25th Anniversary Wish List

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  1. Silias McKendrick Augur

    Classic - Velious 6 weeks, Luclin 8 weeks, then regular path.
    Free Trade
    Lockout by Charcter (including Persona) so alts/boxes are worth lvling.
    25 percent item/rare/currency/faction increase
    100 percent xp rate increase , 50 to AA (so people can actually not pay to pl or no life it)
    Out of Combat Regen in Classic (so people can do something b/w grouping, i mean raid bosses still have the ooc timer)
    Neighborhoods/Housing (I mean why not? might as well do fashion eq with housing stuff as well)
    All classes/races unlocked
    All Revamped zones going live 1 or 2 expansions earlier than currently so they are useful and relevant.
    Focus effects back in at classic. (so loot is not boring)
    Increase Bandolier slots, b/c i played a bard one time.
    Random loot on non Raid bosses.

    Raid Boss Tuning classic through Luclin. B/C walling is just boring.
    3 boxing per pc at classic.
  2. Muramx Augur

    Your wishlist but...

    Your basically saying skip classic and Kunark outside of some epics? People would push to max level then sit in Velious. Alot of the draw to TLP's is the early classic part of the game. I would love to see them released individually but at shorter intervals. then the time expands to what we normally get as there is more content to do.

    If there was a poll on this. I would place money this would overwhelmingly be a yes. This should be the standard on all TLPs.

    I have mixed feelings about this mostly because I don't play a bunch of characters on the same account. But mixed with free trade the Krono farmers would crawling all over the server at levels no one has ever seen. That I do not like.

    Faction only has a couple of expansions it kind of sucks (OoW for example) otherwise faction is pretty easy. Even in velious, when it swings all over if you raid everything. just camp out just before it dies and dont take the hit. eventually you will have everything and your faction won't matter. Same for currency people always end up with a ton of extra.
    The Exp thing maybe not that high but it def needs to be better than Oakwynd.

    As much I would love this... it makes things obsolete in the early game. Who needs a chanter clarity if you are full mana in 2 mins. As well in combination with everything else you listed it seems like you want to rush to the end game? There is more to EQ than raid logging.

    Yes, but to a degree. While it opens up different paths, in some places it will unbalance a lot of the classes, worse than balance is.

    More bandoleer slots are fine even for people that aren't bards. i always had a bag of different weapons to sift through.

    Random loot should be all or nothing. I prefer it to be all.

    Raid bosses are fine, its classic that's what its all about and clearly most people like it that way or they wouldn't be going back.

    and yes to 3 boxing at the start of classic.
  3. Kabouter New Member

    Most of the things you mentioned, however I wouldn't want:
    - out of combat regen (as said before makes encounters trivial)
    - very short classic to velious timeline. I'm pretty sure this won't happen anyway since the dropoff is usually after velious. A lot of people including myself come back just for this period, once the AA grinding starts I can't find myself to continue. And I'd wager that this period is also the one that makes the company the most money.

    Most important for me would be them more actively getting rid of bot armies. I don't mind someone 6boxing, but I hate automation. Oakwynd there was a level50 mage for days in solA its pet basically killing the whole zone while the mage is in a corner, reporting didnt do anything. This is what ruins it for me and I'm sure others as well.
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    No FTE
    No Required only recomended on gear - not bothered if No Drop or Heirloom
    NPCs drop normal loot +1 random from same level of mobs (10 level spread same expansion)
    Relaxed Truebox or no Truebox
    A different schedule to normal
    Classic - 2 weeks
    Kunark - 4 weeks
    Velious - 6 weeks
    Luclin - 6 weeks (total of 16 weeks level 60)
    PoP, LoY, LDoN - released together 10 weeks (gives those who don't raid something to do)
    GoD - 6 weeks (total of 16 weeks level 65)
    OoW - 4 weeks
    DoN - 6 weeks
    DoDH, PoR - released together 6 weeks (this will reduce the time at level 70 to 16 weeks)
    TSS - 8 weeks
    TBS - 8 weeks
    SoF - 10 Weeks (only 1 expansion for level 80)
    SoD - 8 weeks
    Underfoot - 8 weeks
    HoT - 10 weeks (only expasnion for level 90)
    VoA - 10 weeks (only expansion for level 95)
    RoF - 8 weeks
    CotF - 8 weeks
    TDS - 6 weeks
    TBM - 6 Weeks
    EoK - 10 weeks(more time for AAs) (22 weeks at level 105)
    RoS - 8 weeks
    TBL - 8 weeks
    ToV - 8 weeks
    CoV - 8 weeks
    ToL - 8 weeks
    NoS - 8 weeks
    LS - 8 weeks

    Other than level 105 this will give the server a max of 16 weeks at any level cap. I feel 105 should be an exception due the the number of AAs introduced at that level.

    Or just release all the expansions for a level cap every 16 weeks.
  5. Jmitch Lorekeeper

    My main wish is for free trade and given the success of the previous TLP with it and knowing that they'll probably want to go big for the 25th anniversary server I think that they'll come through on this one. Other wishes would be a shorter classic timeline, maybe 2 weeks, 4 weeks at the most. I don't personally think we need any kind of accelerated exp, Everquest has always been an MMO more about the journey than the destination in my mind. The suggestion someone posted about having one traditional loot drop from a rare mob and then one random drop from other rares in its level range was a good one. Honestly as long as there's free trade I wouldn't be too hard to please beyond that. I'm interested to see what they have in store for us.
  6. jiri_ Augur

    The main thing I want is for the server to not be completely undermined like Oakwynd has been. 0.22% inflation my absolute butthole -- kronos are still selling for millions and buyable gear is completely out of reach for anyone who hasn't sold kronos. The fact that people were banned for longer for doing the red wine quest than for doing the tradeskill dupe was a total slap in the face. And, on top of that, legacy experience didn't work on AAs until six weeks into Luclin.

    I'm sure there's going to be an interesting combination of rules and there are some I'd like to have. But the server won't succeed if the same ol' bots are allowed to do the same old exploits while players get hosed again.
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  7. Slaps Journeyman

    Remove Truebox ( you already do not enforce it )
    Selo's EXP Rates
    Legacy Ruleset that evolves every Month w/ the patch - You could even have people vote for it.
    4-8 week unlocks - Start in Classic
    Focus Effects enabled in Classic
    100% spawn timer decrease
    100% loot increase ( kinda like the double drops on Oakwynd )
    No FTE
    Free Trade
    No Keys / Flagging =D
    Lower Raid limits to 54 starting in Classic
  8. Hdizzle Augur

    I love all the remove truebox suggestions. I might even play on a TLP again if I can box like a person from the year 2024.

    The rub is the cadence. I think you fish where the fish are. The fish love classic-Pop. The fish leave when expansions after pop are unlocked/take forever to pass. How do you eat the most fish??

    It doesn't matter what they do until the server reaches lvl 70 and beyond. They can copy paste any server that wasn't Selos or Vaniki until the server reaches lvl 70.

    Sorta like Vaniki, I'd like to see the expansions open in groups:

    Once OOW is unlocked, all the lvl 70 expansions unlock.
    60 days later, all the lvl 75 expansions are unlocked.
    60 days later, all the lvl 80 expansions are unlocked.
    all the way to live.
    Adjust lock outs and flagging so its not a barrier.

    The only way to stave of boredom and keep folks locked in is to move quickly. This schedule would vastly speed up the journey to live and folks who think the above schedule is too fast, probably weren't playing into the 70's and on anyway. And thats ok, I think classic - PoP should be exactly what we have been served since Phinny (minus truebox).
  9. Jayjayjay Lorekeeper

    Apparently, it looks like there are 2 major parties coming for TLPs.

    One is for mid-expansions, and the other is for earlier expansions.
    So, 2 servers would be nice to meet those 2 parties.

    For the former, super-duper fast unlocks till PoP, (like 2-4 weeks, just long enough to do max level) then 8-12 weeks or whatever they want.

    For the latter, super-duper slow unlocks till PoP, then literally whatever DPG wants (most ppl will quit at PoP anyways)
  10. NImxat Elder

    2, 4, and 6 weeks classic to Luclin is too fast. Trying to fight dragons and then ToV before we have even full planar armor would be tough. Then there is the short time for epic drops (too few raids in that time).
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  11. jeskola pheerie

    - norrath has been hit with a catastrophic flood - all zones are now underwater and all races have grown gills to adapt.
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Time to play something else.
  13. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Since this a wishlist, now would be nice. A winter TLP when more ppl have more playtime.
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  14. Bewts Augur

    I’d argue that it’s unproven if people play on new TLP to “play in classic”.

    We have few examples to compare to that suggests that Classic is the “draw” and people wouldn’t flock to a server with a later initial expansion start.
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  15. poppoppop New Member

    March launch for the actual 25th anniversary, like Selos 20th, would be excellent,
  16. Denno Elder

    Relaxed 6 box from the beginning.
    Randomised tier loot like Mischief.
    everything tradeable also like Mischief
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  17. ibc93 Elder

    Shill Time! Join me! 2 servers:
    1) Mischief clone
    2) Rerolling agnarr clone. Does Classic to PoP, merges into agnarr, & starts all over again.
    We're all in this together!
  18. Ddezul Augur

    TSS start (all race/class and things like cultural armor)
    3 box per machine from the start
    3 toons max!
    The alt xp mechanic stuff from Oakwynd
    one server with FTE, one without it (don't like it? Don't play that server)
  19. liveitup1216 Augur

    All classes from launch. New content in the earlier trilogy that is in line with the spirit of original slower paced RPG. Something to change it up, but not lose sight of the original EQ.