25 krono for everliving golem drop

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Snapdragyn, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Snapdragyn New Member

    Guild on Agnarr has it on farm, permacamped. Should 1 guild really be able to lock down an epic for an entire server? Please put the spawn in the instance, or even a special instance with a longer lock out.
  2. Snapdragyn New Member

    Or heck, do the VP key solution & make it non-MQable.
  3. RandomStrategy Augur

    Do you mean BROKEN GOLEM?
  4. Snapdragyn New Member

    Oops, yup.
  5. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Pretty much any quest item should be no trade - no drop - non m-q able.

    Then again I hate doing epics and prefer to pay instead.
    Maybe DBG can just add the epics to the store and skip the middle man?
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  6. Aegir Augur

    Are people actually paying 25krono for that?

    There are primary slot items in NToV now that has better stats and utility like Staff of the Silent Star. The self-buff is very limited use now and becomes basically useless in Luclin.

    Do the so-called guild have a mini-raid logged out in Plane of Fear with a tracker in south west corner? Then they can be tough to beat, or mostly result in a sock once you have the spawn timer narrowed down. But if they have to mobilize for it - then I don't see any reason of not trying hard to mobilize faster than they are. Remember Velious has plenty OW targets and spreads them out if something else is spawning or being killed while the Golem is in Window.
  7. Hateseeker Augur

    That kind of extortion has been condoned by Daybreak for a long time. Is this a challenge that will be faced by WoW vanilla servers, I wonder?
  8. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    The WoW vanilla servers will get threads complaining that some quests are impossible because some of the interactable objects respawn every 3-4 minutes and there's 30+ people stacked on top of it all trying to click it for a single update.

    Can't wait.
  9. Snapdragyn New Member

    LOL, just noticed that 'M Q able' got censored. Seriously? You can allow the mechanics that enable server extortion, but not allow that mechanic to be named? /rolleyes
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  10. tuttles Augur

    aww bless your heart... it is possible for a 2 letter acronym to stand for more than one thing... MultiQuest is not censored, but if you change Multi->Macro, you get an 'illegal' 3rd party automation program which is often referred to by the letters M&Q
  11. Rage_Sk Journeyman

    illegal ? surely you jest. Daybreak doesn't ban people on live or TPL's for using it. The Dev's even helped them with some of the code to stop it from working on True Box servers.. not sure where you all get this about whats illegal and whats not, this isn't SOE , this is Daybreak
  12. ikarinokamii Elder

    they pretty much have an entire bot team. that camps right on the spot. it's impossible to beat them, no need to mobilize for it. F DBG.
  13. Tyche Elder

    If dbg let’s krono be tradable for this to happen just sell all drops on the store. Buy it if you want it, camp it if you want it. Eliminate the farmers.
  14. code-zero Augur

    The made Krono exactly for this sort of thing. Read the Krono FAQ, they are working exactly as intended and there's no need to spend any time putting items on the Marketplace for Daybreak Cash (which All Access people get a monthly allowance of 500/month)
  15. Pack Journeyman

    Funny that people are still complaining about Broken Golem. Every wizard that has put in the time and effort in my guild has finished their epic, INCLUDING Broken Golem. Get off the forums and go put some effort into actually getting him killed. It you cant get enough people together to out dps a box team, you probably don't deserve to finish it anyway...