20th Anniversary 3rd TLP Non-Truebox server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Parva, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Elyani Augur

    Honestly, before the true-box servers came about, who was the ones being babies? The ones wanting a P99 like server. This group of "babies" sat here whining and crying on the forums endlessly until they were given their P99-esque server. Really? Don't throw stones while in your glass house.

    And who is the authority on how the game was meant to be played, you? Because there are serveral different play styles in this game. There was never, ever any set rules on how this game was "meant" to be played.

    Been boxing in this game since Luclin came out. Probably would have boxed sooner had I been able to afford it at the time. But, as a teenager in high school prior to Luclin, I didn't have a job yet.

    So, here's the thing, they clearly don't care whether or not people box. If that were the case, it'd be 1 account per IP. They simply catered to the P99 crowd and tried to bring more people back to their pay-to-play model that left them for Free to Play or P99 while also trying to ensure the players who box still had a way to do so. I think more people in my guild multibox now than they did on Agnarr. That's right. There are MORE boxers now than on Agnarr. Does the game feel ruined to you?

    I find it funny how hard you people push against a non-true box server. Please, explain in a real way how this effects you. Exactly what would a non-true box server do to YOU? They clearly, if they did at all, would not open a non-true box without having a true-box server with it.

    I wonder, if they opened up a non-true box server this week, how many people would jump off of both Selo and Mangler the second it opened. I think that is what you are really scared of. Because if you really hate us boxers as much as you claim to, why don't you want us playing some place else?

    Given the opportunity for a boxable TLP, you'd never have to see me or my boxed alts ever again, that I promise.
  2. Maxe Augur

    I think the boxers have had entirely too much free reign over TLPs and catering to people like you is not the best business. They keep doing it, though, so there will likely be a box all you want, f non boxers over server established soon - assuming you don't count Mangler or Selos.

    Your opinion existing and presence on the forums trying to assert it doesn't make it popular opinion, just yours. And yes, I acknowledge this is my opinion. I started this post with "I think..." so you should get that already, but just in case. Also as I have said before, no amount of wall text or logging in alts to agree with it will make it more valid, or a more sound business decision.

    None of this means it wont happen. I have a hard time believing DBG would hire back support after firing 2/3 of them upon acquisition, and Guides can't play on servers they work on, so there's basically no support except for maybe two or three people working on bug reports, answering tickets and dropping the hammer on forum violations.

    Thanks to this, cheaters run rampant trying to control TLPs for money and some diluted source of glory. If you had to cheat at all to complete anything in the game, it's my opinion that you are a lame person who can't beat a 20 year old game with more than enough players to gather a real raid force and challenge things legitimately. You're not worthy of any type of praise if you cheated, so don't bother posting on the forums about some achievement you think you earned.
  3. Domniatric Journeyman

    You are delusional if you think this game was meant to be box armies. It does affect players in very real ways. I have been griefed by these people both directly and indirectly in the field. Ive been KS'd. I have had camps taken by box armies both before and after I arrived to a target I was after. It also floods the economy with items that otherwise people would not sell because they put in real work to earn which incentives players to pay to play and buy krono to get these items (which daybreak is partially to blame for). Look you are going to justify this stupid behavior to the grave. I will never convince you otherwise. And, that's fine. But, don't pretend that it doesn't affect legitimate players. Or that setting up a truebox army is in itself legitimate or how the game was intended to be played. PLEASE.
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  4. Kittany Augur

    Of all the points, I agree with. However, I would argue that for your #1, this is the exception and not the rule. There are far more people out there that are willing to offset the cost of the game by selling in game items. There are even a few among that crowd that make a real life income from this. This of course is not specifically a boxer/non boxer issue. But, using boxes makes it easier to achieve that goal.
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  5. Maxe Augur

    I'm pretty sure this is a boxer issue Kittany. I can't see a solo player holding rathe mtns giants on lock down 24/7. Maybe Efreeti, but even then a solo player would have to worry about charm, mind wipe, and people teleporting mobs or training (unless it's a necro and even they still would be potentially boned by a train).
  6. Elyani Augur

    You are equating one thing that does not equal another. Please tell me since Ragefire early days, how many "box armies" have you seen? I can probably say this until I am blue in the face, but we don't want a box army server. We want a non-true box server. But as you said, I will never convince you otherwise. Because we clearly are both unable to see this through each others eyes. And if by box armies, you mean someone with 2-6 characters, you have that on Selo and Mangler. If you hate them so much, and they ruin the game for you so much, why don't you want them off the servers and someplace where they aren't bothered by your hatred for them and they aren't bothering you?

    I have admitted, however, that 18+ boxes are terrible. 10+ boxes are terrible. Heck anything more than 6 is just plain pointless. I still am not seeing how this affects you what-so-ever. You wouldn't be forced to play on that server or "miss out". Like we do with true box. You would be left to your true box server without the boxing community. How. Does. This. Affect. You?

    If there were no more boxers on your server because they went someplace else... How. Would. This. Negatively. Affect. You!?!?!? PLEASE.
    Someone who boxes =/= someone who cheats. Someone who does not box =/= someone who does not cheat. Get over yourself. Plenty of non-boxers cheat. No one is asking for praise. You just keep inserting yourself here because you hate boxers, and "people like you" are the one that keeps insinuating boxers are all cheaters.

    "Someone like you." You know nothing Jon Snow.

    "Alt accounts". I wish DBG would put in a system that showed people who shared IPs. Maybe that'd finally stop this bull dead in it's tracks. I am me, this is the only account I will post on. Forever and always. My husband plays, he posts on his account on occasion (read: rarely). And I don't think I've ever replied, quoted or even liked one of his posts. Lol. We just have different tastes and desires.
  7. Gana Augur

    Funny the phrase "meant to be played" keeps coming up. I box. My second account was acquired from...Sony. I got an email from them saying they were giving me a second account with all expansions up to my current account. I just had to subscribe it...so I did. I used that account to box on the Stormhammer server (which closed on Feb 1, 2006) and ever since. Now, if they didn't want me to box, why did they give me a second account? Maybe boxing is the way it really is "meant to be played".
  8. Maxe Augur

    Diverting resources of any kind to cater to the boxers innately hurts the non boxers. I've said many times I have nothing against legit boxers, I just don't think most of them are legit (because they aren't). The few that are legit, and aren't using something to broadcast commands for instance while basically never monitoring any of the boxes, are not my problem.

    My problem and many people's problem is with the blatant abuse. True Box doesn't mean do whatever you want, although people have the mindset of justifying anything they do regardless of if it is cheating or hacking or exploiting.

    Some people can't enjoy themselves unless they log in and ruin something for someone else. There are a lot of boxers like this, from every TLP. It never gets addressed because unlike now, the people usually monitoring the forums to control popular opinion and shoot down any idea that differs from theirs or makes it harder for them to exploit the system aren't as heavily present. I think they're legitimately too busy training people with teleported mobs or something on Selos.
  9. Elyani Augur

    Agreed. Even if I did not box, I'd gladly sit in a group and /roll on a tradeable item to sell for a krono or 2. As a guild, we've purchased kronos from players to save in case a guild member was down on their luck and needed a way to keep their account running. Honestly, who wouldn't rather spend a few hours farming solo or boxer, to buy krono for plat or items versus spending 15$ for the month? Anyone that is smart and willing to save a dime is gonna do that.

    I feel krono was both a blessing and a curse for SOE/DBG and the community. On the one hand, kronos were a way to make RMTs legal in the game. Not saying that people still don't run out and pay some site real cash for plat, but it did cut it down quite a bit, I imagine. On the other hand, over time, it did make people's desire to farm/lock down mobs more prevalent. Which took away from the community. I don't condone this activity, ever. Yeah, I'll buy the heck out of a krono if I have enough extra plat (so will anyone), but I won't grief others to get that plat (or item).

    This is not the first instance of them trying to make money off of things they originally deemed "illegal". Little things here and there, over time, they've added into the game as quality of life upgrades that used to be only possible by using programs or some other site's services (such as Boosted characters, why pay some shady guy 100$ to PL your character when now you can just pay a little less directly to SOE/DBG and not have to worry about potentially being banned or having your account stolen!)

    Kronos just made SOE/DBG the middle man instead of some random paysite with RL trades for plats.
  10. Maxe Augur

    989 studios developed the game, ownership passed to Verant, then SOE, then DBG. SOE was the last in a long line of abusive, neglectful husbands prior to DBG. DBG came in and fired a ton of people including 2/3 of the support staff. I was talking to one of the staff about it as it was happening and they were not happy either, but what can you do? I hope it sells again and the next owner is more customer service oriented. DBG is a joke at managing this. Probably due to the vulture aspect of investors versus actual game developers. To be fair, Everquest might not even be around had it not passed hands so many times, but at the same time it could have gone the other way and with more employees, for instance, made a lot more money with a loss less charge-backs and cancelled subs. What if? Indeed.
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  11. Hendar Augur

    Duped Krono? Who said anything about Duped Krono? I think you have lost any credibility you might have had at this point. Farming is not duping, and I am betting that DBG can account for every single Krono ever introduced into the game. It means real $$$ to them.
  12. Elyani Augur

    Honestly, what hurts boxers and non-boxers alike is that there aren't the resources to take care of the community properly. Period. Give both of these servers a couple of months and they'll be entirely left to fend for themselves because whether it's one server or 3, after the big Gold rush, these babies are left to die. Why else do you think DBG is probably already at a drawing board trying to determine what the next TLP servers are gonna be like NEXT YEAR.

    But, here we have an example of the past 3 TLP releases. Agnarr (single server released). Cornaiv (Single server released). Mangler/Selo (2 servers released). Did releasing 2 servers hurt either of these servers now that resources were "divided" as opposed to Agnarr and Cornaiv that only had one server? I don't think so. In fact, I think it helped DBG bring in even more people. Just like I think if the next TLP servers were 1 True Box/1 Non-True Box. The resources, like Mangler/Selo, would be evenly split. They'd both receive the same amount of care, and they'd both be left to die after a few months. Lol

    This could have ended right here. Because whether someone boxes or not, does not make them the type to seek out ways to make people miserable. Some of the worst people I've met in this game on both live servers and TLPs did NOT box. (And they normally played a monk, SK or Necro...) Subsequently, some of the nicest people I've ever met in this game DID box. But this isn't to say that I have not met both bad and good people from both groups.

    I have no ill-will towards non-boxers, at all. :)
  13. Chaosflux Augur

    Theres been numerous Krono dupe bugs over the years, where it was possibly to create kronos that were not paid for.
  14. Maxe Augur

    One guy was bragging about having duped over 20 the day Selos and Mangler opened. It would explain all the mess with inaccessible servers and crashing, and why the store was inaccessible from character select. That's just what I think one of the problems they had to tackle was. I know for a fact krono has been duped before, as DBG staff has admitted it before. At one point, krono was moved to it's own server to combat the problem of fraud I'm guessing, but it didn't fix the problem.
  15. Serona Elder

    I still don't see how a boxable server affects all of you die-hards when there are 5 true box servers available to play on.

    You literally wouldn't have to interact with the boxable server, no one says you have to play there. Everything you complain about and claim how "toxic" it is, would never be a concern to you.

    It would also be funny to see a non-truebox server launch now and see how many people leave selo/mangler, then all your die-hards would cry it killed your server because you can't pay to win a bunch of loot from the people you despise so much.
  16. Machentoo Augur

    You don't get to dictate how the game is intended to be played. If the creators wanted there to be no boxing, they wouldn't have created rules that specifically allow for boxing.
  17. Kittany Augur

    I just first want to say that I respect you. However, I do think your outlook on this entire controversy is rather asinine. We get it. You enjoy boxing and feel as if you can't play any other way. And as always, you're entitled to your opinion in that matter.

    But, this and other threads wouldn't exist if there wasn't a problem. And it's clear that there is one. It's such a problem that it has our entire community polarized. But the problem simply isn't boxing versus single character. It's something that resonates when our beloved game was close to brain death life support (And in using that analogy, Everquest while still on life support, it's at least conscious and able to take sips of water).

    The TLP's have injected a little more life into the game. Veterans and newbies alike join for these servers like a shot of adrenaline for the longevity of the franchise. And ultimately, I feel that we're all on borrowed time in that regard.

    But back to the subject matter at hand. As it stands right now, we have reactionary knee jerk reaction to the same few individuals who are continually a problem. The bad seeds if you will. These are those few individuals who only seek to sow chaos and have little care but for the personal gain at the expense of others.

    While DBG's lacks the resources to deal with these people, we as a community should be taking up the justice moniker and police ourselves. The lack of empathy a good many people seem to have for Everquest, our servers or even the community is very disturbing. And I would hope that we could turn our attentions away from the pretend drama to the real threat. Apathy.

    Right now, the game isn't very friendly to new players. Those who abuse boxing aren't helping with that either. Even a fresh start on a new TLP offers little in the way of new player retention if the community as a whole does not change it's ways. And right now, Everquest absolutely NEEDS those new players. It doesn't matter if the boxers pay more than the single character players, whether they use kronos or credit cards. And I wholeheartedly believe there needs to be a fundamental shift in how we players view our beloved game in order to encourage growth; Not stagnation.
  18. Jezzie Augur

    If boxing is allowed on servers then there will always be those that "abuse" boxing.
    If Daybreak announced a non boxing server then people would be discussing how to bypass the rules of that server withing 5 minutes of said server being announced.
    Plenty of people box the right way. Their problem is not non boxers, it's those that box the wrong way. That's where the bad reputation comes from.
    Those players won't suddenly feel remorseful about their behavior and stop doing it because it hurts the community, only Daybreak can put a stop to it and that's where (imo) they're failing.

    If Daybreak can't get a grip on the current batch of warping and automation that pops up on every release of a new TLP then is there any point to a new server?
    The people doing this must despise Daybreak as they have nothing better to do than run around on these servers proving to the community how incompetent Daybreak is when it comes to providing a hack free experience.
    Maybe they should just launch an all hacks allowed server and lets see how long it lasts.
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  19. Maxe Augur

    Regardless of someone planning to get around a no box server's rules, it's never even been attempted. I can't figure out why, since so many people ask for one every TLP after being abused for the first time or many times down the road by exploiting boxers or flat out cheating teleport groups that are also using a box to aggro drop pull things to locations not meant for the encounter to exploit. (broadcasting commands and not having a screen up for your toon is also cheating btw). Every time a new TLP happens, about 20 people are excited about boxing on the forums, everyone else is complaining about it and how it being present promotes abuse of the game economy, which is 100% true, and how they had been or are continually being disrupted or even driven away from the game by the toxic, selfish nature of boxing on a server with 2000 people 1600ish of which are solo characters. Do I think you should be able to play any way you want? No, I don't. It's an MMO. Multiplayer is in the name. The whole game and all other players aren't here to support your income or your diluted egos. We're also done with the abuse. My next toon is a monk. I feel like that's my only recourse since DBG still isn't paying attention to these toxic basement fungi. That's all I have to say about that.
  20. Ceffener Augur

    99% of your complaints has to do with people actually breaking rules.
    1% has to do with if they play more than one character.
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