2h warrior, from level 1 to ???

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  1. catcattank Elder

    I remember my brother played a warrior and I told him to get brazen brass kilij and dual wield them and it was almost like wielding a short sword of ykesha, but my twink warrior was dual wielding canes of the tranquil. He kept playing his warrior and I stopped around level 24. Eventually he was using katana of pain and silver whip of rage but getting passed over for loot quite a bit but remember a discussion about how the Twisted Steel Bastard Sword was a good weapon.

    So I got one when I started playing my warrior a couple weeks ago. And it was pretty fun to use. But once I hit 59, the Elaborate Defiant Claymore was hitting almost as hard but at a faster 33 delay compared to 46 delay. But I'm curious about my transition to higher level.

    On Bristlebane server I was using cheap weapons like defiant, gnoll hammer in blightfire, more defiant, gnollcleaver quest in steppes at 55, level 65 Bejeweled Parrypoint/Fearpoint, then the level 71 weapons from hardcore heritage, then whatever.

    Now that I'm on Firiona Vie I can use more various two handed weapons, I'm not looking to spend a lot of $$ on stuff I'm only going to use for a little bit. I was planning on switching to one handers at 75, but general chat seemed to think 2h was useless for 1-75, but I don't think that I could parse the difference because by the time I get money for one handers and the time to skill it up, I'd already be 75, I'm 68 currently using Orrel's War-staff and Girplan Hammer at 70.

    I know about raidloot.com but I don't think I can accurately parse the difference between DW and 2H for lower levels, so I was wondering what people did back in the day. Also saw a thread about paladin/sk tanking with 2h, do warriors do the same?
  2. moogs Augur

    Warriors do not tank current content with two handed weapons. Their job is to take a beating and try their best not to die. That means equipping a 1h weapon and a shield. You really want to min/max if you want to make a name for yourself as a solid tank, and that means you really need that extra armor class from your shield. Dual Wield is cool looking but pretty useless these days. They do okay DPS with two handed weapons but much better with a 2h weapon. Use one when you're beating on lower level monsters or when you are not the main tank in the group.
  3. catcattank Elder

    so 1-75 you would recommend using a shield and the best 1h I can get?
  4. Tvarian Augur

    Wielding two 1h weapons is good if you're not main tanking and need to skill up something, like 1hp or 1hb if you only used swords. A warrior friend of mine (long ago when 75 was max level) used to like dual wielding when tanking because he thought it generated a bit more aggro for him (as a SK at the time I was always trying to steal it from him). But when he need to "really" tank, out came the shield, and when he needed to "really" dps, he used a 2h weapon. Granted that was long ago.
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  5. moogs Augur

    Depends on your role in the group. Tvarian brings up an excellent point about increasing weapon skills by using dual wield. Aggro might also be better and you might be better served killing things faster since you will gain XP so quickly from 1-75. Later on you'll get AA skills such as Shield Specialist and your groups will expect you to tank for them.
  6. Thash Zoner

    From 1 to 84, it doesn't really matter. Shields are not very useful and 2h is about as good as DW depending on the weapons. Weapon stances are where the difference is made 85+, and shields come into play for your s&b stance. Shield specialist no longer exists.
  7. moogs Augur

    Oh, didn't even notice on my warrior. I just logged in the other day and figured out how combat stances work. :rolleyes:
  8. catcattank Elder

    Should I be using a shield for into the temple b, I think some of the mobs are red at 75?
  9. moogs Augur

    I did it last week for the first time and my tank mercenary died several times. The mobs there can pump out some crazy damage spikes but maybe that's just against mercenaries. Got an unmezzed add? You're probably gonna die. If you don't have a good puller or crowd control in your group, it's going to hurt. When I do this with my warrior, you'd better believe I'll have a shield equipped. (Warrior is 93 so I have the combat stance enabled.) If you're better geared than I am - and a more skilled tank, which isn't saying much - you can start with a shield and if things go very smoothly you can switch to something with higher DPS. I'd like to know how it goes!
  10. catcattank Elder

    what level would it be a good idea to buy EoK? I'm behind on the aa line that buffs kick/bash for EoK and the archery accuracy aa line.
  11. CrazyLarth Augur

    well EOK group gear is lvl 105
    most of the AA's are 105 but their are a few general AA below 105

    Combat Agility (Rank: 55) (Lvl: 101)
    Combat Agility (Rank: 56) (Lvl: 102)
    Combat Agility (Rank: 57) (Lvl: 103)
    Combat Agility (Rank: 58) (Lvl: 104)

    Delay Death (Rank: 41) (Lvl: 101)
    Delay Death (Rank: 48) (Lvl: 104)

    Enhanced Reformation (Rank: 1) (Lvl: 66)
    .... This passive ability raises the maximum that your endurance regeneration can be increased with items by 1 point per rank.
    Enhanced Reformation (Rank: 38) (Lvl: 100)
    Enhanced Reformation (Rank: 43) (Lvl: 103)
  12. catcattank Elder

    did *into the temple b* at 85 but I used a shield after some mob types were red, monk puller, shaman box and one wipe but it was due to a miscommunication on a 3 pull. been using dual wield for gribbles and haven't run into any problems. 2h prices are exorbitant past level 80 on my server so I wasn't able to test it.
  13. catcattank Elder

    *Extended Bracing Defense* (Rank: 1) (Lvl: 85)
    Extended Commanding Voice 87
    *Extended Field Armorer* 85
    Focus: Whirlwind 95
    Foraging (Rank: 2) (Lvl: 60)
    Ingenuity (10) 95
    Stoicism (1) 85
    *Strengthened Strike* (4,5,6,7,8,9) 81,83,85,87,89,91
    *Twinstrike* (1) 85
    Warlord's Deadly Aim (4) 77

    There's more at 100+ but I figured I would just ask about the bolded ones. I'm also considering SK because I found a full set of boreal 92 gear for 8k but having trouble finding the same for warrrior.