti Sul Damsel of Decay for the first time just a few days before this patch. All toons were 105 and parsed her at ~165 million hps, which felt like much more hps than it should have been for the era. I can only compare it to previous TBM progression nameds, which had a fraction of those hps.

    I will be trying her again soon to see if its changed post patch.
  10. Eckish Lorekeeper

    This is off-topic, but what I use for this is keeping my character files on a file storage service, like Dropbox. And then use the mklink command to map them back into the appropriate place in my EQ folder. It acts as a backup for my files and also helps me keep my desktop and laptop synced for when I'm traveling.
  11. Brohg Augur

    My recollection is pretty good. In expansion, all three Anashtis (Life, Decay, and LifeDecayEnslaver) were 100M hp group, 1B hp raid

    By the parses, Enslaver encounter has approximately doubled her hp
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  12. mmats Augur


    Really need devs to take a second look at the Anashtis. We have multiple people reporting the difficulty has increased significantly since TBM. Both her hps and AE firing rate appear to be affected.

    I took a second shot at the Decay version after the scaling fix patch and she was still at 165 million hps. This was with a full group of 105's. I bet her hps would have scaled even higher if they were 110's.
  13. Brohg Augur

    Speculatively, the scaling reference point may have been incorrectly set to level 100 for the original form? So now they're scaling up 5 levels for you, 10 levels for Mulleteer, somewhat more than doubling hp & things.

    Even though they were actually designed for 105s, and according to the patch notes, scaling was supposed to cap at the expansion level, again 105.
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  14. Bigstomp Augur

    I think Ngreth said her ae is a script and scales in a special way.
    Something like all the hp's of the group / 2, then applied evenly to everyone near by.
  15. mmats Augur

    I saw his reference to the script, but it only applies to the direct damage amount, not the firing rate. Here are comparison parses from Raccoo that show the firing rate in TBM vs now (every 14-120 seconds vs every 4-19 seconds)...

  16. smash Augur

    So according some other post her ae depends a bit on the hps you as a grp got. So advantage of using old equip with less hps on. Then ae less powerfull and your heals more effective.
  17. Kaylord101 Elder

    The problem here is people are not talking about the script.... we are talking about how often its going off. *which is not in the script the dev provided us*

    also her hp is around 225million give or take, im sure i missed a few while running to auras. nameds in VP have only 80million hp...
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  18. smash Augur

    But according to the included logs there no difference on how often it goes off 2016 vs 2018.
  19. Moege Augur

    Look closer

    02/10/16 09:34:29 AM
    02/10/16 09:35:30 AM 00:01:01
    02/10/16 09:56:28 AM
    02/10/16 09:56:42 AM 00:00:14
    02/10/16 09:57:12 AM 00:00:30
    02/10/16 10:19:50 AM
    02/10/16 10:20:04 AM 00:00:14
    02/10/16 10:20:34 AM 00:00:30
    02/10/16 10:22:34 AM 00:02:00
    02/10/16 10:23:04 AM 00:00:30
    02/10/16 10:23:20 AM 00:00:16
    02/10/16 10:23:50 AM 00:00:30
    02/10/16 10:24:35 AM 00:00:45
    02/10/16 10:24:49 AM 00:00:14
    02/10/16 10:43:12 AM
    02/10/16 10:44:27 AM 00:01:15
    02/10/16 10:45:12 AM 00:00:45
    02/10/16 10:45:42 AM 00:00:30
    02/10/16 10:45:57 AM 00:00:15
    02/10/16 10:46:27 AM 00:00:30
    02/10/16 10:46:42 AM 00:00:15
    02/10/16 10:47:12 AM 00:00:30
    02/10/16 10:47:57 AM 00:00:45
    02/10/16 11:04:42 AM
    02/10/16 11:04:57 AM 00:00:15
    02/10/16 11:06:57 AM 00:02:00
    02/10/16 11:07:27 AM 00:00:30
    02/10/16 11:07:42 AM 00:00:15

    02/25/18 01:40:50 AM
    02/25/18 01:40:54 AM 00:00:04
    02/25/18 01:40:59 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 01:41:05 AM 00:00:06
    02/25/18 01:41:10 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 01:41:24 AM 00:00:14
    02/25/18 01:41:30 AM 00:00:06
    02/25/18 01:41:35 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 01:41:40 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 01:41:49 AM 00:00:09
    02/25/18 01:41:55 AM 00:00:06
    02/25/18 01:42:00 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 01:42:19 AM 00:00:19
    02/25/18 01:42:25 AM 00:00:06
    02/25/18 01:42:30 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 01:42:35 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 01:42:39 AM 00:00:04
    02/25/18 02:04:36 AM
    02/25/18 02:04:41 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 02:04:57 AM 00:00:16
    02/25/18 02:05:01 AM 00:00:04
    02/25/18 02:05:06 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 02:05:11 AM 00:00:05
    02/25/18 02:05:17 AM 00:00:06
    02/25/18 02:05:36 AM 00:00:19
    02/25/18 02:05:41 AM 00:00:05

    *Removed the 18min+ (probably wipes and then waiting for discs to refresh)

    Old parse not one under 14 seconds after revamp there are many.
    Conclusion: Need a perfect group with perfect execution at 110 to do old 105 content. (would have everyone remove gear until they are at 150-200k HP)
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  20. Eanelder Augur

    Apologize, I have not reads all the threads pre/succeeding this one, but I think the specific issue is when binding two items on the SAME hotbar to the same key only casts the first one.

    If you move to the second item to a separate hotbar, it should trigger (you mention there might be some trick, maybe you know this already). This has worked for me in the past, but I was not a fan so stopped using this workaround (and this IS a workaround, i too would rather see a real solution implemented),

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