2024 TLP Ruleset!

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  1. NImxat Elder

    Ok, my ideal anniversary server:
    Relaxed truebox (and enforce 3rd party software rule, I can dream, right?)
    Mischief random loot (or just non-raid boss rares with the random loot)
    Classic start but with 6 week unlocks until POP.
    BST & Zerkers allowed but with no changes for quests/gear/etc. It is what it is.
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  2. Indigo_Quarmite Augur

    Honestly at this point I just hope this is the best one because it might be one of the last....according to the wow forums EQ3 is in development and has a reported release date of 2028.
  3. Hamshire Augur

    It's been said that these remains are over 2000 years old
    They are all in this pose
    We call them TLP-waiting skeletons
  4. jeskola pheerie

    - No boxing - enforced via mandatory webcam
    - no levitate
    - no AOE spells at all
    - no maps
    - no 3rd party apps at all including [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] and GINA
    -no fun
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  5. CdeezNotes Augur

    Why stop there? Let's go crazy.

    Hardcore (death wipes char)
    No AOC
    No no-combat zones
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  6. NImxat Elder

    It WILL come, we will wait. It WILL come...........
  7. NImxat Elder

    Camping the new player spawn points? Let's do it!
  8. OldTimeEQ1 Augur

    It could be a one char only per account (like when FV opened), with personas enabled (buyable from shop), with random loot and free trade!

    And FTE enabled along with truebox.

    Hopefully not again with 2 months classic, kunark etc.

    There is a fatigue you can see on Oakwynd, where baz traders rarely have crossed 450, hopefully a refreshing ruleset in the offing. Never would have guessed a 0.22% more of plat influx into the economy could wreck it so completely heh)

  9. ibc93 Elder

    Gonna shill again. 2 servers
    1) Mischief Clone
    2) Rerolling agnarr clone. Does Classic to PoP, merges into agnarr, & starts all over.
  10. CdeezNotes Augur

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  11. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    Mischief + FTE = Win
  12. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    Why does everyone want to start in Luclin - this is my FAVORITE expansion and I would like to look forward to it so I can quit right after hahah
  13. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    I think Kunark start would be good, get to 50 easier and get your epic out of the way and that would also mitigate the kunark burnout that I succumb to quite a bit
  14. poppoppop New Member

    I’ll be honest that sounds fun. The 99% wouldn’t be happy though. Not many ppl have played this game enough, with good intentions, to have mastered it. As someone that knows the game inside out that sounds amazing though. Minus the AOE thing. I take it you make a living pling since this was obviously a disingenuous post. I’m sure your levitation comment was referencing POF, cause it would hurt you if you couldn’t levitate your box crew over the wall, but I’m ok with ppl not cheesing fire giants and cloaked dhampyre
  15. poppoppop New Member

    Assuming this will get deleted again with no explanation but here goes.

    Stormhammer 2.0 - Legends Server

    $40 a month or consume 3 krono
    Relaxed Truebox. 3 account max

    Full time GM and CS team to enforce rules (do you pass the eye test? Then investigate and perm ban) and run community events

    25th anniversary questline starting in classic and ending in LDON

    Weekly PVP event you can /opinto for rewards

    Achievements that give rewards (mounts, clickies, pets, titles, cosmetics, etc) for things like

    First to clear raid content by expansion
    Clearing all raid content in era
    First to 50,60,65,etc by class
    First to epic by class
    Best of the best
    Test of tactics
    Killing all dungeon bosses
  16. jiri_ Augur

    A Kunark start would be kind of cool if only because it's a true 1-60 expansion and it might be nice to mess around in some slightly different zones outside the classic Classic path. A Luclin start would be interesting for the same reasons, plus having Bazaar access immediately.

    It's probably impossible (and practically obviously there are obstacles) but in my dream ruleset we'd have a normal Classic start plus beastlords (including wood elves) and berserkers (and Frogloks too, since their home zone is in Classic). It's possible to get a race-change potion in the marketplace, so if you start with a troll shaman you can race-change to Iksar or Vah Shir later. There's no class change potion, and it absolutely sucks playing a character from Classic through Planes of Power when you actually want to main a berserker.
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  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    A lot of the lower level Luclin content is underused as everyone has leveled passed that unless they rerole an alt.

    The same with TSS some of the best looking zones like Stone Hive rarely get used due to players being above the level of the zone.
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  18. Risiko Augur

    Just roll a toon on Mischief, embrace alternate personas and mercenaries, and call it a day.
  19. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Too late, unless there's a backdoor for DoN raiding, any char that doesn't complete that progression is perma nerfed.
  20. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    If they get all the bugs surrounding personas fixed by then, having a server that grants every account a single free persona slot, would hopefully mitigate anybody playing a class they don't really want while they wait for their preferred class to unlock. I know several people that on Mischief played rangers until berserker unlocked. By then, a lot of the class itemization stuff had been ironed out, so they could collect gear as a ranger, and quickly adapt it to a berserker persona.

    Personally, I don't want to do Classic-Luclin again, but I rarely get what I want, let alone need. Sorry, Rolling Stones it doesn't apply here. But hey, since I know they won't listen, it won't hurt anything to make the request.

    • All races can play all classes. An if/then statement (or however they do it in this ancient code) would let the client know that if a robe is equipped on a race that doesn't have robe graphics, then the default cloth or leather appearance is shown. For races that don't have some attack animations, have it use one they do have.
    • FTE, this is the way. It's almost entirely worked out. It's a really good feature. If for some reason you hate it, it's because you haven't tried it, and are only going by what's said by the loud vocal minority.
    • Free trade a la FV. The randomness of Mischief was cool and all, but when the inevitable comes, merging this server into FV would be a no-brainer. Not sure what problems they might have merging Mischief down the road.
    • Relaxed True Box at the very least. We learned long ago that cheaters will cheat to get around measures put in place to prevent boxing multiple accounts on one machine.
    • I would like, and let me stress that this is a personal desire, a longer than normal unlock period between expansions. I don't want to rush anymore. However, the conventional wisdom put forth by the loud vocal minority is that such a server would be DOA.
    • A second server, operates like a TLP with a Classic start, and timed content unlocks. Available to ALL players as a Live server. No special rules needed, but why not.
    • For both servers, enhanced Marketplace itemization. Let us have any mount currently available. The bonuses are already deactivated until GoD. Also, bring back all the appearance items, aside from seasonal stuff, and let us buy bags, all the bags. As many as we want.
    • Some QOL things, such as OOC rest timer, and access to the extended target window at level 1. I don't understand how that is game breaking until level 20.
    And this is a request for the fine folks that put together the various very helpful TLP guide websites. Would it be possible to list for each expansion unlock, what recipes are available for each tradeskill?