2024 TLP Ruleset!

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  1. uberkingkong Augur

    Some of yall need to think from a coding standpoint.

    All races all class, thats a lot of work, like a year.
    You make it so, and 1000 bugs come out.
    This is now broken, to fix that in a certain way, 50 more bugs.

    Now if we talking shrouds, thats new stuff. Its easy to code new stuff. Especially shrouds.

    Could be talking shrouds day 1,
    Alternate personas, thats been done a long time ago.

    Go change your shroud, see thats done.
    Pixie Trickster, now your a basilk. You just your persona.

    So TLP ruleset 2024.
    No races.
    Shrouds ONLY

    We have to embrace Alternate Personas.

    Server challenges.
    Defeat Nagafen, Pixie Tricksters only.
  2. Slaps Journeyman

    Kunark Start with 8 week unlock initially
    4 weeks for each thereafter
    • No Keys
    • No Flags
    • No Truebox
    • No FTE or 2 servers, one with one without
    • Increased EXP rate - IE Selos style
    • Increased drop rate - IE Mischief style
    • Decreased spawn timers by 50% or more w/ some randomization ?? ( make people have some sense of danger
    • Free Trade
    • Plane of Knowledge / Bazaar unlocked from the start. ( lock the stones from unreleased expacs )
    • Open World Raid Targets - Reduced spawn timer by 75%
    • No DZ Lockout timers or Replay timers - Allow people to run Naggy 10 times in a row
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  3. Phantomex New Member

    Seriously hoping for a No Keys/Flags server. It is so painful trying to organize flagging for people/boxes that miss out on the initial opening push each expansion and most of the processes of getting keys/flags isn't the best content.
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  4. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    Having played since 1999 the TLP concept has been a lot of fun the first with Combine v Sleeper was very GOOD idea. Some of the newer ones looking for angles to make them last have been a mixed bag.

    The part I do not understand is why is it so important that we follow the original expansion releases to the tee?

    New twist:

    Launch CLASSIC EQ for 6 weeks (split the difference between the normal of 8 and the hurried 4)

    After 6 weeks

    Open Kunark - Velious - Legacy of Ykesha for 8 WEEKS

    After 8 weeks

    Open Luclin and LDON for 8 WEEKS

    After 8 weeks

    Open Planes of Power for 10 WEEKS

    After 10 weeks

    Open Gates of Discord and Omens of War for 8 WEEKS

    I do not think doing TWO servers at once is wise anymore, it just dilutes both servers.

    The KEY vs NO KEY argument is also interesting I used to be hard core getting the keys / flags are part of the game...however with the short duration between expansions, that has changed, rather than wasting half the time flagging players just let players experience the entire game with no lock other than timer lock outs.

    I am good with either lose the no drop tag on items or make them at a minimum heirloom.

    Legacy XP for multiple max level characters should not be in the mix again, it gives a small segment of the player base of ANY server a huge advantage over other player. IT seemed clever as a gimmick it was not so great in practice for multiple reasons.

    Personally I really like FTE it actually becomes a TRUE race, as the first to engage WINS THE RACE...I also can only imagine that the number of customer service issues had to drop considerably due to this.

    I get it is not how it was in the old days, but it actually fixes a problem that should never have allowed as it was. Kill stealing via DPS a mob is Kill stealing...

    It also had some solid not foreseen advantages...Back on Fippy, Plane of FEAR early in the server progression one person with 6 gnomes lived in PoFear and had guilds negotiating with him over loots because he and they both knew he could beat an entire guild in a DPS race...When mobs die that fast it is a very real scenario....lol

    an automated crew can only win in FTE if they get first aggro...
  5. YelinakIsFun Journeyman

    You forgot no logging out. When you "logout" your character stays in the game just standing there.

    Also, this pvp in any zone would be great for people selling stuff on the AH. If you don't like their prices, you just kill them. High priced item selling problems fixed!
  6. Zinth Augur

    Humm guess I have been gone too long, what is FTE? (stopped playing about half a year after Phinny TLP server hit live status... it was a BLAST to do the full run... would do again)

    a Boxing allowed server would be nice (played a bit on it and the ppl were really polite vs. the other non-boxing one) and of course a truebox for those fanatics that like the drama over some still boxing (on separate pcs) on their "no boxing" server... ooh the drama through the years... there were plenty boxers on phinny (truebox) but never really had issues with em and we were the first server with AOC's too it was great times

    never liked the random loot stuff... I want to know where to go to get the stuff I want... never liked it... BUT... if it where 1 normal loot + 1 random loot from the same mob, that could be acceptable and fits with the "double loot" I also listed.

    half lockout time on raids would be cool but it will be "too hardcore" for many to raid everything twice a week... the 12/8 weeks lockout is quite fine, yes the lvl 70 stretch is hard but we survived it just fine, plenty to raid etc. and also plenty quests to do for "special items" and they take TIME.

    would hate for the exp to be nerfed too much just to "pretend to be like classic"... I'd rather have goodexp and make an alt, which will also keep lower levels levelling alive for longer, Phinny was BAD BAD exp at the start and most didn't bother with alts until it was "relaxed" a bit later on. So low levels died fast.

    double the raid key drops (same with Vex Thal key drops, have em drop TWO at a time, also piggy ppl in and have keys drop in raid (dunno if that has been added yet)) it will relax stuff a bit for the shorter unlock times...

    raids should have double the loot... normal grp namers should be twice as often

    it would make for a nice but also interesting server without too much "BS"...

    actually adding the "original" progression server ideas with "do this and that to unlock next expansion" could be like kill naggy/vox/phinny 50x and the new expansion will unlock one week after... minimum period 4 weeks...
    could also add other stuff like "atleast 10 dain rings finished" and 10 of each epic and so on depending on the expansion... 50x quarm kill :D
  7. Rainbowbright Journeyman

    Teamwork server: Additional loot table for each guild participating in the raid with over 30% attendance. Promote working together. Next expansion unlocks when X guilds have beaten the current content. Add No instancing as a social experiment, maybe make it like a miragul's start.

    Sidekicks: If you join a group where you can't gain exp with them, temporarily gain levels while in the group to gain exp with them.

    Minimum Start Server: Start 10 levels below the maximum level cap for the life of the tlp.
  8. coltongrundy Augur

    how did you determine that it would take a year to add class/race combos? You probably would have thought it would take a year to make random loot tables across all rares and raid bosses in every expansion and yet mischief and thornblade exist.

    So where are you getting this year time frame from?
    LoY was released 4 months after Planes of Power, and that expansion added an entire new race to the game (including all of the froglok/class combos), moved all of the existing troll NPCs out of grobb, completely repopulated grobb with new froglok NPCs including bankers, weapon merchants, armor merchants, tradeskill merchants, a lot more than just class specific NPCs, on top of several new zones, quests, spells, mounts, maps, armor dye, guild management system, a new inventory slot (charm) with entire new mechanics to control the stats on those items

    but you claim that just enabling new combos and adding a couple new spell merchants and class GMs to already existing zones and races would take 3x longer. Based on what???????????????

    If it's a 1 time TLP server feature we don't need it to fully fleshed out and complete with greenmist style quest lines for every iksars of every class, we don't need newbie armor quests implemented for every class/race combo, we just want to be able to play the combos we want. I don't even care if beastlords can't do their epics until SoL unlocks. I don't even care if berserkers can't do their epics until GoD unlocks. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good enough
  9. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    perfect definitely isn't a requirement for this company, lets be brutally honest.
  10. Tribbious Lorekeeper

    Personally, FTE, Random Loot, and Free Trade are the three biggest wins for players.
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  11. Demetri - Phin New Member

    Honestly really shocked no one has mentioned what seems like an obvious and huge slamdunk "We did alot to tweak things for this awesomeness" of them trying to do something similar to WoW's "Age of Discovery" stuff and doing a "new wave" Classic release with everything gone over and adjusted with modern sensibilities and mechanics worked in sooner to refresh the entire experience from top to bottom.

    Obviously would be quite a bit of work, but the response on the WoW side has been amazing, would be shocking if similar wouldn't be responded to in a similar light over here.

    (Normally, I'd say, zero chance due to the effort involved - but being 25th Anniversary and all IF they ever would, this is the only real time, since I can't imagine there will be an EQ in 2049 for the 50th (or if there's even a me then for it to matter - while I'm in the retirement home, lol)...)
  12. Wulerdar Gnome Slayer

    you forgot the best one no required level for gear from vaniki =P
  13. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    I couldn't agree more. Any combination of those three would be a win. I am not sure I want to go back to a non-FTE server after Oakwynd. Unrest was peaceful and it made leveling less stressful, when you secured a camp there wasn't much anyone could do to force you out...
  14. NImxat Elder

    This would work.
  15. jordune Augur

    i think something like ..
    mischief rule set
    relaxed truebox from the start ( 3 toons max per comp)
    no flags
    reduced raid lockout timer ( 3 days mabby ?? )
    xp bonus over norm
    2 servers to start..
    No FTE
    nice bag / mount options in the store for day 1 for people to buy

    in essence some servers we can really get into.
  16. FranktheBank Augur

    you do not want this.
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  17. Titanuk88 Elder

  18. Titanuk88 Elder

    why is people wanting a pvp server so offensive to you?
  19. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    It is not offensive, just incredibly annoying for the same dozen people asking for TLP PvP server, every year. But go ahead and ask of course, it is your time after all heh - I do hope the other 11 also post asking for it!
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  20. NImxat Elder

    Is it surprising that very few people want (pvp) others to show up and gank them as they try to level?