2nd time Oct 28th Plat Duper buys 132 krono for estimated 11,880,000 Plat Mischief

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  1. OpenSource Journeyman

    So today Oct 28th they have bought out the bazaar twice already. Just like the 1st time the 2nd time happened all within 10 minutes from about 10 different vendors. Clearly the work of one person.

    1st time 91kr 7.28 million
    2nd time 132kr 11.88 million

    Total today so far 19.168 million
  2. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Other potentials:

    The vendors themselves are all controlled by the same person who is just messing with you / the market by putting up a ton of krono at higher and higher prices then taking them down to drive a market frenzy / FOMO.

    Market Frenzy is driving people to scoop them up as fast as they can and so if they sell out in 10 minutes it may not be the same person.

    Since you seem to be very on top of this, have you camped near one of the krono vendors and waited to see someone come buy them and then followed them to all the other vendors? Maybe a video of you stalking this guy while periodically updating the /baz window to show him buying them all is the proof you're looking for.
    Either that or just go about your day and know that the krono you have right now will be worth more later (as if almost always the case regardless of the economy).
  3. WokeCat Augur

    You know, this is why other companies who offer similar in-game tokens typically regulate the market to prevent market manipulation. WoW tokens would be a good example.
  4. Mr Blue Sky Elder

    I just can't see how it's possible to have this much plat going around. Mob's don't start suddenly start dropping massive amounts of plat, or gems.
    Yes there's more loot it being random, however this loot doesn't all sell to vendors for thousands or anything...so where's the raw plat coming from?. By the end of the weekend it will be 100k a Krono.
  5. Raytheon Augur

  6. AngryKing Elder

    He's not going to go about his day, because whoever is doing this is cutting into his botting bottom line. It's amazing that the SG botter who had weekly posts about him ruining the market is now making a post every day about someone else ruining the market.
  7. Achillez Elder

    Well whatever has caused the krono market to go from 30k to now 95k in now 15 days is much more powerful than 1 boxer/botter can impact the economy platinum farming.
  8. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Curious how do you know all the krono that was purchased on /baz is from vendors not affiliated with the buyer?
  9. AngryKing Elder

    Doesn't change the extreme irony of it. It's also difficult to judge how he impacts the economy when he consistently does it on every TLP.

    Go read his post history on FoH. He's notorious for having numbers for everything imaginable.
  10. Achillez Elder

    I really doubt these are exact numbers. I logged in this morning and did a quick check and saw 260ish (doing quick math) krono for sale ranging from 81k at the bottom to 100k+ at the top (more than half were listed in the 85kish range). When I returned 2 hours later I logged in and found 120~ krono for sale, the cheapest was a 94k. His numbers are very close to mine, it appears everything listed under a certain price was bought in a short period of time.
  11. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    I get it you logged the #s and there is less krono after logging it later listed for sale on /baz.
    How do you know that vendors didn't simply just remove their krono?
    How do you know which vendors actually received PP for their krono?

    I can put up a silly # on /baz and just remove it does that mean I sold x?
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  12. Alnitak Augur

    You are a party-breaker!
    There was such a beautiful conspiracy theory going and you broke it! Shame on you!
  13. Achillez Elder

    Bazaar being shut down for emergency, man too many zones going in and out these past few days.
  14. Gnothappening Augur

    Didn't the zones reset? Does that kill offline vendors?
  15. Achillez Elder

    Yes very good, you could conclude that, it is obviously not outside the realm of possibility.

    Let's continue to use logic and reasoning!

    What is the more likely conclusion to draw? This morning there were 10+ vendors listing krono between the prices of 81k-91k (about 140 total between 10+ vendors). 2 hours later there was not 1 krono for sale under 93k. What is the likelihood that every one of these 10+ vendors selling a collective 140~ krono decided to all log out in a 2 hour period vs the likelihood someone went and bought all krono under 93k?

    Wait I'll concede, its much more likely the 10+ vendors selling 140~ krono under 93k all collectively decided to log out while the other 10+ people selling krono at higher prices all decided to stay in game. I am defunct of logic and reasoning.
  16. Iyacc Augur

    I know of at least one person in my guild who bought a handful at 77k. Wouldn't take too many individuals watching the prices to do the same as they appeared on sellers to get to a significant portion of your "numbers". I'm not saying you're wrong in your conspiracy theory, just that it wouldn't take much for it not be true or the only thing going on. Enough people with lots of plat seeing the upturn could buy some along the way and explain much of the ones gone. Not to mention sellers who log to another toon or don't set their trader right away or any number of things.
  17. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    What you have is a hypothesis. Next up proof.
  18. Achillez Elder

    This is not a hypothesis, this is a conclusion drawn using strong inductive reasoning.
  19. OpenSource Journeyman

    I know they were sold, and to the same person because I asked the sellers. Everyone I asked replied with the same persons name who bought the krono.

    Pretty clear to me.
  20. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Rolling zone reboot for perk fixes. Unrelated to this thread.