Fixed Internally 25th Anniversary Mission Challenge achievement not awarded

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Szilent, Mar 16, 2024.

  1. Szilent Augur

  2. Knifen Augur

    Same got on both toons, neither got the ach
  3. Dreds New Member

    Same here , 2nd time i do the mission and still no achivo after trading the egg.(before and after chest open )
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  4. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Huh. Maybe they relented and are allowing you to get more than one?
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  5. Trice74 Apprentice

    Having the same issue along with everyone else.
  6. Urturn New Member

    We finished the quest and turned in the egg before opening the chest. We did get the reward of an aug. But, we did not get credit for the /ach in our list. Please see attached screenshots. Did we need to do something different? Hubby was doing this on his toon, Milien, as well.
  7. douxreve Elder

    The same occured for me, turned egg, got the augments choice, but ach was not completed.
  8. Knifen Augur

    Good part is you can run it again turn in egg and get a diff aug, but still no ach on 2nd run.
  9. Lejax Old Member

    Same thing here. Here's my /bug output.

    Category: Quest
    Date/Time: Sun Mar 17 23:25:27 2024

    Character: Level 125 Bard (Main)
    Zone: The Greater Faydark
    Location: -234.00, 252.00, 79.03, 269.00

    Description: I did the 25th Anniversary Mission (Paineel: Reflections Of You) and gave the egg to Gaius to get the mission challenge before I opened the chest. After giving him the egg, I got the message that I was granted the reward for "An Egg For Gaius", but didn't get a message that I received the reward for the 25th Anniversary Mission Challenge achievement. Looking at my achievements list, I didn't get the checkmark for completing it either.
  10. Ozadar Elder

    Same on two characters. Did the egg turn in before opening the chest. No achievement.

    Ozadar of Zek
    Ascending Dawn
  11. Warpeace Augur

    It's not being awarded, six accounts.
  12. Iuwene Augur

    Didn't get achievement either on 6 characters. Turned in 6 eggs and got 6 augments but no achievement.
  13. pumpkin New Member

    Same here with four accounts/characters. I have done the mission several times and I tried turning in the egg before and after the final hail with Gaius. I have not tried after the chest has been opened. I would think he wouldn't accept after the opening of the chest.
  14. Tsakarath New Member

    I have also completed the mission with a full group 3 times. Turned in egg after fight but before hailing, after fight and hailing but before opening chest and after fight and hailing and opening chest. Augmentation was awarded all 3 times but no achievement.