20th Anniversary 3rd TLP Non-Truebox server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Parva, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Steve123 Lorekeeper

    I'm actually curious what the reasoning is behind forbidding krono consumption. Not just the "we hate boxers and they predominantly use krono to stay all-access" excuse. I understand why people suggest it, I just don't understand what it would do to curb boxing or alleviate the concerns of non-boxers.

    I am, for once, not looking to be sarcastic and rude.. I'm literally just looking for the logic behind why this is even a strategy to begin with.. lol.
  2. Machentoo Augur

    The reasoning really boils down to "Krono ruined the game." But they know that Daybreak makes a lot of money from Krono, and Daybreak will never get rid of Krono on any server. So they try to come up with a workaround that neuters krono without actually eliminating Krono, as if Daybreak is too dumb to recognize the consequences of the proposal.
  3. Steve123 Lorekeeper

    "wts GEBs, 2kr on Drinal, you get GEBs on <Insert NoKRONO Server Here>"


    "This account can't eat krono? Well let me monthly sub it and since krono go for around 10-12 on RG right now, I'll just RMT my sub and raise my prices accordingly"

    How that isn't the solution people come to when they play these fantasy no-krono rulesets out in their heads is beyond comprehension.
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  4. Quill Augur

    Well... we were talking only one server :).

    Any time you want to point out a boxer willing to pay $270 a month for their 18-boxes, you let us know.

    They don't pay for it in USD or cash, they simply consume Krono that other people paid for.

    A server where you had to pay for your sub in actual money, and could not easily trade to get Krono to pay for your subs, is a server without box armies. It doesn't combat the problem, it eliminates it. And hey.. if Richie Rich wants to pay for 18-boxes... well.. that's found money.

    Granted you could always try trading plat on this server for Krono on another server, and if so... GL with that.

    And yup... at this point, pretty much a given they'll never, ever do it so its all just Forum Fantasy.
  5. Machentoo Augur

    This is a strawman. Even in the early days of Ragefire, the vast majority of boxers were not boxing 18 toons. Would there be a handful of guys that would do it on a non-truebox server? Probably. But by all accounts, there are a handful of guys doing it on truebox too, so...

    Several of us have gone on record that we would pay for 6 accounts out of pocket. People who box 2-6 toons would be the vast majority of such a server, and likely there wouldn't be a huge krono market on the server because we tend to be pretty self-reliant.
  6. Steve123 Lorekeeper

    I'm no economist but if somebody buys 18 krono and gives them to me to consume in exchange for an item I farmed with my 18 toons, that's literally the exact same thing as me having 18 accounts subbed with USD. Lol, you krono haters seem to forget that kronos have to come from somewhere and no matter where they are finally consumed, whoever consumed them is the reason they are no longer on the marketplace. If anything, you should be upset with casuals buying kronos and flipping them for GEBs instead of box crews farming GEBs to flip to casuals.

    You think boxers are buying krono and putting them into circulation? Nope, they're the biggest eaters of krono. If anything you all should be championing a non-truebox all-access server because it will tear even more loose krono out of the system when randos try their hand at boxing multiple groups.

    You can only create so much supply and once that server is all farmed out, those kronos are gone and will never be traded on any of the other premium servers again. That sounds like a huge win in my book.

    It isn't boxers fault that people who buy stuff in-game with krono have no self control. If there wasn't a market, people wouldn't be funding their 18 eq subs with GEBs. You don't have an issue with boxing you actually have an issue with bad players paying to win. Take it up with them and leave boxers alone.

    GL with what? People cross-server trade all the time. For krono and otherwise. You've got to be the most closeted EQ player on the planet if you don't think people will be cross-server trading plat/items for krono roflmao.

    How can you look at a server (selos) that's literally been plagued by warping, training, KSing, Doxxing, etc and think "Oh if we just disable krono on our new server nobody will ever think to trade platinum on server 'A' for krono on server 'B'... " yeah nobody is ever going to circumvent THAT rule..
  7. Machentoo Augur

    It's actually better, as krono cost more than a USD sub.
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  8. Steve123 Lorekeeper

    Yeah I didn't want to confuse him any more than he already seems to be.
  9. Quill Augur

    You're right!

    ... you're no economist.

    If you think its the same... then sub 18 accounts with USD. It'll only cost you $2157.84 for the cheapest plan for a year. Have fun!

    The reason people use Krono(which costs them 0$ if obtained from someone else) for their bot armies, is because its a lot easier to obtain than USD.
  10. Machentoo Augur

    This just isn't true for most of us.

    I make way more per hour at my job IRL than I ever could make farming plat or drops or whatever for krono in game.
  11. Aurastrider Augur

    There are only three reasons why I can see people objecting to a server dedicated to this.

    Reason one the anti boxers know that boxers without ill intent will leave their server leaving behind the RMT boxers and those looking to grief others players. Basically for them this does not solve the boxing problem or the issues they have with boxing in general while also not providing a new playground for them to have fun in.

    The second group of people that would object are the RMT people. Most of the boxers left on the truebox servers will most likely be RMT folks and will be easier to spot for being such which means more hostility directed towards them.

    The last group are the boxers who are invested into their current server and don't want to start over even if it means playing from one machine. They don't want to be outed as RMT bots just because they enjoy boxing and don't want to start over.

    Outside of these three groups I cant really see a reasonable reason to not give it a go from a player standpoint. Worse case its an epic fail. Maybe make the unlocks fast enough to catch up to RF/LJ initially in the event that the population just isn't there to support the server and then merge it with one of them.
  12. Aurastrider Augur

    Maybe for some people its easier to make krono than RL money but considering the average age of the playerbase here I hope most are not still bagging groceries or delivering pizzas for a living. I can pay for six accounts for the year in one nights work. My best day of farming in EQ back when I actually use to farm on live many moons ago would have maybe paid for a couple months of gameplay. EQ farming pays worse than what a migrant farm worker could make actually working the fields.
  13. Steve123 Lorekeeper

    I could sub all my accounts and pay that up front, but why would I when I have a ton of casuals buying easy to farm items off me for krono? Don't hate the player man, hate the game. There's no incentive currently for me to front-load my costs but if Daybreak did something silly like that you bet I would. If you think I can't make 2,000$ back in a year playing Everquest with 18 characters -- you shouldn't be posting about krono - lmfao.
  14. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    One of my FAVORITE activities, bar none, is when a high end character from a regular server quits and transfers to FV to sell off. All those tradeable shinies... "my precious!"
  15. Serona Elder

    I'll gladly sub 24 accounts via USD if they release a boxable server :)
  16. Elyani Augur

    All of the crap against boxing on these forums are just sad. Let me destroy some Myths here for you.

    Myth 1: Boxers can't play without kronos we pay for.
    FALSE! I'll start off by saying, first, I'd be willing to pay real cash subs to play on a non-true box TLP server. I did it for MANY years before TLP servers were a thing, before Kronos ever existed. I multiboxed in EQ1, EQ2 and VG:SOH all before kronos were a thing (I was boxing 4 characters in EQ2 when they announced they were making Kronos!). I boxed between 2-6 characters in all of these games, buying each expansion for each account and paying 15$ a month for each account to play. Do you really think that by posing this question you're hurting us or making us "think twice"? Nope. We're all willing to do it. We've all done it before. Most of us were a lot younger with less money and willingly did it. Now most of us are older with more money and are even more willing to do it.

    However, they'd have to create a completely separate server from all other games/services to do this. So, while I am totally willing to do this, I don't think it's gonna happen that a non-trube-box server will be no kronos. But on that note, a non-true box server would be for us, legit, boxers who are not the krono farmers you all love to hate. Because boxers don't need to purchase things with kronos, so krono farmers wouldn't be trying to buy/sell kronos on a server where the greater population can get group gear for themselves.

    Myth 2: Boxers are all krono farmers.
    False, again. See the last paragraph from Myth 1. Krono farmers are not the same people asking for a non-true box server. Krono farmers will go where the krono is. And that will remain Selo/Mangler and every single true-box server to come. There won't be a market for them on a non-true box server. And we all know this, and we're fine with it.

    Myth 3: Boxers play 18+ accounts rawr, need extra help from "programs!!!"
    False, mostly. Any boxer playing 18+ accounts are using help. But that is such a tiny percent of boxers. Most people box between 2-6 characters. I personally am boxing 3 accounts on Selo. My husband boxes 3 accounts. Between us, that is 6 accounts. Most of the people I know who box in-game right now are boxing between 2-3 characters. I don't know a single person, personally boxing more than 4. However, I have seen people boxing 5-6. Those being mostly mage/wizards, super easy to handle versus a typical non-box group set up. I've yet to run across someone with 10+ boxes trailing behind them. Weird? I agree that most anyone who boxes more than 6 characters on this server aren't doing things the legit way. But, that number is tiny.

    Myth 4: Boxers are not social, go play a single player game!
    HIGHLY FALSE! Boxers are very social, except those nasty krono farmers! We group with friends, and guildies, we raid, we chat, we laugh. We have friends and family in this game. We are highly social in this game. We just pay more to play it.

    Myth 5: You can just go play LIVE!
    Partially true. So can YOU! And you won't be bothered by full camps, krono farmers, KSers, or the likes until you're well into the last 2 expansions (hint: the zones are empty). Live, is live. Telling someone who boxes to go play live when they want a TLP (Time Locked Progression) is just as stupid as a boxer telling a non-boxer to go play live when they want a TLP. Live servers are, mostly dead. We're not asking for an "at live" non-true box server. We're asking for a TLP non-true box server. These are vastly different. And it looks stupid when someone pretends there isn't a difference between the two. So, for everyone who says, "Go play on live!", please, you do the same.

    Myth 6: There isn't a market for a non-true box TLP.
    FALSE! I see people boxing in every corner of this game on Selo. I'm guessing Mangler has just as many. I see people in general chat, all day, complaining about how many boxers are in this game. Let's be honest, there is a legit market for a true-box server. And the great thing is, it doesn't hurt you at all! Because you won't be there. Why push so hard against it?

    Could it be that you know, without the boxer population on the current TLPs, no one would endlessly farm items you don't want to be bothered to farm yourself? You won't have anyone to pay a krono to for that spell you can't seem to get to drop? Or, better yet, you won't have boxers and krono farmers to complain about anymore and will have to put in effort to find a new group of people to hate?
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  17. Elemenopi Augur

    Who is buying the Krono from the DBG store on that one server? Everyone has the same plan. This is part of the reason this wont happen.

    Keep in mind Id be all for it if they also had a no-box server launched at the same time.

    Server 1 - Box how you want, otherwise same rules as mangler.
    Server 2 - Single character only, otherwise same rules as mangler.
  18. Maxe Augur

    I say no box server see how it goes. Haven't seen anything close to it yet, but they probably won't do it because that means having to do something about the bot armies farming rathe, runnyey, solb etc
  19. Domniatric Journeyman

    You guys keep arguing all these finer point about kronos and subscriptions and how you deserve a server while ignoring the main point. Box armies ruin the feel of the game and the intent of it's creators. I can say from first hand experience that it feels really lame to be legitimately playing the game and see a nerd stroll up with 6 mindless mages in tow and wreck the area you are trying to play in. Play the game the way it was intended to be played you babies. EQ was magical when it was a social game in which you relied on your fellow players to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Box armies ruin every aspect of it. Why should they cater to you in any way shape or form?
  20. Maxe Augur

    My favorite part of this argument for boxing server is people admitting they use farmed krono from using the boxes to pay for their accounts. I wonder of much of that duped Krono is still in circulation and how many of those krono were later charged back...

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