25th TLP server - Eu Timezone - Putting together a team

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by HicksSelos, Jan 18, 2024.

  1. HicksSelos Elder

    Lets be honest - the new TLP comes out this year (may according to the roadmap), And regardless of the ruleset i'm going to play on it, you're going to play on it. Its innevitable. I'm aiming to have everything in place to hit the ground running on its release.

    I'm looking to build a core of people with the same ideas for a guild as i have.

    Quite casual raiding, No/Low RA requirements on loot. 2-3 nights a week 7pm UK/8PM CET starts - 3 hour raids
    DKP on loot, no loot drama, some items may have restrictions (BoC to Warriors prio for example)
    Possibly batphone some content if its up within our hours, but will not be the sole aim of the guild (But who doesnt like extra loot?!)
    No aim to be a massive guild, but would rather be splitting content so no one is sat out and more loot distrubuted within the guild
    No aiming for server firsts/racing. I know im getting too old for that nonsense
    However expansion launches may require extra raid days/longer hours for progression
    Keying and Flagging will be organising from the guild leadership - no one getting left behind if it can be helped.
    Discord would be a requirement - Dont have to speak but have to be able to listen.

    Although despite being casual, the raiding environment should be focused. I'm all for having a laugh etc while we play - but when the RL is explaining etc we would expect people to be paying attention.

    Sound ideal and want to be a part? Give me a shout on Discord - Spunge1
  2. Tachyon Augur

    love it! i'm US but generally play my daytime
  3. HicksSelos Elder

    Give me a shout on Discord - daytime US players works out well with our planned raid times
  4. Tachyon Augur

    sent a friend request on discord... i'm a well-seasoned eq player
  5. internalprime8 Journeyman

    Sent you a friend request on discord.
  6. Faydra-TLP New Member

    Sounds excellent, added on Discord.